Car Demolition Simulator

Crush cars and wreak havoc in this version of demolition derby. Go get em!


This game is amazing. startwhere you want and its easy to get money to buy cars which i for one would just buy coins to help. This game is amazing and i cant ask for any more…. eccept for a sandbox mod you know for youtube so you can vou can customize the area for videos

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Car Demolition Simulator- screenshot thumbnail
Car Demolition Simulator- screenshot thumbnail
Car Demolition Simulator- screenshot thumbnail

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    Fight & drive to survive, smash and crash all the cars! Yours and opponent’s – doesn’t matter as long as you can do maximum damage possible. Sounds fun? Try the Car Crash & Demolition Derby Simulator and see how you like making extreme destruction in exciting little car wreck wars. It’s a game related to demolition derby and car war games yet quite unique by itself.

    It’s something NOT recommend doing in real life, but hey – that’s why games exist, right?

    ****************** MODES ******************

    “Survival” mode in which you’re collecting coins for in game cash by racing around the level. Avoid AI cars as they’re nearly indestructible. There’s a 10 minute limit for this derby racing mode. Can you reach the limit?

    “Tank Hunt mode” – in which you’re shooting down other cars with a tank. Awesome! Right? In this mode you’re the indestructible one and since it’s only for fun – you need to hunt down other cars and crash them. Enjoy the great demolition effects when you hit cars with a projectile. Cars can be run over or shot down with a powerful auto-aim turret gun. Also, 10 minute limit, so see how much can you crush during that time.

    “Crash Arena” mode is even more fun: it’s you against up to 5 AI opponents at same time in a classic demolition derby racing battle. Who will survive in this extreme wreckage? This mode is total war! You can even set how many opponents you want to take at same time. I’d bet on you but we can never know ? There’s many ways you can outsmart AI opponents, but make no mistake – they are set to hunt you down and will not stop until demolished.

    “Tank Run” mode lets you collect coins for cash, but there’s many challenges in doing so. They’re all around the maps, and there’s enemy cars you need to avoid plus the TANK which is after you. Yep, it’s shooting and at most you could take 3 hits, perhaps less if direct, so try not to get hit ?

    ****************** MODES ******************

    Car physics is realistic enough to ensure that simulation of crashes and destruction is done really nice – you can damage car slightly or a lot, and make its part fall off and fly around if you bump the car hard enough. Fun fun.

    All top scores in all destruction derby modes will be submitted to leaderboards automatically if you log into Google Play Games upon game start, of course, making it more fun to compete against other players. Who’s the ultimate car crash warrior?

    You have 12 cars to play with and 10+ maps to battle on, so enjoy demolition wars and good luck!

    Download today, have fun and let me know your thoughts about game in the reviews.

    What’s New

    – NEW MODE: Tank Run – collect coins and try not to get hit by tank shell ?
    (With leaderboards)

    App Name Car Demolition Simulator
    Developer Gamonaut 3D Games
    Requirements Android 4.0 and up
    Package com.gamonaut.carcrash3d

    User reviews

    good job October 6, 2017
    This game is amazing. startwhere you want and its easy to get money to buy cars which i for one would just buy coins to help. This game is amazing and i cant ask for any more…. eccept for a sandbox mod you know for youtube so you can vou can customize the area for videos

    UnknownSeptember 27, 2017
    Nice It a nice demolition derby g ame

    Oscar Funez August 25, 2017
    Ok. Listen closely. I hope u reply to discuss this. Remove the boost power ups it’s no use. Make the ai a bit more easier to kill. And make em smarter. They literally suck. They fall of the edge alot. Also. I know this may cause some lag. But. Since u have low graphics option it shouldn’t be a problem. The car parts. Make those physics accurate like in other games. I’ve never seen car parts hanging like bells. Like really?! What door falls down. I thought it went sideways not down ( no offense). Please fix

    Jammy Gamer June 10, 2017
    My most favourite car game I have ever downloaded since 2015 but I wish we could have more ai cars driving around and more cars to drive

    The Eagle eye September 29, 2017

    Anthony Gomez July 7, 2017
    Very bad and poor game ? ?

    Billy Bob July 13, 2017
    There should be a multi-player option

    Cami Juskowiak June 24, 2017
    Love it

    david di lombardo April 10, 2017
    This game has a lot of flaws when you start winning it goes to adds after add…

    Rand Dave April 12, 2017
    Earned a bunch of coins.Game glitched,lost my coins.Really fun and simple game.I won’t play anymore.Stupid glitch!!!!!!!!!

    UnknownMay 4, 2017
    To get 5 stars, u must make multiplayer mode…..???? but…. ur game is great……

    MCG 567 July 24, 2017
    Its not bad.Just please add different car sounds. Please. I had the Porsche and it sounded like the volts waggon.

    radar kay March 15, 2017
    No game should ever ask for access to your contacts

    UnknownMarch 11, 2017
    I think it is a great game.

    khalil coulter March 24, 2017

    Crashumup January 22, 2017
    Works great apart from tank mode which 3/5 times you shoot the shell goes above the car and some cars have a bug where they become invincible at almost no health. Plz fix these bugs. PS I love this whole game series

    Soontobethebest A December 26, 2016
    Keep up the good work and can u ad a update with motorcycles

    Ray Johnson January 1, 2017
    Great game, need another big open site like the airport.

    Cool Ideas Boy January 13, 2017
    Very cool cars!

    Richard Poulter December 31, 2016
    Its grafics are outstanding

    Jessica Softic January 21, 2017

    Charlie Brown December 11, 2016
    It was kind of funny were in the rock map I got between some rock and their was another car. Well I went in came out and tride to get back in but couldn’t .and so.I nontest it was probably a glitch.

    MichaelBestEver September 30, 2016
    I had played for one week and I still have not got a new car u mite wannabe fix this and I found a glitch where I can get on a rock column on the rock map

    UnknownDecember 7, 2016
    Their needs to be a way to get more money because the best way to get a little bit of money is tank mode which the highest I have ever got is like 5,000 dollars at least also why are opponents so hard to destroy they need to be a little bit easier to destroy

    Ryy Layda September 23, 2016
    I want to descibe this because i made it from minecraft studio then i nade this app next

    SkyKisserX X November 27, 2016
    You advertise leaderboards yet they don’t work. No use in playing it. Fix please

    Zafrullah Ab Wahab October 21, 2016
    GG I like the game and can you guys add some videos to earn coins and pls add multiplayer

    Kayu Works November 25, 2016
    This game cool soo many sport car

    123 gt December 1, 2016
    Best game evr!!!!!

    Carol Williamson September 24, 2016

    how to do cool shit September 2, 2016
    The crashes were very unrealistic, and it was very laggy.

    Sara Rez September 7, 2016
    Its a great game but i cant get any different cars :/

    Chris Harrower September 17, 2016
    Its not bad try it out

    Karthikeyan Sethuraman September 19, 2016
    Very cool game in the world

    James OFFICIAL_PRO September 7, 2016
    Amazing!! Cool

    Swarnima Chaudhary September 2, 2016

    Muhammad Omer August 20, 2016
    Good game but improve view

    aboutahalf eh? August 13, 2016
    Cool game over all.?

    Donald Trump August 19, 2016
    Amazing game. I wish I could give it 26#8#88#7$6$63637733&_:;”+”-“;$+$ stars

    Marc Ariadne Tabalba August 15, 2016
    for an awesome fight and add the Stuart and Sherman

    Car Demolition Simulator User Rating: 4.5 ( 33 votes)