Your little one will just love Polly Poodle and her amazing flashcard baby book!


Really like My 16 months old loves this app- don’t mind the link to the website but can it be placed in different place or just on the first intro page? My little one keeps pressing it and gets frustrated when it goes to the website. Other than that, brilliant app!

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A brilliantly simple and wonderfully funny flashcard book guaranteed to have little ones giggling! Thankyou for over 50,000 downloads! Now with added children’s voices which read out the text (so cute) and a menu button on each page. Look out for the update soon which will feature noisy trucks, trains and cars!

I designed this app purely for my 1 year old daughter, as I was struggling to find something which would both entertain and educate on the app store. I knew she liked animals and babies so I thought I’d start with those, and sure enough she loved it, although I must say her favourite is the baby section. She laughs her head off every time! I hope your little one enjoys it just as much. Author: Allan Plenderleith

Author of the Smelly Sprout, The Boy Giant and Princess Chocolate.

What’s New

New children’s voices added to each page.
Menu button on each page.
General performance enhancements.

App Name Polly Poodle BABY FLASHCARDS
Developer Bendy Plendy Ent.
Requirements Android 2.2 and up

User reviews

A Google User September 26, 2012
My 16 months old loves this app- don’t mind the link to the website but can it be placed in different place or just on the first intro page? My little one keeps pressing it and gets frustrated when it goes to the website. Other than that, brilliant app!

Mark Williamson June 2, 2013
…why have you have made the dog aggressive. Why not a normal bark/woof? Most dogs are not like like that and teaching children so young that the normal noise and expression of a dog is an agressive growl is not a good thing.

Erica Solly February 7, 2014
Baby wants to make the animal make noise but he has trouble as he might touch the screen with two fingers or not touch exactly on the animal.Would be great if touching almost anywhere worked. The loud honk noise between animals used to scare him. The voices are sometimes unclear or too soft.The frog belches like he’s just had a beer. Wish it said “riddip” as ny boy would love that.

Alisha Lehew December 30, 2012
My 2 year old loves the app. He makes the noises right along with, and loves to give the babies kisses.

A Google User January 22, 2012
Great app. I also have a one year old daughter who loves babies and animals. I think she will enjoy this and it makes me feel good to know she will be playing something that is educational.

A Google User May 12, 2012
Brilliant! My 2yr old picked it up in seconds and kept him amused for ages!

A Google User April 25, 2012
Hate the honk between pictures but other then that its great

A Google User March 19, 2012
my two year old son love this! he likes everypart of it.he learnes a lot here.thanx!keep it up!

Dila Dagros March 18, 2015
Hope you can put another choice like vehicle,colour,fruit,vegetables and etc.Good Job and Keep It Up…

K Miranda January 17, 2013
My 2 year old daughter loves this! And I love that there aren’t any ads for her to accidently open.Great app!

Samantha Levitt June 14, 2015
This is my almost 2 year old favorite app and easy to use for him!

Liel Levy January 21, 2014
Uninstalled.Unrealistic and crude sounds.

A B February 3, 2013
I use this all the time with my littlest speech therapy clients. They love it!

Ki Rim Martin January 20, 2013
It’s great but need more words my baby loves it but it feels too short

Lady Marauder October 28, 2013
Please put in new words and sounds. My baby really loves this. Keeps him occupied.

A Google User March 21, 2012
My 2 year old also absolutely loves this. Please make more!

A Google User September 14, 2012
Worth $20 — astounding it’s free!

A Google User November 15, 2012
Love this free app, my 3yr old never tires of it!!!

Elena Martins July 6, 2014
great app – simple, colourful, engaging.

A Google User October 2, 2012
Entertaining for 3 year old. Needed to download adobe to play

A Google User March 16, 2012
the sound and it animate are perfectly to attract my baby.

neetu ahuja srusti March 5, 2013
Best baby app I have found!

A Google User September 2, 2012
Needs more content but it’s a great app!

Zawjatul Hakeim Robinson May 13, 2013
My 20 month old LOVES this app!

Lucinda Hunt January 7, 2014
My neice loves this,

A Google User December 19, 2013
Great i like it

A Google User August 2, 2012

A Google User October 7, 2012
Love it!!!

Paul Dennison June 12, 2013

Sue Cholerton April 8, 2015
Love it.

A Google User October 2, 2012
Luv it

A Google User September 4, 2012

Lew Podgurskiy February 3, 2014

A Google User October 21, 2012
Only few pics and not fun. My 22mths old girl is totally not interested in this at all.

Taweewat Tanaikit Thai Sol Tshirts December 15, 2015
My kids both love polly poodles noisy book and it’s provided hours of entertainment

Krista Kearney LeDuc December 14, 2012
One of the best apps for 1-3 year olds. We love it! Easy, no ads, funny sounds. Perfect!

Valorie Faust March 15, 2015
Boo do not like it

Joe Head May 16, 2013
Keeps the little one happy


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