FighterWing 2 Flight Simulator

The hardcore WW2 flight simulator, bringing out the fighter pilot in you


The best simulator I have found. If you think it is too hard to control then try harder ? It has g forces so if you bank too quickly you “gray out” and possibly damage your aircraft. It does take some time to learn, but if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun and challenging! All around it is the closest thing to WW2 air combat you can get. This is the only game I have ever spent money on, and it was totally worth it! Thanks Mats for a wonderful game!

User Rating: ( 82,321 ratings )

Screenshot FighterWing 2 Flight Simulator

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FighterWing 2 Flight Simulator- screenshot thumbnail
FighterWing 2 Flight Simulator- screenshot thumbnail
FighterWing 2 Flight Simulator- screenshot thumbnail

    See Description

    Introducing: Fighter Wing 2 the WW2 multiplayer combat flight simulator! Battle for air supremacy with legendary war planes in this addictive flight game with a unique real life physics engine giving you the most realistic flight experiences on mobiles today. Choose your war plane, upgrade your weapons and battle with thousands of players from around the world!

    PLEASE NOTE! Fighter Wing 2 is a realistic combat flight simulator which means that it will take a little practice before learning how to master the skies, you will enjoy seeing how your flying skills and flight maneuvers evolves from being a rookie to ultimately becoming a living WW2 fighter pilot legend.

    Fighter Wing 2 takes mobile Flight simulators into a whole new level of fun, it can’t get more hard core than this:
    • Multiplayer action, fight against other real players from all over the world
    • Fly realistic models of classical WW2 war planes such as the: Harvard, Texan, Hurricane I, Hurricane IIB, Hurricane IIC, Bf109 E, Bf109 F, Bf109 G, Bf 110 E, Spit 1, Spitfire I, Spitfire V, Spitfire IX, Seafire, Fw190 A1, Fw190 A4, Fw190 A8, A6M2 Zero, A6M3 Zero, A6M5 Zero, P51 B, P51 D, P-38 F, P-38 J, P-39 D, Macchi C.200 Saetta, Macchi C.202 Folgore, Macchi C205 Veltro, Bristol Beaufighter Mk. 1, Bristol Beaufighter Mk. 2 (torpedo), Me 163 Komet.

    What’s New

    +++++++++++ FW2 2017 09 22 (v. 2.75 (82) ) ++++++++++
    – New aircrafts, Me 163 Komet. Need rank 10 or above.
    – Changed opponent aircraft selection in single furball. It now uses the common inventory scene.
    – Fixed bug where last aircraft (wellington), caused app crash.
    – Continued work on jet engines and the 262.
    – Increased aileron effectiveness in the F4F’s.
    – Fixed bug where hud bar was drawn, apparently it fails if the kills map lists are accessed simuntainlesly.

    App Name FighterWing 2 Flight Simulator
    Developer Mats Leine
    Requirements Android 2.3.3 and up
    Package com.gml.fw.fw2

    User reviews

    ryan ritola September 24, 2017
    The best simulator I have found. If you think it is too hard to control then try harder ? It has g forces so if you bank too quickly you “gray out” and possibly damage your aircraft. It does take some time to learn, but if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun and challenging! All around it is the closest thing to WW2 air combat you can get. This is the only game I have ever spent money on, and it was totally worth it! Thanks Mats for a wonderful game!

    Janja’s Clan Member #1 October 20, 2017
    When you get next to a plane in this game it looks bigger than your own aircraft get close to one and see for yourself. That’s very off putting for me in a game like this please fix ASAP

    Stephen Perity September 22, 2017
    Wowza . You won’t find better flying on a smartphone (be even greater to have the RAF mosquito available ; ) Don’t like being shoot down by krautz in ME109’s with unrealistic bullet firingstorm, even when 109 already destroyed by Hurricane canons!!!

    Marauder-X Gaming September 27, 2017
    The controls are hard. Make it smoother.Also when will you add P47B and D Thunderbolt? B model in mid war, D in late war.

    Shannon Newell September 25, 2017
    Multiplayer sucks. If the game freezes and you have to bail you will be banned from the servers. There are better developed multiplayers out there.

