Traffic Lanes 2

Control the traffic lights and make sure the cars do not crash with each other.


I loved the game and the puzzles I have to solve in each lvl.But about the controls, it’s nice but I would love if there was a type a program using the command “if”.It would be useful for things like: open 1 if 2 and 3 are closed.There is just a way to alternate, but it would be awesome to put multiples conditions to, like, the pedestrian.And the only problem I saw is that when I create shortcuts which alternate lights, like: open 1 and 2 and close 3,if there is a crash, I lost All these macros I had organised before. Making necessary to pause the game a lot of times in order to reorganise. I don’t know if this was the idea of the game, but it’s the only thing I really did not like.

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Screenshot Traffic Lanes 2

Traffic Lanes 2 screenshot
Traffic Lanes 2 screenshot
Traffic Lanes 2 screenshot
Traffic Lanes 2 screenshot

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    The automatic traffic lights are malfunctioning! Take control of the lights in different intersections and make sure the traffic flows smoothly and that the vehicles do not crash into each other.

    Please note that if road rage is too hard you can be decrease or turned off in the settings!

    Also note that there will probably not be any more maps added as I have started development of “Intersection Controller” with a built in level editor, check out

    – 60 unique maps made from real aerial images of junctions.
    – 3 different game modes.
    – Day-night cycle.
    – Weather effects.
    – Physics simulated car crashes.

    Found a bug?
    – Send an email to: [email protected]

    What’s New

    – Fixed issue where devices running Android 2.3.x would crash if using an outdated version of Google Play Services.
    – Fixed issue where map texture would not reload when returning to game.

    App Name Traffic Lanes 2
    Developer ShadowTree
    Requirements Android 2.3 and up
    Package se.shadowtreesoftware.trafficlanes2free

    User reviews

    Calebe Teles April 13, 2017
    I loved the game and the puzzles I have to solve in each lvl.But about the controls, it’s nice but I would love if there was a type a program using the command “if”.It would be useful for things like: open 1 if 2 and 3 are closed.There is just a way to alternate, but it would be awesome to put multiples conditions to, like, the pedestrian.And the only problem I saw is that when I create shortcuts which alternate lights, like: open 1 and 2 and close 3,if there is a crash, I lost All these macros I had organised before. Making necessary to pause the game a lot of times in order to reorganise. I don’t know if this was the idea of the game, but it’s the only thing I really did not like.

    Brandon Klein April 11, 2017
    Awesome Game. My issues with this App is that the street light buttons are to small. I can’t click the correct light sometimes. Also you can zoom in, but not scroll around. I kind of need to move my screen to see my lights? And also roadrage is incredibly dumb at times. They will speed off a red light into a train. Like wtf its a train. And how come when a pedestrian walks in to a non-moving car they splatter. Little over the top. Awesome play just small things to be worked on.

    Simon Lambert July 5, 2017
    Really great game lovely design I love the satellite overview. Very clever situation scenarios just to mix things up. But like everyone else the small buttons are an issue and when getting to use group lights I find sometimes I’m setting the wrong ones off because I was concentrating on the traffic. Overall beautiful games full of potential.

    Logan Kruse April 17, 2017
    To be honest, I just downloaded this because I was bored and was looking around the app store when I saw this. It looked interesting enough, so I downloaded it. Man, I never knew that traffic management games could be so fun, haha. This game has good graphics, good animations​ and a lot of maps, all with three different game modes to play. If you’re looking for a good traffic management game, or if you’re just bored like I was, I highly recommend this game. It will definitely keep you entertained for an hour or two, at the very least.

    Brandan Stobbs May 26, 2017
    Love it, but the ads block the screen which means you can’t see cars coming.Took me forever to pass 1 level because the ad would always pop up and I couldn’t see a car soming and crash.Put ads between rounds and you’ll get 5 stars.

    Will Boler April 1, 2017
    Buttons are too small and placed right on the edge od the screen. If you have any casing on your phone that restricts edge presses, it will be incredibly difficult to control the lights. Also, drivers are not smart enough. Some instances, the driver can detect a car in front of it, other times it wont. If you have vehicles stopped in a road and you allow vehicles to turn into that road, they’ll slam into the stopped vehicles.

