Junkyard Demolition Derby

Crash, Bash and Smash into your opponents Cars! Its Demolition Derby Time.


yawn yawn yawn totally boring game . . . I was looking forward to it but just a waste of time

User Rating: ( 185 ratings )

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Start your V8 engines, Keep them revving, Put on your seatbelt, it’s time to go!

Your only objective… wreak as many enemies as possible and to SURVIVE!

Junkyard Demolition Derby is the most adrenaline-filled muscle car racing game with realistic damage, true physics and involving game play mechanics. Choose your beast and wreck other cars!

Game Features:
– Realistic car collision and body deformations based upon actual physics!
– Drift capable cars to slide around and find your next mark.
– Junkyard American cars from a bygone era battle in this game!
– Massive Head- On Collisions!
– True Demolition Derby sound recorded at a real life stadium.
– True HD soundtracks, and car sounds!

Junkyard Demolition Derby Racing boasts of its wide range of amazing attributes that definitely provide solution to your racing game needs!
So what are you waiting for? Wreck your enemies, and smash other cars at maximum power!

App Name Junkyard Demolition Derby
Developer Gameplay ™
Requirements Android 2.3 and up
Package com.neverloft.junkyarddemolitionderby

User reviews

ray rogerson February 16, 2016
totally boring game . . . I was looking forward to it but just a waste of time

Justin Blochlinger June 15, 2016
Its just plain boring!stupid

Kevin Eric LaCombe May 14, 2016
It’s OK but they need to work on the steering otherwise it’s awesome

Jack middleton August 12, 2016
Canwe havemoremaps . And cars. Goodgame?

Jesse Hartmann July 6, 2016
Adds are not appropriate for kids and game sucks

Bobby Velasques October 12, 2016
it was awsome but you need to add more car and map options plz

B H June 7, 2016
Awesome so far!!!

devin smith October 17, 2016
Gayest game ever

UnknownAugust 19, 2016
Najbolja igrica

Ramona Wilson April 8, 2017
Good time killer

UnknownFebruary 4, 2017

Sean Vance June 13, 2016
Nothing to upgrade

Rhonda Sexton March 23, 2017

Brady Ziebart November 30, 2016
The damage is not at all realistic but steering is ok they need more maps and objects in the game

True Canadian October 10, 2016
Game is ok,but you should have options for cars,get points,get tires,upgrade outside vehicle,beef it up.more body damage showing, parts go flying off, if you can get all that in the game, it would be awesome.let me kjow and i will reload game and jump up rating.delete

Joshua Brandon January 12, 2017
Graphics are horrible and an steering is bad it looks nothing like the pictures total waste of time

poorna madipalli February 17, 2016
Excellent game ! really I like it nice physics nice graphics and good gameplay every one like this game

Donald Trump August 18, 2016
There are 500 exact replicas of this game and they are all exactly the same but with different names

David Godzilla July 30, 2016
Need.more physics and upgrades and make the car pieces fall apart

Terry Volden August 4, 2016
It just is great seeing car crash it is just fun

Laurie Payne January 30, 2017
Let me kill cars

Dustin Conner June 15, 2016
My phone won’t let me download this game

Tracey Breitbarth October 23, 2016
Kenny 2008

SydenVloger 37491649 December 28, 2016
Nononononononononononononpno o p ononononononononononononono

Geoffrey Bobst July 11, 2016
It’s kind of cool kind of not

Andy MeOff December 22, 2016
Stupit stupit stupit

Charlie Jenkins August 2, 2016
So awesome and cool

UnknownNovember 5, 2016

John Gottlieb Rebeche June 7, 2016

UnknownOctober 15, 2016
Dear nutz

Erik Scott May 22, 2016

Caleb Parrish August 13, 2016

Tijo Tonny August 13, 2017


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