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Crusaders of Light

40 Person Raids For $400,000


The PvE side of the game is very fun. Its done well. Not much fan of the PvP side. The graphics may not be the best. But for a mobile MMORPG its really good I think. The game is very addictive if you can give much time and effort into it. But it still needs work. Few bugs I saw like after getting a quest…quest monster or npc not appearing and game crash. It still has pottential to do well. I am lvl 45 now and I am in a guild. I am so much hooked into this game and having a lot of fun. Also are you guys planning to add flying mounts near future??

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Crusaders of Light screenshot
Crusaders of Light screenshot
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    40 Person Raids at Your Fingertips

    The Desolation Wall has fallen after 700 years of peace, it’s now up to you and your allies to battle the demon hordes occupying your land!

    Adventure in this Vast 3D Fantasy Open World redefining the MMORPG experience on mobile. Start your journey by selecting either Ranger, Warrior or Mystic Classes, each with their own distinct strengths and characteristics.


    •Join up to 40 guild mates as you take on bosses and collect loot in Dungeon Raids
    •Prove yourself in Arena Battle with 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 modes and participate to unlock powerful gear sets
    •Show-off your superior skills and defend your glory as you take part in large scale battles


    •PC quality graphics to immerse you in this impressive MMO game on mobile
    •300+ hours of gameplay including hundreds of paths for your hero
    •Vibrant fantasy world with the ability to reach the coveted legendary status of level 45


    Thousands of available weapons, armor, clothes and more
    •Collect rare items providing specific advantages which players can combine to become powerful
    •50 unique mounts from a flying carpet to a fire breathing dragon


    •Chat with players around the world utilizing the integrated voice system
    •Take in-game selfies, share personalized heroes, and your favorite moments with friends on social media



    • This app is free-to-play and offers in-game purchases.

    What’s New

    – Reset all events
    – Adjusted dungeon starting time
    – Adjusted level requirements Heroic Fort Desolations to level 45
    – Minor localization adjustments
    – Incorporated the remain English Voice Over

    App NameCrusaders of Light
    DeveloperNetEase Games
    RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and up

    User reviews

    DD RION September 29, 2017
    The PvE side of the game is very fun. Its done well. Not much fan of the PvP side. The graphics may not be the best. But for a mobile MMORPG its really good I think. The game is very addictive if you can give much time and effort into it. But it still needs work. Few bugs I saw like after getting a quest…quest monster or npc not appearing and game crash. It still has pottential to do well. I am lvl 45 now and I am in a guild. I am so much hooked into this game and having a lot of fun. Also are you guys planning to add flying mounts near future??

    C H September 18, 2017
    Be very careful of buying in game items. I have been double charged on multiple times and have learned thst the assistance is unfair. It was a waste of time argument about delays in billing and very poor respect for paying customers who were incorrectly charged…..though I do understand how they managed to give out a 400,000$ prize now.

    Fidel Cashflow September 27, 2017
    Way too stuttery, it skips and lags. Everything is done for you by simply hitting the quest button. Which is sadly necessary because there is no clear indication where your next goal is. They try to get you into group content before you hit lvl 15.I don’t even know the moves fully and you want me to group up. NPC are voiced but too much dialogue. It drags on even if you move away from convo.

    Keslin Davids September 17, 2017
    Mind Blowing. Best RPG on mobile device by far. if this was on PC it would surpass World of Warcraft. Them again it’s a world of Warcraft on your pocket. No catches. No P2W. No lag. No strings attached. So fun to play with games yet it is far from perfect it is well on its way. amazing visuals too. I would also like to suggest a rogue class. would love to see a agile melee unit. why are you still reading? INSTALL IT!

    UnknownOctober 17, 2017
    Simply a great mmorpg. Its one of the best for its genre. I really love playing it however once we complete major Events like Raids and Timed quests and daily quests that’s it for the day unless you’re a PvP player. And after those quests we cant earn high exp…hope you bring some changes in the next updateP.S – Need Player to Player Trade System ( personal Opinion )

    Sean Lucey October 19, 2017
    I’m really really shocked why the developers would create such a great looking and polished mmo with excellent graphics, lovely UI with such!! potential only to have it entirely auto click and mind numbing for all quests and single combat.. what the hell made them think this would be a good idea.. Why would anyone want to afk the entire leveling process and tap one button all the way to max level.. such a shame, such a waste of all their effort and money.. game is a complete waste of them until they remove this..