    Fire Blast October 15, 2017
    Hey Mats Leine!!! ilove this game so may give an suggestion/s – can you add “Stuka,B-17,and add customizable missions or sandbox” so any that’s it tnx spit on those haters and one last thing can you make a game a Naval Game ok tnx

    UnknownOctober 18, 2017
    hey,I am unable to play online, it says that I need to set a password up and then it wipes out all my progress. Please look into this issue

    Duyane Turner October 15, 2017
    Too many Damn ads. Played for 30 minutes and I am uninstalling it because of the constant ads every time I switch screens. Goodbye, Felicia!!

    Rowan Rivera October 9, 2017
    I liked it for the most part just wish they could add more planes like the p-47 and the me262

    will Crossley September 27, 2017
    Its ok. The controls arnt that good but there is certainly alot worse oit there.

    adz October 6, 2017
    It’s a good game, aircraft physics are brilliant, but as with any online game with a radio,you’ll get a couple of silly ones,it can get a bit abusive over the radio, but if you’re fairly thick-skinned you’ll be right,one player in particular, amodhi, he’ll try to order you to do something, which you might not agree with,and if you disagree,he’ll get quite nasty and snarky with you over the radio,and try to turn the the others against you, but it comes down to his insecurity, he then looks for constant reassurance from other players which is just his weakness, you gotta be able to think like that and and understand people s personalities.hey,online gaming attracts all types, you gotta bethick-skinned in this game,I don’t recommend it to players 15-16 years and under because of these sort of players, I’min my 50s and I can handle it, but a young person,I couldn’t be so sure, but definitely a brilliant game,get past the personalities and just enjoy.

    Paolo Pizza October 1, 2017
    Controls suck and it’s lagy but the graphics and gameplay are great overall it an amazing plane simulator

    Amodh Moosa October 26, 2017
    Still the best flight simulator.

    Alec Robinson October 11, 2017
    Missing out on some planes, but cool concept.

    UnknownSeptember 25, 2017
    Its a good gamebut it has ok graphics but overall it isa good game.

    UnknownOctober 1, 2017
    Good game but it needs more aircraft

    Craig Tomlinson October 14, 2017
    Great graphics, realistic combat, lots of planes…and totally awesome and epic!!!!!!!

    Aku Small October 9, 2017

    T Willison June 12, 2017
    One of the best ww2 flight sims available! Been playing for more than a year now, and have seen several improvments. It’s a bit rough when you start out online, but if you stick with it you will get the hang of it. There’s many good players that will help if you figure it out. The FW2 forum is a great way to get to know the other players and in my opinion is as good as the game it’s self. Check out the online team room, it’s a blast. 1Badtrip of the mighty G-Force squadron.

    Merle Carmichael September 14, 2017
    Veg about perimeters of battle area screen goes blank when l fly outside unknown perimeters. Can’t get my game name and password right even after several tries. Bummer game is fun when working right. Get your online login system right and your battlefield perimeters easier understand and it might be worth playing. Good luck.

    Steve R June 19, 2017
    It’s a well crafted game. Good graphics. The control selection interface could’ve been made easier to operate, bit of a faff. If you decide to DL take your time to learn the controls, don’t rush it. One snag! SO, SO, SO many advertising pop ups! They’ll DEFINITELY get on your nerves. ? Enjoy.

    Mausom Kalita August 5, 2017
    The graphics is not awesome but it is very good sim, just takes a little practice to master its control. Due to G load effect everyone thinks that it is not user friendly, but no. It is how things wprk in real life. The physics is great. Bullet drop, g load, deflection everything is great.

