Armory & Machine 0.30

A machine sits alone in the darkness. It is warm.


Great game, kept me playing through to the end. Few issues with the tabs being blocked by notifications and there’s very little to make me come back for a second playthrough. Story was great and I loved uncovering more of the background and world as time went on. Well worth a go, and good luck to the devs on their next game

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rabidninjakillerbaby July 3, 2017
Great game, kept me playing through to the end. Few issues with the tabs being blocked by notifications and there’s very little to make me come back for a second playthrough. Story was great and I loved uncovering more of the background and world as time went on. Well worth a go, and good luck to the devs on their next game

Andy Margetts October 20, 2017
Enjoyed this game, just reached the end. Simple game that is primarily a resource gatherer that you can automate. Combat element to unlock new areas & opponents, also to gain materials to unlock more attacks/weapons/skills. No pressure, easy to play, no daily log-in, nothing to purchase. You can watch ads to increase resource accumulation rates. Other than that, no pestering you to buy things, everything is completely free. The game is fun, the ethos of the devs is pleasantly refreshing. Thank you

Gareth Evans July 25, 2017
This could be great but….half way through the game and the grind is too much, there needs to be a change in pace to keep it interesting. I end up just waiting each day to get fuel then just 5 mins of play. Please please rethink this or at least let prestige earlier in the game. Normally in these games you are rewarded by grinding away but here it’s just more if the same.

Aldous Huxley June 12, 2017
Combat can be a bit difficult but very good overall. Reminds me of Crank.Update: My initial review sounded too brusque. This is a super quality game. Lots of fun and holy cow they added a ‘Dark Mode’ so it the game doesn’t ruin my eyes at night. Oh and combat gets easier if you give it time. =D

Developer Daybreak Industries May 24, 2017 Crank is awesome definitely an inspiration

Scott Shipley October 10, 2017
This is… wildly addicting. To new players: stick with it. It might seem at first like there’s nothing to do, but you’re literally unlocking new things the entire time you play (not just the first 30 minutes of gameplay like some games). I don’t even know why this is so fun to play… it’s just… completely absorbing.

Miles Stuart September 12, 2017
Amazing text based grinder unlike anything else. Takes many aspects of the core idle genre but tweaks them into something spectacular. My only issue is when I battle in the bio swamp it says the enemies drop fuel but I don’t actually receive any. Great work devs but please patch the fuel bug.

Benjamin Cumming October 15, 2017
8imm8I didn’t realy know how to rate the graphics, but the game is fun, rewarding and diverse. Unlike most clicker games, the combat element and diferent sets of rescources keep you as a player engaged. And the logs that paint a weird, apocalyptic background makes you want to play more! Highly recommend the game for people with a couple hours free time

Zachary Fry October 14, 2017
At first I thought this was going to be just a game where you wait for the bar to fill up, press a button, and repeat. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there’s a story to it, along with multiple layers to building the machine. As you progress, the environment through a great story that slowly creates a stunning mental picture of the growing machine, and the landscape it envelopes. Great game.

Cane Loria June 22, 2017
Some suggestions: lower the tabs. I can’t immediately click tabs when notifications from other apps pops up. Add upgrades for skills. Cooldown reduction, damage increase, casting time reduction, gain stun effect, poison skills (any DPS), buff/debuff skills. Train soldiers or ally? Monster infos?Edit: add enemies that pentetrating damage doesn’t work to themThat’s all. Overall, it’s a great game.

Developer Daybreak Industries June 18, 2017 i wanted poison/buffs/debuffs in a&m so bad (i used to play affliction warlock in WoW lol) but it was out of scope. these are awesome suggestions, we’re talking about expanding combat systems like this in our next game.

BW Productions June 14, 2017
Looks like someone finally got idle-grinding right!! The only issue I have with the game is the “job speed” and “worker efficency” tabs.. they basically do the same thing and in both cases raise your production cost! Would make more sense if job speed just increased the speed while increasing cost and worker efficiency increased product output and maybe negated some of the cost also.. besides for that I really can’t see any faults with the game! Keep it up!!

Kevin Bujno September 26, 2017
A lovely idler/grinder game; I also really like the thought-out branching of choices!Could the numbers be abbreviated, though? They get pretty long, and lack of comma separators definitely doesn’t help with readability. 1000 -> 1k 2500000 -> 2.5m Etc.

nate stewart June 24, 2017
It was very hard to stop playing long enough to write this.This game is something unique and special and I can’t even put my finger on why I love it so much.Core concepts seen in similar games have been tweaked and added to in a way that sets this one apart.Very addicting.Great job devs!