    Robert Schuler September 15, 2017
    Its an ok mmorpg for a more casual crowd. To much mindless button mashing and very over simplified for me. I’m not saying its a bad game but it just doesn’t have enough depth for me.

    Brad W August 28, 2017
    Pros: This game has smooth, flowing combat. The graphics are very sharp and really quite beautiful, and it reminds me of a game called “Kingdoms of Amalur” for the Xbox 360. Equipment designs are awesome. Voice acting is incorporated. Cons: The game lacks character customization. Seems to have fews classes, and those you are offered are very weapon restricted. Still, because the pros are very exceptional, 5/5 ★

    Gaius OAC October 25, 2017
    Best game I’ve played in ages. Came from a 6 year player of Order and Chaos online from beginning as a beta tester. This have everything plus so much more, this is what I’ve been looking for in a mmorpg for moba. Thanks CoL.:)

    Sultan Mahmood Chaudh ry September 15, 2017
    I really love this game very nice gameplay and graphics but even when I hide other players and put the graphics on low it would still lag a lot. Plz fix this it gets really annoying.

    Dean Tomlinson September 23, 2017
    Really great game. best I’ve played for this genre on mobile. however after the last server maintenance or update I can’t get past the start screen. it just says “starting….” I’m in Australia and I’ve seen a few people with the same issue.

    Corey Da Costa October 4, 2017
    Pretty buggy.Raids will glitch on the first of the day and you will not receive rewards.Once the very few daily quests are completed for the day there is no other way of earning experience. Would be nice to be able to grind exp from monsters after dalies are completedThe most aggravating is not being able to earn rewards from raids when you should be.

    Baby Boy Ochoco August 27, 2017
    reminds me of WoW. cool graphics..
    game play and storyline. im craving for more dungeons and raids. … i wish there are other race to choose from aside from thw normal humans and elves

    Simon Renteria September 26, 2017
    The game is great on not being so pay to win mmorpg games as order and chaos 1-2. I think that the game has become a great help on bring more focused on helping others still being weak or strong in game.

    jeremy weber September 19, 2017
    Great game. Pretty much what you’d expect a phone version of wow to be like. Raid system needs work, chat system is crappy and the annoying goblin shop thing should be removable. Other than that fun, simple, lots to do, an overall great game for mobile.

    Travis Tague September 13, 2017
    They have many changing value packs to buy.. Some have useful stuff and some dont.I bought the 9.99 pack on my 2nd day because i thought it was a mount.. They word it like its a mount but it wasnt.And for 9.99 i literally got nothing.I dont even know what i got it was so little but its been confirmed by customer service i got my items but they don’t refund ever.Thieves … Beware of this game it will swindle money out of you.

    Josh Resler October 17, 2017
    It would be great if you can fix the game force closing or just kicking me out in a middle of running around. Then I will give a 5 ?

    kit nucz September 10, 2017
    There is a bug quest.. The one with the mushroom spores. Its a lvl 11 quest. Cant Kill mushrooms. They just spawn and get killed instantly…can you fix this?

    Kael Cabuyao October 12, 2017
    Its a good game first.. But some bug happened and a lot of players lost items.. Its been 10 days since i sent a complaint ticket.. Still no result.. Many players are quitting the game.. I still hope they can fix it before all of the players quit..

    gangsta shinchan September 4, 2017
    I really do like this game the just have to fix the bugs I’m stuck on the barbarian stage because the Savage barbarian won’t move or take damage I’ve ogged in and out deleted the app reinstalled the app it keeps doing the same thing

    Faiq Khan September 25, 2017
    After the update I can’t log in. It says can’t connect to server and now as soon as I load the game it forcestop and whenever I join a team for raid it forcestop. So many problems with this game..

    UnknownSeptember 24, 2017
    Not gonna lie I was annoyed from seeing advertisements about this game everywhere I went. But I finally decided to download it and I must say it’s actually really good. The graphics are very nice and I wish I had a better device to run it on high all the time. Gameplay has been a lot of fun and have made a few friends.

    Anthony Hall October 21, 2017
    Couldn’t even get through the first mission without it locking up and kicking me? I would be writing code till my fingers bleed!!!! If you are going to do something do it right or go home and cry to mommy!!!!!! So angry cause i actually liked this game!!!!!!!

