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Monster Sweetie

Cute 3D turn-based RPG


Please improve it

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ATTENTION:this game needs device with at least 1G memory.Please check before you download it.

Various game scenes
-Ranging from sky to earth to sea.
-Day and night change, weather system. random places. Making a living world.

Rich collection elements
–More than 300 kind of monsters waiting to be collected. Each with unique skills and specialtys. Including 6 types.
–Dozens of Rune suits to be colllected.

Progeress elements
–Swallow, Evolve, Enhance, Inherit monsters. you can even mate monsters to get unique descendants.
–Rune upgrade.. Select runes you want to equipped.

Multiplay game mode
–PVE including conquer the dragon land,sky relic, explore the trial cave.
–PVP including interaction,steal,rob,Arena PVP,random deserted mine battle.

Strategic gameplay
–Manual combat or auto battle with focues fire
–Each monster has unique skills and specialty

What’s New

fix some bugs

App NameMonster Sweetie
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

User reviews

Tokala manohar reddy October 17, 2017
Please improve it

UnknownOctober 8, 2017

Chance McGregor October 22, 2017

mark Jory Alotinto October 18, 2017
Can you fix the game because the game isnt working even I have a load please fix the game its not working

Ahmed Ali September 18, 2017

rici dimaangay September 12, 2017
i love it

Dara Leon June 20, 2017
It would be cool if you could also catch some monsters.

Jorge Rivera May 27, 2017
This Really is amazing no one was lying Im surprized

Ryze Dna July 23, 2017
They should add more monsters

A Yo August 30, 2017
I love th I game just only band thing hard to evolve

Peter Perez May 27, 2017
Can the monsters evolved

UnknownAugust 23, 2017
Terrible 0/5

Damian Jordan June 28, 2017
It is copy righted from pokemon

Jahmoi Ellis June 26, 2017
I was good

Reeta Sharma October 15, 2017
Thisgame is good

Amy Marie July 2, 2017
I love it

gold master or gaming master June 1, 2017

Kahleem Thompson May 29, 2017

Jalyn Brown June 24, 2017

elisa pimentel July 16, 2017

Rap Ramos July 22, 2017

poochieplayz AJ August 18, 2017

UnknownApril 7, 2017
Make more games like this please because i love the game so much.

stuart eadie April 10, 2017
I am a fan of this game . Play it it’s fun and funny. I love this game so much because it’s cute.

Laura Rivera Rivera May 12, 2017
Best GAME MODTER GAME EVER its soo Cuuuuteee and fun everyone DOWNLOAD IT NOOOOWWWW

DarkPikachu // FireLizard April 28, 2017
This Awesome Like Pokemon ?

MailBox April 18, 2017
It’s sick Aye

Soham Naphade April 15, 2017
It is the best game in world

Lilly Beard May 27, 2017
This is almost like pokemon lol

Camron Marshall May 19, 2017
I like the game it’s really fun

artemio chaves May 17, 2017
I love this gam

Shawn Allen May 19, 2017
Love this game!!!

Melissa Hoffman March 29, 2017
I love this game make a second one plz

john meldrin valiente March 23, 2017
I love it hahaha, so cute

Prabal Saikia April 2, 2017

Shubham Hawaldar April 4, 2017
Please add more monster

Ashalata N March 25, 2017
Joke Bad

Noka April 3, 2017

UnknownFebruary 22, 2017
It’sa really cute game I love how you can battleand interact with your monsters just like pokemon

Garth Winslow March 16, 2017
I love this game so much cute