City Traffic Bike Racing

City Traffic Bike Racing Is A Fast Paced Racing Game.


The third class game ever

User Rating: ( 462 ratings )

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City Traffic Bike Racing- screenshot thumbnail
City Traffic Bike Racing- screenshot thumbnail
City Traffic Bike Racing- screenshot thumbnail

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    Forget those dumb drag car racing games. To become a master motorcycle / motocross pilot, skills matter (a lot). As they say: no pain, no gain! So, start practising right now to become a pro bike racer and rule them all. It will be fun and addicting, we guarantee! Tilt your mobile device to lean your bike and touch the screen to accelerate or brake. It’s very easy to learn, but hard to master!

    But have you got what it takes to be the BEST BIKER on Android? City traffic bike racing game with insane and stunt action! Bury the competition as you drive through a variety of treacherous tracks while enjoying the realistic bike physics and fast-paced game play.City Traffic Bike racing 3D is easy to pick up but hard to master which will keep you in the zone for hours. Race and crash your way and rivals through the amazing tracks as you master the physics of motocross in this high speed racing adventure. Here is your chance to step up and prove that you are the most intense traffic on street subway traffic! Racing Moto is a fast paced racing game. You never dare drive so fast in the real world! Control your moto with incredible fast speed during traffic rush time! Also enjoy beautiful view during the journey Enjoy feeling super speedy moto racing! Feel the thrill of authentic racing action in Ultra Moto today! The most vibrant, super-charged moto racing game you’ve ever seen In this simple and fast-paced physics-based free game, tilt your device to lean your bike and touch the screen to accelerate/brake. If you really Need some speed Just strap on your helmet, mount your motorcycle and drive the fastest you can because you are now a part of Fast Bike Racing. The biggest race of your life! If you grew up liking Road Rash, you are going to love Bike Racing or moto racing, there comes a extreme bike game that is the perfect answer to your need for speed on a bike. It’s as realistic as it gets combining the laws of Physics and the adrenaline rush that one gets when racing an actual bike on the highway. Who needs to go head to head, car vs. car when we can go race bikes.

    Enjoy exciting races with realistic motorcycle physics and amazing graphics that are perfectly optimized for tablets and high-resolution devices.

    What’s New

    Minor bugs resolved

    App Name City Traffic Bike Racing
    Developer Game Logic
    Requirements Android 2.3 and up
    Package games.trafficracing.ctbr

    User reviews

    UnknownOctober 23, 2017
    The third class game ever

    UnknownSeptember 23, 2017
    Super game

    Haseena Shaik April 28, 2017
    Up to today and tomorrow night for me too ? ? is so good to hear from you soon baby girl and she said she would like that and

    Daniel Dumitrascu September 27, 2016
    Daniel dumitrascu

    Gayathri Gv November 25, 2016
    It is very nice super

    RoSe MaU November 1, 2016
    Very very nice to see you soon

    Rafiya Sanam December 8, 2016

    harish rai March 10, 2017
    It’s a great game

    AJOYKUMAR MAJI December 30, 2016
    It’s a super moto racing game. It’s very interesting. It is good, better, best, nice, charming, Super Dooper moto bike racing game. I love it too much. In the pictures we can find this game very interesting. Nothing more to say , I have used the all adjective which was known to me and whichmeans a word – best. Anyone can’t underestimate it.

    Amit Mahala December 31, 2016
    This is the worst game ever played in my life very bad

    UnknownApril 11, 2017
    At first when I see the game from outside it see very nice but when I open it it is vert bad

    pawan kumar November 5, 2016
    Thanks again for your help and advice

    UnknownSeptember 29, 2016
    GBxbxbxuxhgz v gdux

    resu madhu January 10, 2017

    manoj bisht July 5, 2015
    So gud came roking

    Developer Game Logic July 13, 2015 Thanks for Rating

    Killer Boy December 1, 2016
    Amazingfadu fantastic

    KHAN ZUBAIR July 3, 2015

    Developer Game Logic July 13, 2015 Thanks for Rating & Review

    UnknownNovember 28, 2016
    Very very very poor game

    UnknownFebruary 10, 2017
    Just wastage of mb

    UnknownJanuary 6, 2017
    City traffic

    Rajesh gupta December 8, 2016
    love it

    Rafi Md May 29, 2017
    super. bike and super street

    Hemalatha Unnikrishnan November 26, 2016
    Umesh Krishnan IX

    UnknownJanuary 8, 2017
    It is awesome

    UnknownDecember 10, 2016

    UnknownJanuary 16, 2017

    Sandesh Pokhrel July 29, 2015

    Aheli Mitra October 31, 2016

    Rajkumar Khalode July 3, 2015

    Developer Game Logic July 13, 2015 Thanks for Rating

    Murji Patel December 25, 2016

    Fahad Rehman December 8, 2016

    UnknownNovember 25, 2016

    UnknownDecember 27, 2016

    UnknownDecember 20, 2016
    Patel of king

    Chaya Chakraborti December 18, 2016

    UnknownFebruary 27, 2017
    Super game

    Hemanth Chowdary.d May 16, 2017
    Jaiiii ntrrr

    UnknownApril 11, 2017
    Super game

    Ajay Verma February 21, 2017
    It. Is very smart

    Nishan Patwalia June 28, 2015

    Developer Game Logic July 13, 2015 Thanks for Rating & Review


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