Xeon Shu July 14, 2017
Nice text based game that get me hooked before I knew it. Truly a great time waster. Can be play at my own pace unlike other game that bug me to open the app just to click 1 button to make me wait another few more hours. Best of all, 0 intrusive ads, rare among free games.

Zach Eggenberg October 14, 2017
Gets boring after awhile; way way too much grinding on the 30 fuel spots to gear up for golden key boss. Maybe sending workers out to explore w fuel to bring back random stuff (+ key, + worker, +alloys, +resources) & find more places (if only for more infolore) – with fail causing loss of the workers. Electric fuel alternative made from the zinc tree (batteries, etc.) to supplement fuel would be nice. I made it to 1010 for golden key & can’t beat boss – uninstalled but was fun.

Lakota Arnell July 11, 2017
I love this game and would love to change this rating from 4 stars to 5. My issue with this game is that it keeps restarting itself when im not on it.. Its pissing me off actually because ive gotten pretty far(not sure how long the game is) and just keeps restarting… Please please pleeasse fix!!!!

Benjamin Hamilton September 15, 2017
Good game. Balance needs tweaking. Uninstalled after it used ~500MB of cellular data in a single day. Not cool.To the developer: I could understand using the data to show ads (and if I knew it was using data I would only use it with WiFi). Downloading that much data without showing ads seems to me to indicate ad fraud. I’d hate for this game to be removed due to something like that.

Developer Daybreak Industries September 21, 2017 we’ve resolved the issue, something messed up with our logging and analytics, really sorry you were affected by this

Spruce K August 29, 2017
Very good idle game akin to A Dark Room with the very cool mechanic of micromanaging your typical idle game resources to build different kinds of ammo for excursions and a sinister, slowly unfurling story told through gameplay. The Bioswamp is downright disturbing. Recommended for fans of the genre

Robert Stark July 27, 2017
This game is outstanding. What starts off as a cryptic ‘machine’, that the player has to figure out how to work by trial and error, slowly evolves into a whole different kind of game (I can’t give too much away as it would ruin it). A real time sink and perfect for commuters. I’m amazed it’s free. There is hardly any ads in it either.

Roberto JRP September 26, 2017
Usually I don’t like mining games but this one is somewhat different. Many options, it has a sort of ‘story mode’ and is very entertaining. It also reminds me of factorio, somehow (but in text mode). To the developer(s): great job!

newlgh July 13, 2017
Trying really hard to love this game but things feel out of order.You get a 2200 heal before you have more than 600 health.You get access to more fuel after way too long suffering with none. There’s no info about what you are unlocking or how to unlock the next unlock. It is a good game but needs a lot more polish.

Con Badger September 4, 2017
This game is bad. It’s trying to be like “A Dark Room”, and I like that. The combat is more interesting than other incrementals. It’s introducing new concepts gradually. All of these are good! But then it decides that ALL upgrades past a point require combat, and the combat requires fuel, AND FUEL PRODUCTION CAN NOT BE INCREASED. This is an INCREMENTAL game. Increasing production IS the game. By having an absolutely essential and core ingredient be UNUPGRADEABLE defeats the ENTIRE point of the game, and the entire point of the game’s genre. This game becomes “turn off game for 30 minutes while fuel loads” game, which isn’t a game at all! I want to like this game. I want to play this game. LET ME PLAY THE GAME.

dousu ketoby August 12, 2017
Could be a lot better. Make the mechanics more even so it won’t have to be so high maintenance. Like progress is extremely slow. I can’t even out the time for everything to fill up and when in do its only a tiny bit of progress going on. Just gets repetitiveafter that

Jacob McClure September 18, 2017
I think this is one of the best idle grinders that ive played in a while. The only thing that i can think to say that needs improvement is the initial loading screen. It takes too long to load, kinda makes me impatient cuz i wanna get back into the game faster!!!

V Vare August 5, 2017
Great concept with a great design, but that gets boring fast. The progression is too slow, it’s not a micro purchases type of game but feels like it. Didn’t get past the badlands, the fuel is too limited and didn’t feel like it would get any better.

