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ABC Phonics is Widely Acknowledged as the Best Kids Game for Teaching Alphabets.


Good but… Omg pls b is always for ball and c is for cat you have to automatically update that

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    A is for ABC phonics! ABC Phonics, widely acknowledged as the best kids game in teaching them alphabets in no time!

    Why ABC Phonics is popular?

    This is just more than a game! Not only is the process of learning phonics facilitated but the engaging characters and background propel the kids to be more eager to play the game and learn more! In case you were looking for the best ABC Game for kids in your smartphone, you have to try this amazing Game.

    What is offered in Kids ABC Phonics application?

    While the primary goal is to help children in learning to read, the preschool phonics are presented in a colorful theme with examples from the comprehensible daily objects that kids recognize like Apple or notebook, in order to make the phonics more memorable.

    How to play Phonics Game?

    The game is super easy, fun and understandable for kids and for sure they will not encounter any problem during the game. As the ABC Phonics starts the Alphabet and a visual example concurrent with the written form of the example are presented. Kids can to move to next alphabet in order to learn the phonics. Of course, the words can be reviewed by simply clicking the previous button.

    What are the examples?

    Teaching materials in ABC Phonics is not summed up in phonics only. There are many examples which start with the alphabet that is being learned. The cute photos ranging from fruits to animals to etc., accompany each example and help the phonics to be etched on the kids’ minds, make the alphabets unforgettable!

    Is there going to be pronunciation?

    With each new phonics appears on the screen, both phonic and the example are pronounced in a clear smooth tone, enable the kids to play by themselves without a supervisor to pronounce the words for them.

    Is ABC Phonics Games for kids effective?

    Undeniably, the game will hooked kids on the phonics in a manner that you have to soon find other sources to quench their thirst for learning more and more.

    What are the other highlights of the ABC Phonics?

    Given that it has been scientifically proved that the best way to teach little children is through games, ABC Phonics has provided a chance for kids to learn fun phonics by entertainment.

    What more?

    At the game panel you can share this game with others via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc… In addition, you can find out about our other applications and games for kids in the “More Games” section.

    What’s New

    Bug Fixed.

    App Name ABC Phonics
    Developer Kids Learning Games
    Requirements Android 2.3 and up
    Package com.kidseducation.abcphonics

    User reviews

    NatillaOw x July 14, 2015
    Omg pls b is always for ball and c is for cat you have to automatically update that

    Suma S June 19, 2016
    It’s good

    Jamie and Sharon Collins March 6, 2015
    American. Alphabet and not phonic sounds.

    Beatrice Bermudez June 29, 2015
    Love it

    Christos Christou December 25, 2015
    But always same letters

    Qaisar Mehmood November 30, 2014
    Best ABC phonics

    Developer Kids Learning Games December 2, 2014 Thanks.

    UnknownOctober 4, 2016
    Nice job

    ABC Phonics User Rating: 4.5 ( 47 votes)