Cat Simulation Game 3D

Life with cat simulation.


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Why not foster kittens in the smartphone?
Busy you to perfect, it is the healing of simple training game.
Just you give the food, and Let’s enjoy leisurely growth.

◆ you need to do only one.
Please give the food once in the three days .
Troublesome operation is not required.
Kitten will increase little by little.

◆ you recommend to a Reason.
– Method of operation does not need to remember.
– Daily You do not need to take care.
– Kitten move around like a real kitten.

◆ all free.
You can enjoy with confidence in children.

BGM provided by Kazuchi.
Design provided by Freepik.

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App Name Cat Simulation Game 3D
Developer Eiko Morozumi
Requirements Android 2.3 and up
Package jp.eikomz.catplay

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anizaianna serra July 19, 2016
chan challan why nope hapy im im put you in my

Chandra Callahan June 24, 2016


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