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Life of Spider

The spiders are coming!! ***** Life of Spider *****3D Simulator


Liked the game I liked the game but i beat it in one day total amount of time playing it maybe an hour lol it was kind of hard at first because of how easily you died and there wasent that much instructions on how to play the game but what kept me from giving it 5 stars was how many stupid ads there were and the game lacked detail and lacked expansion like online play and it was extremely easy to beat once you got the hang of it… Like i said before it prob took me like a total of an hour maybe a lil bit more of gameplay

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    ***** Life of Spider *****

    Beware Arachnophobes, the Spiders are coming!! Control your very own spider in this huge insect world. Establish your spider colony, feed the Queen, find Worker and attack arachnids, and go out in search of the insect bosses. The ultimate insect simulator you have been looking for. Fun gameplay, Smooth controls, and high quality 3D graphics.

    Enter the insect world as a spider and build your colony. Finding worker spiders will help to establish your colony. When you find 6, the Queen will arrive. When your colony is large enough, the queen will arrive. You will also find yourself in head to head battles against Ant colonies, Rhino Beetles, Ladybugs, Praying Mantis, Wasp, and Honey Bees, and Scorpion.

    Top Game Features:
    ✸✸ Fast paced and action packed animal simulator
    ✸✸ High quality graphics and realistic map
    ✸✸ Part survival and part animal simulator
    ✸✸ Huge 3D Insect World Map
    ✸✸ Open World Style RPG game
    ✸✸ Call your colony members when you are near your enemies
    ✸✸ Realistic wild insect sound effects and real weather effects

    Here’s how to play:

    Part 1 : Build your Spider Colony
    –Find 6 Worker
    –Find 6 Attack Spiders
    –Feed your Queen
    –Fight a few ants and bees

    Part 2 : Find and Defeat the Bosses
    –Bosses include Rhino Beetle, Giant Ants, Praying Mantis, Bees, Ladybug, Spider, and Scorpion.

    Part 3 : Defeat the enemy Spider Clans

    Part 4 : Locate and Defeat the Super Bosses

    Be sure to check us out on Facebook :

    Thanks for all the great feedback Wildfooters!!. We love hearing from you. We are super excited about our latest insect series of games – aptly called “Insecto”. This game is the first in a series of game with insects and bugs. Be sure to send us an email at [email protected] and let us know how we are doing. Thanks for playing, have fun!!

    What’s New

    Bug fixes

    App Name Life of Spider
    Developer Wild Foot Games
    Requirements Android 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Bradley McMillan September 15, 2016
    I liked the game but i beat it in one day total amount of time playing it maybe an hour lol it was kind of hard at first because of how easily you died and there wasent that much instructions on how to play the game but what kept me from giving it 5 stars was how many stupid ads there were and the game lacked detail and lacked expansion like online play and it was extremely easy to beat once you got the hang of it… Like i said before it prob took me like a total of an hour maybe a lil bit more of gameplay

    Brogrue Lebou September 1, 2016
    Spiders dont live in colonies, they dont carry stuff on their backs, queen spiders dont exist, you get hungry far too fast, they can go months without eating, and im pretty sure the type of spider you play as spins webs and is mostly off the ground and dont eat stuff laying around. Seems more like im playing an ant game not sipers. Needs alot of fixing.

    Eric Rogers September 15, 2017
    oops I was under the wrong account. Lol I do enjoy this game but I wish I could find where the food is or what the food looks like otherwise I would rate this game 5 stars ? some kind of hint in these ratings would help.

    David Pro February 13, 2017
    Terrible, this game has terrible graphics, it’s glitchy, and when you get to the Super Bosses (Ant and Scorpion) THERE’S NO ENTERANCE, you can only somehow glitch through. So I give this game 2 stars, if you somehow see this, then fix it, and you’ll get 5 stars.

    KNoX July 4, 2016
    I was walking around, looking for food I guess. That’s what it told me to do anyway. Then all of a sudden, i drop dead! Just, poop. Fell over dead. I wasn’t hungry I don’t think. Anyway, this game is stupid, you can’t even climb or make a Web or anything like a spider actually does. You walk around like an anti, which is basically what this game is, one of their other games re-skinned. Losers, make a new game when you make a new game. Lazy devs can’t do it right. You guys suck.

    Joshua Camara May 25, 2016
    I love animal Sims and there are a lot of interesting ones out there on mobiles (way more than on any other platform) but I could never find a decent spider one and I looooove spiders. So just thanks for making such an awesome game, I haven’t put it down yet. Tons of fun, and good amount of things to do to keep u busy while u build ur army of spiders!!!! ? <3

    Anjolie October 20, 2017
    This really needs a tutorial. I had no idea what most of the different controls meant. I didn’t even understand how to fight the ant! I understood the attack button, but it didn’t work. I tried repeatedly tapping it, holding it down, and just taking it once, and none of that did any damage! It is also not very realistic. Spiders don’t live in colonies, nor do they have a queen. Regardless, it was a pretty decent game overall, it just needs a few adjustments.

    Jaclyn Combe November 21, 2016
    I love this game but hate that it stops while you are playing to show an ad. Far enough having ad before you start or to earn extra adventure points but not while you are playing! Please fix this its ridiculous

    bracket Scrap June 6, 2016
    This game is great and a creative idea about spiders having queen. The attack spiders are over powered too. They can take out enemies quickly. So far i’ve been playing this non stop. Thanks for the sim!