    Anarhanđeo Zlatni šutevi September 28, 2017
    Very good! As an old school WoW player i’ve been looking forcsomething like this. Raid style and especially PVP, and PVP is the most important for me in mmorpg games, are as closest to wow as i ever tried on mobile games. Actually none of mmorpg gamesci tried out on mobile i didnt remain play more then 2 days and im here 10 days or more and still counting. ? Great job programers! Also i know you guys have to live off of this but i sincerely hope you wont get greedy and become overly pay to win like all the others because that just takes out the fun out of it. Dont become a clone like all mobile games.Also i hope this new palladin class will do allright and wont ruin the game, im always afraid of big updates amd changes like that. But i belive in you to stay as cool and original as you are now.One more thing: rogue class? ROGUES! ROGUE!! ?

    Chuck Dixon October 25, 2017
    I think this is the best MMORPG to download. it’s not insanely huge of a file but offers everything that I’ve been looking for in this type of game. it’s got storyline, plenty of stuff to do everyday, lots of ways to progress, raids are really fun to do and requires teamwork. Graphics are pretty decent. lots of PVP options which is a must for me. the only thing that I wish it had was character customization, also I wish there was an option to make the camera auto rotate so that the camera angle is behind me. And some of us are a little more mature than others and don’t mind stuff that people say in chat. there should be a chat filter option that you can turn off or on because there’s a lot of things that are censored that aren’t derogatory in any way and kind of makes communication difficult. All that being said overall it is an outstanding game in any MMO RPG lover should definitely give it a chance. you guys have done a really great job and I look forward to seeing future updates. Thankyou.

    Chad Rondeau September 25, 2017
    Could be a Good game, but complete waste of time. I have reached level 30 and twice it’s knocked me back down to level 19.

    Wilfredo Diaz September 1, 2017
    Yes, comparable to Wow, but they did a really good job. There are a lot of people who play this game so it is always very easy to find people to play with and or a raid whether it be 10 man or 25 man. I really enjoy it and would recommend to all. Great job! This game is excellent.

    Taylor McCutcheon October 8, 2017
    I tried to enter the first raid and the game closed. Now every time I try to play the game it closes as soon as I press the start game button. Can’t play anymore please fix.

    Chandra Hoffman August 29, 2017
    I like that I can link my Facebook account with it and play on the pc when I don’t want to play mobile. My one suggestion would be to implement something that you can completely reset skills and paths. I found it very easy to play

    NELVEE ALEGRIA September 14, 2017
    just need more new grpcs for warrior type. its not good for axe and shield. for pure dps warrior must have spear or greatsword. look more cooler

    Henry Smith September 1, 2017
    Had to rate you down. I just purchased a random mount package and the mount is the same as the last one I purchased. It’s pretty much a waste of my cash. Tell me you can fix this or is this the my last time I spend money on your product?

    Keniker Flores September 18, 2017
    Graphics is great, gammeplay is awesome,1 thing i dont like is there autos, better pinpint where to go rather than automatically go in there, auto destroys the injoyment exloration of the game

    Chris Hoff September 2, 2017
    Ok game at first but soon failed.. so many problems with this game too; involving: no character customization, raid restrictions/resets, horrible market economy, p2w, class imbalance, auto-battle/follow, no grinding (some like it, I don’t), too easy to level where as you are not special in the game, the list goes on… Oh and there is no official info on what’s going with the future of this game so yeah don’t waste your time

    Lee Lindsay October 4, 2017
    Don’t spend anything in this game, the latest bug that wiped out peoples stuff and then the RNG compensation given free to okay players so much stuff they become more powerful than people that spend hundreds or thousands of pounds. Steer clear of tbis

    Wolf of the Mythic Dawn September 12, 2017
    Great game all in all. However, I’m probably not the only one, but I’m having trouble with the game being stuck on the main loading screen at 99.0% and rarely the camera is stuck in place while I move my character about.

    Gobbster Stevens August 28, 2017
    I love this game, this takes me back to my WoW days,so much fun from the get go, great job devs definitely 5 out of 5 from me

    Brian Dickens October 4, 2017
    Fun game to play up to level 40…but you hit 40 in a day and after that it takes almost 2 weeks to get to 45. At 45 you can’t do anything but a few daily quests and 3 dungeons. The game would be great if it wasn’t the same thing over and over again

    Sonjaya Rizki September 2, 2017
    Btw why is it so difficult to get into this game? And remain on the loading screen for an unspecified time –a

    Daniel Poole August 25, 2017
    There needs to be more ability usage so add a button to switch which abilities you can use ie like having 2 ability bars

    Derek Conley October 9, 2017
    would be 5 stars but game crashes when entering a raid. haven’t been able to open since!