Speedway Challenge Game

2D speedway game. Are You ready for the challenge?


Amazing so fun! Alot of riders, not official names but still good!

User Rating: ( 4,297 ratings )

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Speedway Challenge Game- screenshot thumbnail
Speedway Challenge Game- screenshot thumbnail
Speedway Challenge Game- screenshot thumbnail

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    2D speedway game. Achieve challenges and win races to earn SC points. Unlock tracks and teams for earned SC points!

    – league mode
    – configurable camera view (zoom in and zoom out)
    – realistic riding physics
    – 78 teams (polish league, british league, swedish league, danish league, national teams, classic teams)
    – 546 players with different riding level
    – 32 tracks
    – 3 difficulty levels
    – earn SC points to unlock secret teams and tracks
    – best race time for each track on different difficulty level
    – online track records (on ‘impossible’ difficulty)
    – ‘Match’ game mode – play match between 2 teams
    – ‘Tournament’ game mode – compete in one of 9 tournaments (Poland Championship, Poland Junior Championship, World Championship, World Junior Championship, Australia Championship, Denmark Championship, Denmark Junior Championship, Great Britain Championship, Sweden Championship)
    – ‘Bluetooth’ game mode
    – ‘Challenges’ game mode – achievie challenges by making special quests
    – nice music and sounds

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    What’s New

    Fixed UI for better ad serve: avoid accidental clicks, not showing interstitial ad when pressing ‘back’ button

    App Name Speedway Challenge Game
    Developer Berobasket
    Requirements Android 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    Rhino beast21 August 14, 2017
    Amazing so fun! Alot of riders, not official names but still good!

    Scott Peirce September 3, 2017
    Amazing game except the teams are around 2 years out of date

    Tayler Martin August 4, 2017
    Great game, Very realistic, best speedway game ive played but the teams need updated

    Jack Coleman June 26, 2017
    Best speedway game

    BB vlogs August 5, 2017
    It’s a good game

    Kevin Wallace April 1, 2017
    Great once you’ve got your head round it. Really difficult to start with but really addictive after a while.

    Joe Tovey July 28, 2017
    Would like to see a rider career so u can compete with the best

    Antek Wozny June 9, 2017
    Update teams please

    Shane Fletcher May 15, 2017
    It’s ok

    xxmaciekpoopxxBOSSS Yt May 28, 2017
    Cool game o yes

    Cosby Tube June 8, 2017
    Love it

    LATLYcs July 8, 2016
    You do not slow down on grass and when you hit the fence you are meant to crash. Absolute rubbish. Plus no one install you will kill yourself

    neb nebble May 3, 2016
    Is there any way you can save your progress if the app gets deleted from your phone?

    Robert Gorski March 18, 2016
    Jak dla mnie na 5. Czekam na nową wersję gry ze skladami 2016 ?

    Kamran Titcombe March 17, 2016
    Remember playing this on my old Samsung, will it become available on ios?

    Developer Berobasket March 18, 2016 Game will not be available for iOS in the near future – we don’t have enough time, funds to port game to iOS

    Brad Tillett March 20, 2016
    Great game when will 2016 teams be updated? More track would be good too

    HJC 10 April 7, 2016
    Love everything about the game but…. When are you going to update the teams?

    Robbie Rigby April 16, 2017
    This game is really enjoyable. It’s easy to play with Bluetooth and has great controls.

    Darren Taylor March 22, 2016
    I can’t seem to play online.

    Jack Eldridge February 17, 2016
    When are they gonna update the game with the new teams and rider and why don’t you put the British national league

    Developer Berobasket August 15, 2015 New update with league mode will be available at Friday, 21 August

    Philip Rolls February 26, 2016
    Just great fun, quite hard to get the hang of but new tracks and teams etc keep you entertained!

    nick stars February 28, 2016
    Great little game, very addictive, be nice if the British national league was added & more tracks

    nige burton February 6, 2016
    This is a fantastic speedway game i like the tracks and has all the top tracks and riders.My only concern is the game sometimes sticks tjen goes too fast just a little glitch in an otherwise great game

    Filip Junyszek February 6, 2016
    Zaplacilem 5 euro aby odblokowac tryb ligi a teraz aby grac danym zespolem musze odblokowywac tory. Przesada !!!

