Cultural competition – IQ test

The cultural contest questions and answers to variety of test your intelligence

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Cultural competition - IQ test- screenshot thumbnail
Cultural competition - IQ test- screenshot thumbnail
Cultural competition - IQ test- screenshot thumbnail
Cultural competition - IQ test- screenshot thumbnail

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    Application IQ test quiz show – is an educational application entertaining Distinction offers you useful information in the form of cultural competition this competition in the form of a question and a number of choices, and you choose the correct answer. Based on these questions will be able to test your knowledge of cultural and test your intelligence also

    This application will test your intelligence will test your knowledge as a form of competition in many areas, it also helps you develop your cross-plugger value and variety of information. Application is available on a part by four answers questions to test your knowledge of cultural, and also includes side by questions with the answer to the evolution of information and Tmiha

    Cultural Competition is a cultural variety of questions to test your intelligence with a knowledge in several areas, including the general culture and the Islamic and Arab culture, mathematics, sports, historical and geographic information and the Prophet’s biography and the biography of the prophet and the Caliphs and a lot of diverse information.

    Application of the “cultural competition – IQ test” is a special application running on the Internet to bring questions and only updated for the first time after working normally and without Internet access.

    If the application you like them just to support us evaluators with 5 stars leave a note or comment about the application.

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    What’s New

    تطبيق مسابقة تقافية إختبر دكائك هو تطبيق جديد تم تطويره الأن ليشمل العديد من المميزات منها:

    – التطبيق يدعم الأسئلة بدون أنترنت

    – يدعم الأن الأسئلة في جميع المجالات

    – تم تصحيح بعض الأخطاء في النسخة القديمة

    – تم تغيير بعض الصور بالتطبيق

    – تمت اضافة اسئلة جديدة ومتنوعة

    – اصبح يدعم جميع الاجهزة

    ادا اعجبتكم النسخة الجديدة قومو بتقييم التطبيق ولا تنسوا وضع ملاحضاتكم واقتراحاتكم حول التطبيق

    شكرا لتحميل التطبيق
    App Name Cultural competition – IQ test
    Developer james mimad
    Requirements Android 2.2 and up
    Package com.testyour.knowledge.mimad

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    Omar Amoor August 22, 2015
    لعبه جدا سئ والسبب عند وضع الاجابه لا يوجد مكان

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