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Μmmmm I had it on my old tablet and it was fine but now i got a samsung galaxy 4 it only fills 75 percent of the screen! Also it wont let me press any buttons but on my last tablet it was fine.

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Having a beautiful hair-style is every princess’ dream.
Now you are a hairstylist, come on! Let’s design the most beautiful hair-style for the princess.

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fix a bug

App NamePrincess Hair Salon
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

User reviews

Emma MLP1700 May 17, 2015
I had it on my old tablet and it was fine but now i got a samsung galaxy 4 it only fills 75 percent of the screen! Also it wont let me press any buttons but on my last tablet it was fine.

Charlotte Redfern August 29, 2016
It’s kinda creepy. They stare at you lifelessly and it will be a great game if you make them blink also there smile is sooooooooooo reminds me of Annabelle the doll. That gives me nightmares

Farzana Hussain April 11, 2015
I wanted a realistic game and this thing showed up. I gave it a try and it just stares at me lifelessly, which makes it hard to concentrate, especially when the character smiles. The smile reminds me of Annabelle the doll. always smiling, but change or improve the smile

Jennifer Dean December 19, 2015
It OKI guess (its so stupid.).Its so boring this game I would play at least once a month. This game is the last game I would play in my life

Bronwyn Brightbard April 17, 2017
HORRIBLE ? NO. 1 it looks compleetly different from th oicture and is a total wate if time. DO NOT DOWNLKAD THIS RUBBISH GAME!

Akaylia Linton August 30, 2015
Three words: worst game ever!!! Too many ads. Maybe if there were less ads I would have liked it a lot more

Saniazaja Gray February 23, 2015
It freeze and when you are playing it put up apps and that’s what I hate and if you make it do that more I will tell everybody to also stop playing this game I’m gonna tell everybody that I know that the game suck and I’m gonna tell them they don’t even woman try playing the game because it put up apps when you are playing so I sudjust you to make it stop

Sydney Yates May 4, 2015
yes. mariah or whatever her name is,thos ganr is the best game ever.don’t listen to bad reviews.rhis game is great.congratulations on making thos wonderful game a big fat success.that’s right.I watch britain got talent. it funny.don’t diss.thanks again!!!

Amina. D. September 1, 2016
I would give it five stars but its kind of hard to style the hair plus its creepy because the girl just stares at youlike a lifeless person or something

Arika Mansfield December 28, 2014
You can not ever comb it straight, or the way you want it to look. Other than that I think this game is pretty cool because you dont get to hair dress on most games

Treena Howey March 12, 2015
This game is funny if u ask me because all the hairstyles I do turns out weird. And Mariah stupid sucks is kind of harsh. There I just commented your option.

Coyara Pouncey October 11, 2015
This game is so amazing I love it so much I can’t even speak It is so cool all the different hair products this game has inspired me to become a hair styles who ever invented this game is an absolute genius

Taydyn West January 31, 2015
Its a really good game i hate when they try to get you to get other games. Othe wise its a great game for kids to have☺??????

Aklilu Berhe June 7, 2015
This game is abot good and it is ok but sometimes when inplay it just doesnt work and it is reqlly wierd. So u cam get the game if yo wanna, but it is not good. So when u get this game see if u like it or not.

Alyssen Weesner June 19, 2015
It is the same hair style every time you click on a different clothes

Zahra March 25, 2015
Fun game but it would be better if there were less adds. Also, can you add more options for the people instead of doingSophia, Anna, Blair, and Amy all the time? And what’s up with only 1 brown skin person?? But other than that…. good game! ??

alma granados August 1, 2015
Stop complaining jerks the coments are hurtful to the creators The people who think this is the best game ever should put the complainers in their places. This is the best game ever. They are wrong. This is the best game ever

_romany_chay_ sinti_chay March 23, 2015
Why did u say nobody comments this option!!!!!! But I will and I’m only 9 so u are stupid I like this game and u have to accept it however it is and I don’t care if u TELL your freaky mummy bye u freaky girl.

Lolita Tucker July 22, 2015
It was not the game I was looking for… Sorry I Want A Game where you can style their hair, put on there makeup and play with them and etc including Fashion I’m Totally sorry ? Hope you understand!

Aloha Ayani October 25, 2015
It’s terrible out keeps glitching and even know you try to get it in a nice style it turns out ugly. pff yeah that’s right!?????????????????????

Danielle Landry November 18, 2015
I love it because itdoes not have a finger to point to everything.u can do everything urself but Marian Johnson needs to hush its awsome?

John Kontos December 21, 2014
This is the best game ever I love it I love it I love it! I lovehow there’s a way to make the hair as long as you want! one time I actually I cut off all the hair and then put on some sunglasses and a headband and it looked so awesome!!!

Christiano Sutherland November 30, 2015
I was just erasing a mistake when untill I clicked yes It wouldn’t stop asking me ‘Are you sure you want to leave the game?’.

Talonda Talonda August 2, 2015
Thatgirlgotherboothang #65butstillyoudonthavetogetmadwhenyougetyourhaircutoffthatsnotrightlady

UnknownDecember 29, 2014
Its pretty cute but sometimes awkward to get the hair to go where u want it to go. Also it often stops when I use the hair grow potion thingy.?

Anessah Pena January 20, 2015
I wish someone can do my ends but my mom is going to die my ends with red hair die and it is going to look so cute and that is why I get baby ties (:

Amy Wiggins April 14, 2016
I love this game the first of all you’re wrong because you just do not pick hair and if you don’t like it don’t even say nothing just delete it and find a different game goodbye and shut up

Annmarie Annmarie November 22, 2016
Based on other reviews 5 out of ten people said it was good so it was 50 50 if you improve some things 5 stars are coming your way! ?

Gary M Sedli October 24, 2015
That person kinda creeps me out because its so pacient like one time I played for two hours

Sameera Aqeel November 28, 2015
It stops when I start it don’t waste your time in it

Monica Fletcher October 3, 2015

Nyomi Thomas December 30, 2015
This game is amazing I’m warning ya people download this game it’s the best hair salon game e.g [curl straightendie hair, blowdrier■♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆$$$$and you can make its hair longer people who made this your the best

Joana Philip December 14, 2016
It’s totally useless.. stupid

Bavani Ramesh February 10, 2016
Its sooo boring but for my sister its well

È come essere nella realtà…Questo gioco è fantastico e non ho niente da ridire riguardo ciò♥♥♥

Lydia my chocolate addiction February 8, 2015
It is rubbish?and boring

H Lucas June 6, 2015
Janita wolasewicz whatever her name was is so mean to say that about Mariah Johnson! SHE IS HORRID!

Caylah Kinnel August 9, 2016
I love it much because one time my sister had it and it’s so cool doing hair I messed that lady hair out I cut all her hair off and she was bald

Kayla Bailey July 5, 2015
It is so good I am 8 years old and I love this game.You have to get the game?☺?haters you are????

Hunter Davis June 23, 2015
It’s dumb, and it’s so hard to try to work and when it does work it doesn’t work were u want it to?