    Developer Berobasket February 7, 2016 Nie wszystkie tory, a tylko tor drużyny którą chcesz jeździć. Spróbuj zagrać wyzwania, bardzo szybko uda Ci się uzbierać na nowy tor.

    Steve Dale January 7, 2016

    David Bristow December 24, 2015
    Spent hours on this game. Just wish you could create a name to the rider like Crump Adams Rickardson and race with the legends.

    Mirek Skomski December 21, 2015
    Game is very addicting.

    Ross Jarvis December 8, 2015
    Just loving this, easy to play but hard to master.

    Yaosi Sagose December 8, 2015
    Panowie, bardzo dobra gra. Gratuluję wytrwałości w tworzeniu projektu i dodawaniu nowych funkcji. Nie mam nic przeciwko reklamom, rozumiem że włożyliście w ten projekt dużo serca, ale ci którzy wykupili ligę mogli by mieć ich ciut mniej. Odnośnie trybu online sugerował bym by można było w niego grać np. dopiero po ukończeniu wyzwania “Udany powrót do domu”, ponieważ ilość frustratów opuszczających mecz po paru przegranych biegach jest za duża, przez co tryb traci na grywalności. Pozdrawiam!!

    Mariusz Skomski December 1, 2015
    Great game

    Stephen Valentine November 3, 2015
    Would be better if could sign riders from other leagues. Also have averages for team building rather than the rating system. Double points tactical rides.fantastic game though

    Ben Clayton May 30, 2017
    Very good game, the best out there for speedway, great league mode but it would be nice to see an improved transfer system as it seems you can only get riders in who are worse than your current riders which makes no sense when you’re trying to build a team

    A Google User October 7, 2015
    The best and love the fact that the updates improve the game every timethings I would suggest if at all possible Is that you have a certain amount of money for transfers and wages prize money for winning league etc ? but that’s just ideas not criticism!!:)

    Paul Neighbour October 19, 2015
    Need to update so you can play the world cup and bring in riders from other leagues in league mode. That would be awesome

    Marcin Lubiński September 26, 2015
    Dlaczego w trybie ligowym juniorzy mogą brać udzial w 7 biegach (z zastowowaniem rezerwy taktycznej) lub w 6 (bez rezerwy taktycznej)?

    Developer Berobasket September 26, 2015 Jest to błąd, który zostanie naprawiony w następnej aktualizacji

    Norbert Mastalerz March 29, 2016
    I love it but u have to update it to the latest version!!!

    Adam Lines September 17, 2015
    Great game. Highly addictive. Love the league mode. One thing I’d like to see added would be the newer heat format for British League 1. Would be good to be able to organise both teams line ups as the opposition tend to be in quality order rather than a realistic team line up. Keep up the good work and thank you for constant updates

    Andee Weir September 16, 2015
    Love it. Don’t be followed by its simplistic look as this is a gem of a game for any speedway lover. Takes a little practice before you can compete then great fun. Best of all the developers are very responsive & are constantly adding functionality such as the new domestic league system.

    joe mcdougall September 18, 2015
    Good game but keeps on crashing whenever I load it now.

    Developer Berobasket September 18, 2015 Please, give us some more information on [email protected]

    Dale Masser September 12, 2015
    It says to get 18 points using Darcy but I don’t know how to get the 6th ride for him as it only let’s me do 5 rides for him when his unbeaten so if anyone knows, let me know please ?

    Developer Berobasket September 13, 2015 You have to make tactical reserve. You can make tactical reserve in swedish league when your team loses 10 points at least

    Speedway Challenge Game User Rating: 4.5 ( 61 votes)