    Russell Lewis August 31, 2016
    Had fun playing, but the ads are so annoying every 20 seconds or so and when you lvl up! I got as far as the scorpions and there is no entrance. I have to uninstall really needs work!

    aimee But May 7, 2017
    Really bummed. Was having fun then it told me to find and kill the ants.. Well the dots are there on the map but no ants anywhere even though my attack spiders are attacking and it tells me the boss is after me there is nothing

    Scott Forney jr September 6, 2016
    How the hell you to play a game when every 30 to 40 sec you have yet another dam ad.Dont waste your time downloading unless you love ad watching

    David Brink July 6, 2017
    This is the most realistic game of 2017. With thrilling combat, character development of a million dollar film, and high quality graphics that will bring a tear to your eye, I can say that this is the greatest game I have ever played. It changed my life.

    Simon Williams August 28, 2016
    Graphics are viscerally rendered to further enhance the already graphically vicious brutality of raw mother nature! Do you have what it takes to fix this bug’s situation!? You don’t have enough fixes for THESE BUGS!!! WATCH OUT! They creep up on ya…

    simon adam October 1, 2016
    I really like the idea of a spider.? to wild foot.idea of enemies epic.idea of batling enemies best yet.yet again ?.idea of clan me beside mincraft and pokémon go this is the best game, many ideas I can think of that are really cool as well.

    Kimberly Burns July 6, 2016
    It would be better if the ads stopped popping up as I keep getting killed also scorpions one it says the boss is after me I found one and can’t see anymore where the dots are red I went said boss is after me yet I waited nothing somethings up with it please fix or I am deleting

    Luna Rose September 13, 2016
    Best free game EVER!!!!!! :3 HOWEVER: I would love it more if you can climb up walls and maybe even grow your queen for morale. Also if you can eat fallen enemies, that would add realism to the game. Thank you!

    Lhing-Lhing Israel-Veniegas August 28, 2016
    But my son dont know how to use the attack spiders they followed but they dont attack and the super boss the rhino beetle and the bee i cant kill then because they are flying when they land im dead hope you fix this and make the attack spiders attack and i will rate this 5 stars

    Victoria BRISTER June 18, 2016
    This game is freaking awesome I love spiders and I love animals this is all great the only thing is that they should like give us a warning when the ads are about to pop up because I keep dying every time it comes on

    Marissa Beargeon April 27, 2016
    There is an excessive amount of ads. The controls are awkward. I like the idea, though!

    Haley Freeman June 3, 2016
    I could not find any food so when my spider was really hungry I couldn’t do anything

    Souheil Tawil July 23, 2016
    Walking around to get some food for my queen then i die suddenly, my food bar drops very fast, and like every 30 seconds i get an ad, so much annoying ads in this game, this deserves 0 stars

    Bryan Elkins October 22, 2017
    Camera needs to be fixed. It keeps idling up or down to a point where you cant see. The controls are ok. The whole point of having attack spiders is lost due to the fact that they dont actually do anything. Nor due the defender spiders. The fights are kinda flimsy because as long a you mash the button you can defeat anything but are yet still so fragile that just a couple of hits could start you from the hive. The endless onslaught of ads makes this game furthermore unbearable and therefore I am giving this game 2 stars.

    Amanda Lucchesi May 16, 2016
    Please make a online insect game, that you choose your insect, it’s color, join a clan, battle with other clans, and bosses. And who create a clan, can be the king/queen…

    Ryan Moose March 24, 2017
    It’s a good way to pass time. Graphics could be better. Couldn’t even get past the first quest to find three Defender Spiders. Maybe add more features, such as having the spiders be able to climb the leaves or mountains. Otherwise, it’s OK.

    nathan lawrence September 18, 2016
    The ads are so badly timed that I got into a fight then an ad came up and I died let’s not mention the terrible fight engine because as long as you press the attack button a hundred you’ll always win as long as ads don’t show up and kill you

    UnknownSeptember 16, 2016

    Fnaf n bo2 Gamer July 28, 2016
    Its fun but when u r playing a add pops up and u press back all of a sudden u die also the first day I had it already a lv 92 and beat the name in 1 day

    Caroline Knight August 16, 2016
    I Love this game! It is so cool! This is great for people who like animal sim games. Like me! Very nice graphics I also add!

    M. E. July 26, 2016
    Why do u need a leader when they dont do nothing but just eat and thats it. There’s a glitch when it comes to fighting the ants.

    Jonathan Rosas July 27, 2016
    It’s a very fun game but there’s to many ads every time I fight the mantis right before I kill it a ad shows up and then I die

    John bmx September 11, 2016
    This sucks, every time there is an invasion your enemy’s pop up behind you so you die instantly. Don’t down load

    a gaming therapod May 21, 2016
    The only bad thing is the way its more like a ant sim but spider version

    Tom Paris August 7, 2016

    Licy Nordstrom August 27, 2016
    I wish u would an update were u can climb,spin webs, and be able to catch bugs in the web. And also have the workers help get food and stuff.Thank u!

    Amy Gormley October 23, 2016
    I love getting killed it is funny so i made it to a queen then suddenly a ant came in killing my queen so i restarted

    N June 27, 2016
    I’d give the game itself a 5-stars but there are way too many ads that they ruin it! FIX IT!!

    Giovanni Lazzaretti April 26, 2016
    When I was playing the ant game when it told me to go and destroy the Scorpions the Scorpions were invisible and when I want went on the b there was no boss.

    Pat Carpenter August 24, 2016
    Seriously, I believe the 5 stars and positive comments are fake. This game SUCKS. Don’t download. Waste of time.

    Brianna Propes June 10, 2016
    You are a spider living in the middle of nowhere. That’s crazy. I’d rather not fight other spiders because I don’t have enough health.


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