    UnknownMay 3, 2017
    The ( Traffic Lanes 2 ) is much better when I compare to the Traffic Lanes 1. This is the type of game I missed at my young age and yet this is the same idea I actually played on a cartoon text book when I was still in kindergarten before 1st grade. Back then, it just show the floor map of the house on the text book, it was teching about how many family members​ were in the house, at that time I pointed​ my finger on the book and I was guiding each family member to go to different direction, all though those “printed peoples” were on the paper and can’t move, my teacher wasn’t even teching like that but I was having so much fun with it. after all those years I forget it completely, then I just find out this game about a month ago and start to play with it. I’m now nearly 3/10 of my life and it brings back memories. Best part is this game is free to play and compare to others, I just can’t find the same feeling, this game come with realistic maps, cars, peoples & actions. Specially the fine music that keep playing in the background nostop, make you so relaxing while playing the game. If the developer would make some new levels​ or make it need to pay to unlock some feather, I would love to be one of the contributor. Thank You.

    UnknownJuly 27, 2017
    I would like to report someone speeding on the game. I would like you to add a feature were I can write them a ticket. It is very disrespectful on my end. Please take this into consideration when making traffic lanses 4.

    Shaktibrata Khan August 18, 2017
    Will give full 5stars, if the traffic light icons and zebra crossing are a bit bigger in size. Really becomes difficult to switch them on/off when placed adjacent to each other.

    UnknownMay 12, 2017
    Awesome game, well done to the developers! I can’t stop playing it. It would be nice to add features such as automation of the robots, as well as a delay (yellow light) before the red light. All in all it’s an awesome game, very realistic.

    Woodrow Thompson February 3, 2017
    ? A personal favorite. Very intuitive and creative. A little difficult at first, but able to tone things down in settings until you get the idea. Keep up the good work. I do wish that I could buy it!

    Sierra Love March 23, 2017
    Was way more challenging than I had expected, which I love! Has lots of levels and maps, and the graphics are pretty great considering it is a free game. Only complaint is that the lights are so small that it can be a little hard to control them but it’s still a great game.

    darianpopman January 30, 2017
    Fun game, I hope they release another one.Although to make it so you can get three stars on all levels, you gotta turn off random events because some of them make it impossible to get three stars.Also turn road rage onto easy.

    Ashley Simons February 8, 2017
    Great game. Can be a bit confusing especially if our cars drive on the opposite side of the road. Would be nice if opposite options of driving onto the road can be made available. It’s only in the USA who drives on the wrong side of the road.

    Developer ShadowTree February 8, 2017 USA by definition drives on the right side of the road ? Or you can play the New Zealand map set where they are not driving on the right side of the road.

    Luca Castellari June 4, 2017
    There are way too many things going on, I can’t focus on the traffic lights because of other accidents that I didn’t notice. I hate the controls, it makes it really hard to organize a couple of bottons to control different traffic lights at the same time, because they don’t syncronize if they are included in more than one botton. (I guess it’s difficult to explain, point is that it’s easier to control each traffic light alon than create a group of them… and it shouldn’t be like that). I like the fact that it’s difficult and there are many maps, but sometimes it’s just too many events going on…

    Shoaib Ahmed March 15, 2017
    One word confusing. At first offcourse its confuaing but slowly you workout the lights and you get addicted. But locked levels would have made it more exciting to play and succed rather than just few point.

    DBS Administrator April 1, 2017
    Simple and sweet, just quite short. With difficulty turned right down and random events off though there’s not too much of a challenge

    Nick Stevens June 20, 2017
    First off I don’t rate many apps or games but I have to rate this game because for one the graphics are very good and if you like having control of your world then this is a great game. The only problem with the game is that it is very sensitive so keep that in mind but other than that this is all around a quality game to get.

    Pruthviraj Varma August 16, 2017
    Game is Awesome. Is like very challenging to avoid road rage and accidents.Bug: If the train is coming then the road rage level should be reset because It’s not my fault that I did not approve green signal on that intersection where train is passing.Need: More Levels More Country More ChallengesIf possible 3D Camera angle or 360°Camera AngleChanges: Free move for that signal buttons so we can use it on anywhere to handle. Zooming is not comfortable.

    Hamish Robertson April 26, 2017
    Enjoyed the maps that have realistic layouts. Some have a light in only 1 direction on a junction meaning you just have to time it to let cars into the traffic when there is a gap. Would be improved by a driver AI to prevent stupid low speed collisions.

    Dan Android August 25, 2017
    Great idea but terrible control. 1. Everything too small, especially the button.2. when I restart,I want the first page where I can preset lamps before the game start 3. After I highlighted a line, I want option to unhighlight all line by clicking outside the line 4. too difficult to get star.please update, could be 5star game

    Cheryl Dahl April 11, 2017
    This game would be fun if the drivers were a little more realistic. They should wait at the light regardless of how long it takes because when they go they create a domino effect of crashing which is impossible to stop!I just found the”free play”, so I re rated the game!It went from 1 star to 5 imo! :)how do i get more maps?There aren’t many :(I would LOVE to get some huge complicated intersections in this game.This is the best game app ever!

