Princess salon collection

Help the princess bride makeover for her special ceremony


Ads This is a bit of a new one with the latest version of the most of the best way to learn more about the new princesses

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Princess wedding bride is a simple fun and creative dress up game for girls. You can select one of the eight girls you wish to create an awesome outfit for. Afterwards you can change every single piece of clothing or accessory: hair, dress, shoes and many more.

You also have an access to a white royal pool of intriguing extras that will make every other brides glow with madeline envy. Because outfits are all about context, There are many princesses wait for your help such as belle,snow, ariel, jasmine and more. This dress up game lets you select among different backgrounds. Choose the one which will suit the mood of your princess dress the best!

This game is free to play, so download and play now!

App NamePrincess salon collection
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

User reviews

Hadiya Zehra Shah November 11, 2016
This is a bit of a new one with the latest version of the most of the best way to learn more about the new princesses

iosif berlin March 10, 2017
Worst game ever I hated it because it’s dumb

UnknownNovember 24, 2016
خوب بود من که خوشم آمد

Abid Gerewal November 8, 2016
What a coooolGAmE!!!!!!!

Mehmood Siddiqui September 15, 2017
I like but I play in my sister’s mobile I don’t have mobile

UnknownDecember 27, 2016
فاطیما خیلی افتضا است

UnknownJanuary 9, 2017
امتحان کنید خوبه

Rean Shaik March 2, 2017
Hi I am so loving this game #??????????????????????????????

Lynn Gallien January 18, 2017

Alexis Nance January 6, 2017
It was terrible needs more stuff and totally boring

UnknownOctober 7, 2016
طوبا محوظی من خیلی از این بازی خوشم امد خیلی خوبه حتامن نصب کنیم

Georgia Merrell October 29, 2016
the stupidest game ive ever played

UnknownJanuary 12, 2017
خیلی خوب بود امیدوارم شماهمدوست داشته باشید ????

Annapoorani V December 17, 2016
This game is so wonderful i like u the most

UnknownNovember 29, 2016
بازی بسیار عالی است

A Google User November 9, 2016
OMG,WOw nopppppp

UnknownNovember 10, 2016
this game is verrrry good

Sonu Sharma October 13, 2017
Its nive

UnknownOctober 31, 2016

Neetu Antil December 27, 2016
Let me give five stars

UnknownMay 16, 2017
Good game for us

Prasuna Yadavalli April 24, 2017
It would be somewhat better

UnknownDecember 28, 2016
So nice game

Erni Cendra August 10, 2016
Loved it

Nour Hamdan January 13, 2017
Love it very much

بلوم محسنی August 15, 2017

Afra Ali October 15, 2016
Loved it

banit kanwar March 27, 2017
It is amazing

UnknownSeptember 29, 2017