Joshua Bohnert June 15, 2017
Intriguing game that has lead to an absolute existential crisis. Where do Workers come from and where do they go? What have I done? What am I going to do?All the other games. They even showed the faces. Countless faces. What kind of monster am I?Oh and totally clever and fair use of ads. Great job, developers!

Developer Daybreak Industries June 18, 2017 maybe we are all just workers in someone else’s idle game…

Kiyón Indego Theroin July 3, 2017
Good concept, but why the hell does improving worker efficiency on heat gen cause it to produce less? Finding that out has caused me to reset the game, losing quite a bit of progress. Not very happy.

Mykola Zekter July 12, 2017
Pretty sure the reviews are bought. The game is boring as hell. I played several hours hoping something interesting would finally happen. It didn’t. Two hours ago I did exactly the same stuff I am doing now. There are far more engaging clickers.

stephen urch July 26, 2017
Obviously inspired by “kittens” which was a game I loved. There are a few flaws in this game though that make it hard to continue playing. The relevance of each tab is really only unto itself which makes me feel like I am wasting a lot of time micro managing instead of building my progression. Workers take way too long to produce which just wastes my time waiting. The numbers get bigger but i dont feel i am getting anywhere because of it because all my concerns are on fuel which also takes 1000 years to produce and wastes my time.

Jonathan Paugh October 14, 2017
A great clicker game! It took a little longer then usual to automate the clicking for this game. But they’d my only complaint. The design and story line are very creative. Even the way it introduces ads into the storyline is creative.

travis branam October 3, 2017
A unique game with cool concept and premise. It doesn’t look like much, but the gameplay and story have kept me entertained and intrigued–I’ve been playing for hours just to see how it unfolds.

Kristopher Sousa July 20, 2017
Very complex but addictive, it’s an idle game but with enough active components. Unfortunately it lost me in the process of getting the lucky key there needs to be a step in between that and unlocking all the weapon slots. Honestly enjoyable though.

Himalaya Navarro August 3, 2017
It was a good game, though its very hard to grind. A bit boring at first but it instantly changed on the combat part. I can see your planning to make a similar game but with more features. Overall, its a good startup. Good luck!

Ian Sun August 5, 2017
Game was quite interesting in the beginning, however there is a very slow grind to proceed to unlock higher levels. i feel that my phone loses more battery the more calculations it needs to generate stuff. This app does produce heat.

El Ro October 26, 2017
I got a(n) RSI injury while playing this game. Why can not automate worker production? Why not automate everything while we’re at it. Make the fighting system more detailed for this purpose. This game would be so much better with these features!!!

Julian Kenny October 15, 2017
This game is weird, you get very little information going into it unlike pretty much all other mobile games. The best part of this game is the beggining and middle, cause stuff just keeps popping up that I never thought would be in the game. It’s not your average idle game until you get a decent way into the game, but even then you get a surprise every once in a while.

tazyload June 19, 2017
Fantastic game. It really pulls you in and is great for killing time.The only suggestion I would make would be to have different coloured lights for when something is maxed and when the resource requirements aren’t met. Just so that it’s easier to see what is happening at a glance.

Alphonze Meep June 17, 2017
Reminds me of A Dark Room, but more focused on combat (and definitely its own game). If I had a complaint, I’d like to be able to sort skills. Excellent 5/5 idling!

tallow wallow July 9, 2017
I love the simplicity of this game. No in app purchases and it’s still fun. It would be awesome if they can include and overview mode, so you can view all your productions at once, but still a fun game

Nemo Stein September 21, 2017
Great game overall… Sadly, there is a small bug that is a game breaker. The panels only show up when you’re heating manually, but won’t display with automation. If you manage to enable automation in the middle of a heart cycle they stay there, but, if you disable automation the panels disappears again. For some reason, after some hours of gameplay, the “heat” button stopped working, so I was unable to heat the machine without automation, rendering the game unplayable because the info panels won’t show up anymore.

antonio mafera September 23, 2017
The story and strategy was fantasically designed. Fuel took far to long to replenish, even with it at level 300…Graphics were terrible lol

What’s New

– General bug-fixes / optimizations
– Added “Departures”

Armory & Machine 0.30

Armory & Machine 0.30

There are no stars in the sky.
There is no light for miles.
It is cold.
The machine creates warmth.
The machine creates heat.
What else will the machine create?

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Rating users: 251
Content rating: Teen
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Requirements: Android 4.4 and up