    Developer ShadowTree June 19, 2016 You can also change road rage in the settings. The 60 current maps are the only ones planned and I have now moved focus on developing new games instead of releasing new maps. Cheers!

    Joshua Lucci June 15, 2017
    Actually stupid. The people run red light. Get mad too quickly. In game time passes to fast.The people drive like idiots. Also crashes are so stupid people drive into them.

    Gerbil Pictures May 13, 2017
    Great time killer, can be a stressful game though. The drivers are pretty dumb, can’t really sense a train. Drivers could be more intelligent, when they have 3 red exclamation marks they drive through and straight towards a train, pretty obvious that the train is there. Otherwise, this is a realistic, amazing game. ?

    Robin Lewis May 15, 2017
    Fiddly for double lights. And there is nowhere near enough time to allow vehicles to pass a junction without other vehicles getting pissed. Uninstalled

    Callum Leishman February 12, 2017
    Very good game, very fun past time. A little complicated to first use, however you quicly learn and after that it’s super! Please add more levels!

    Meet Solanki April 25, 2017
    I liked this game very much….. It’s a very good concentration game…. Only d thing is d controls of d game needs a little bit of modification….. As d gamer press d 1 button other buttons should be turned off…. Rest d game is fantastic…… I loved it to play……

    Wendy Baker March 25, 2017
    Love this. Very addictive. More maps please. The ability to control the road rage would be good when getting stars, and why do they drive into the side of a train? But brilliant all the same. Thanks.

    Lok Yin Yun February 12, 2017
    A wasted concept. The game has a good concept, but the game developers cannot understand what is the human factor-people can SEE when driving cars and they should SLOW DOWN when there’s a car in front. This game made the drivers look like blind drunks in a car. Also, tutorial is crap, and accidents occur too randomly. Lastly, the buttons are TINY for some reason-don’t play on phone.

    Franklin Egbuche February 20, 2017
    This game would have reached the awesome mark except for one little AI flaw. The developer is under the impression that cars are driven by blind and deaf people who are always drinking 100% ethanol. That’s not the case. Which totally begs the question, why make the drivers to keep speeding through traffic even when it is clear there are cars ahead? I get that the concept of this game is to control traffic but any person who knows how most drivers interact with roads and other cars is aware that traffic lights do nothing but aid drivers who are already trying to get to their destinations safely. But this game tells a different story; here we have drivers who don’t care about anything else in the world (including their own safety) and only want to move the car forward. Dear Developer, please improve the AI cause drivers are not that stupid, you know.

    Faye Roberts October 3, 2017
    Brilliant game, passes the time. Bit difficult on some levels when lights all next to each other.. pressing the wrong light

    Iain Leg July 17, 2017
    Add an orang light setting, like.. give way/yield. It would improve the puzzles so much and solve them more efficiently

    Vasik Shestak February 5, 2017
    Please make traffic light buttons on right side bigger and further from each other… In app option “find a bug?” ask to create account in the phone, but I already have it and can not select it. Other is excellent!

    Sean Murphy April 1, 2017
    I love this game, it’s fairly short and initially really confusing and tricky but if you just push on its really really fun to play, a challenge but not too challenging which is perfect and I just wish there was more more more

    Shakerya Hill August 17, 2017
    Love it but yall need more levels & more traffic & why is the weather also dark or raining ?? Please change that.. But add more interesting maps please I Would love this game more

    UnknownFebruary 19, 2017
    I love this game! It’s really well designed, and it reminds me of an old game I made for PC. The graphics are fairly good, but it does need more levels. If the devs could add more gameplay, it would be much better.

    We The People February 19, 2017
    I really enjoy everything about this game, a bit difficult to control on a smaller phone. Sometimes while swiping an intersection I may hit the turn lane and we know what happens from there.

    Anonymous Coward May 26, 2017
    Zero application of right turn yield or expected stop at light, every car is set to rage if they have to wait at all. Great concept,poor execution.

    Char Ginn September 7, 2017
    I do enjoy this game. A couple things that dont do it for me tho, the lights are very small and close. Quite often ill accidentally press other lights when i go to press the one i want. I understand theres a zooming option however that takes me to problem #2. For me the road rage happens so quickly and when you have cars and pedestrians/trains to sometimes also watch out for, it makes for a difficult game play. No zoom for me when people start raging lol thats just my personal experience tho. Regardless of this i ultimately find this a great game and recommend it to others

    Aldo Rey Tongco March 8, 2017
    A bit confusing for me, maybe because I’m just impatient, lol. But I think it’s really a good game, let’s you do critical thinking.