    Damien Moffatt August 30, 2017
    When I first downloaded game I enjoyed it a lot. However there seems to be a considerable imbalance between allied and axis aircraft. A spit with guns only can do more damage than a 109 with bombs guns and cannons. P51 has ridiculous rate of climb. And all alpha aircraft in general with exception of the Japanese seem superior in speed turn climb firepower and maneuverability. They just don’t seem to mach up historically with the aircraft’s specifications. OK for an arcade game but for a flight sim? Hopefully balance will be improved

    Gabriel Aponte July 19, 2017
    This will be the “Most Realistic Combat Fligth Simulator” you will find. The aircraft’s fligth performance are the closest thing you will find in any place, the closest to the real deal*. All modeled to look and perform like real planes. Its easy to learn how to stabilize the plane after a few seconds but hard to truly master the combat art of being an ace like most Airforce pilots aspired to be. Are you ready for this?*the best combat fligth simulator*

    Jonathan Niece July 14, 2017
    All the pop up ads make this fun game very unattractive. Also, the use of the AA is completely unrealistic. They will hit your plane 70% or better no, not happening. Other than that it is a great game to play and a way to kill time. Take out the unnecessary ads and this will easily be a 5* game.

    Genevieve Farrington June 10, 2017
    We are unable to recover our account – and the money spent on in-app purchases – because we don’t have the game’s user name and password. The developer won’t help us.

    Emery J. Cardenas III July 10, 2017
    Would be good if not for the total lack of any sorta reasonable control meathod. Three axis guys: pitch, yaw and roll. Not whatever clunky mess is going on not.

    Reid Menzies August 16, 2017
    I love his game, but I have 4 requests.1.more planes! I really want you guys to add more Japanese, Soviet, german, and American aircraft. Like….P-47 .FW-190D, Yak series, LA series, Ki-61, Ki-84, P-40, I-16, I-153, F6F, F4U, N1K Shiden Kai, Me-262, maybe bombers.2.better terrain. The terrain graphics are OK. 3.better controls. 4.Less bullet drop. It really aakward. if you fix these you will be amazing!!!Anyways,Great game.

    Slava Stojic May 28, 2017
    This is one awesome game I have ever played, but what’s missing is some bomber plans like B-17 and HE-111. Plus if you can put on the next update create your own mission, so we can put in some plans like Hurricane and Spitfire Vs BF 110 and BF 109. Most of it is good we just need some more new plans and mission plans. Keep up the good work.

    George Vanguard Acc June 30, 2017
    Great idea, but the controls are slow / non responsive. I had a plane stuck on a turn and lost my kill because of it.

    Karoly Petra August 17, 2017
    Good graphics. Just if you buy beaufighter mk 2 from mid war, you will see, that beaufighter mk 1 from early war is full upgraded exactly so strong like beaufighter mk 2 full upgraded. So i think you should not buy beaufighter mk 2 for real money or founds. I think beaufighter mk 1 ist the best fighter.

    UnknownAugust 30, 2017
    Game use to be good. It’s becoming less and less of a simulator though with each new update. I will rate it much higher once all the inaccuracies are corrected

    Castleclashers23 July 13, 2017
    Issues Well while the concept is there, the gameplay is not. Hard to control even with tilt. Also I have never seen that much bullet drop. Graphics are bad. All in all needs improvement.

    richard grimwood June 8, 2017
    There appears to be an issue with the controls as the aircraft banks left and right but no up or down movement is possible with the tilt controls.very frustrating as love this game when it works.

    the cupquake June 10, 2017
    Your Online Multiplayer dosen’t open what kind a company are you whene i made a password online i will back on the beginng dont download this game horrable

    Prince Green Advanced Self Defence June 22, 2017
    I have uninstalled this game,totally ridiculous have such a cool game unplayable because of ads, get your head checked out and sort this developer

    Carl Joseph July 19, 2017
    I’ve been playing this game since the last 3 years… But life’s a little busy.. But this is still the best ww2 game I’ve played on my android phone.. A little suggestion.. Pls add some maps.. And more planes like the corsair and the yak.. TY!

    UnknownAugust 2, 2017
    Everything restarted as I was playing online then went out. I never thought I would ever criticise this game but fix it .

    Naz News August 11, 2017
    Looks really good apart from the controls are herrendous, very tricky to play on a phone with these controls even using tilt.

    Rich K June 14, 2017
    Optional forum really should to be mandatory or new players stand little chance of success or full enjoyment.


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