Bubble Shooter Classic

The most classic bubble shooter game here, pop bubbles recall your game memory


I get having ads but this is way to many. Other then that it’s a good game.

User Rating: ( 776 ratings )

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Bubble Shooter Classic is one of the most adorable bubble shooting game!
Shoot the bubbles to pop the target and start your bubble journey!
– More than 500 challenging levels
– Group 3 or more bubbles to collect
– Various boosters are ready to shoot
– Use the less bubbles to get higher score
– Receive special gift everyday
– Play with your friend in bubble shooter
– Continuous update and free to play

Are you ready for the cutest bubble shooting game? Now you can download the Bubble Shooter Classic in Google Play Store!

What’s New

V 1.0.5
– Optimize levels
Happy Holiday, enjoy this amazing bubble shooter game

App Name Bubble Shooter Classic
Developer Sweet Candy Kingdom
Requirements Android 2.3 and up
Package shooter.classic.bubbleshoot

User reviews

Trisha Levernier May 9, 2017
I get having ads but this is way to many. Other then that it’s a good game.

Janet Scott April 6, 2017
Game is fun to play, until you get to the 3oo.s. thenwon’t give colors needed. You play all colors and lose.

katrina lowe April 15, 2017
This game has kept me entertained for hours

Alex Molina August 20, 2017
Too many ads its annoying

Cathy Mcdonald March 14, 2017
Need 10 more bubbles at least or give the colors a person needs

Gary olbrys March 11, 2017
Too many ads

Ernest Wiener September 6, 2017
Not a bad game. After getting use to the aim it seems to be better. Like it

Edie Miller September 14, 2017
Too many ads

UnknownMarch 16, 2017
It’It’s alright

Joel Dries March 18, 2017
Great game!

Emilee Roan July 6, 2017
Thank you

Carolyn Hamlin March 24, 2017
No thanks

Ethea Alyanna Lagaya June 2, 2017
Pretty easy to pkay

Guy Hiceta June 12, 2017
love it & more relaxing

Ashraf Khan May 4, 2017
Nice game.

Mary Hinojosa March 4, 2017

UnknownMay 26, 2017

UnknownApril 9, 2017

Les Means March 3, 2017
I like the game. Woo hoo

Dot Phillips February 24, 2017
I like the game

Kelvin Sanders February 24, 2017
Great game to pass time

Patricia Grant January 16, 2017
It could be a wonderful game if not for all those stupid aids, you can’t even play again for an aid pop up every dog gone time. Like the game but hate all those aids.

Cathy Whitsett February 18, 2017
I aim put it low. I aim put it high and when i aim the ball between other balls the dotted arrow shows the spot but you dont put the ball there.If this sounds childish to you …i think its childish for you to do this. My great grandson used to love to play this but not as much now

Brenda Alexander February 5, 2017
There are way to many ads. If I wanted to play more game then I would download more games but I don’t want to play anymore games I want to play this one. Please remove all the ads. Thank you

Joanne Sands January 23, 2017
This little game is brilliant ,one complaint too many adds , I’ll keep playing until I can’t stand it any longer, or get used to it.

Sandra Baum January 10, 2017
Too many pop ups messes up the game. My toddler cant even play it

UnknownFebruary 5, 2017
Best bubble shooter game ever some many levels and gets more challenging as you move forward

Carol O’Neal February 2, 2017
Too many ads popping up while trying to play

Nancy Davis January 19, 2017
It’s real fun, it keeps you where you wanna good back

Angie Weaver February 15, 2017
I really like playing this game

dianne harter January 18, 2017
I really like this game love the color of the balls, thanks for a good game

Kathy LaGreca February 15, 2017
Too much interruption with ads

UnknownFebruary 6, 2017
Liked it very much but there r somany adds coming between the game that’s not good.

Patrick Talavera January 30, 2017
The game could speed up a little graphics wise.

Jacqueline Young February 3, 2017
Nice game not too difficult and thus frustrating

UnknownJanuary 9, 2017
It’s a great game for children.

Darilyn Gorton February 4, 2017
To many adds, cancel them after x many plays.

Debbie Drabic January 13, 2017
To many ads.

George Sherman February 7, 2017
It’s a it’s a good game but there’s too many ads

Earl Emond January 19, 2017
Way to many ads