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Take control of a franchises destiny as you lead them to a world championship!


I hate how if you don’t meet your goal you get fired right away. This the only thing I dislike about the game otherwise I like it. And please make a game exactly like this for other sports leagues. Etc NFL NBA NHL. Also either update roster/ratings or let us do it automatically

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    In Baseball GM, you become the general manager of a franchise in a city of your choosing. As the general manager, you control the fate of your franchise. Make fair trades, sign valuable free agents, and draft high ceiling draft picks as you look to etch your name in league history. You will compete with 29 other CPU teams as you attempt to build a dynasty in this simulation game. Be careful though; injuries and other catastrophic incidents can derail even the best of plans, and get you fired.

    What’s New

    UPDATE (1.0.0): (Note – Incompatible with previous save files. Do not upgrade if you wish to continue your previous games)
    -Improved User Interface
    -Portrait and Logo Support
    -Season Goals
    -Improved trading
    -Behind the scenes improvements

    App Name Baseball GM
    Developer Play Action Games
    Requirements Android 2.3.3 and up
    Package app.playaction.baseballgm

    User reviews

    Justin Preston October 18, 2015
    I hate how if you don’t meet your goal you get fired right away. This the only thing I dislike about the game otherwise I like it. And please make a game exactly like this for other sports leagues. Etc NFL NBA NHL. Also either update roster/ratings or let us do it automatically

    Matt Bayer August 15, 2016
    I would really like a roster update the rosters are really outdated and your main focus right now needs to be improving the trade system. No way would it ever be possible to get Zach greinke, yasiel puig, and carlos Gonzalez all for Jordan Danks, but it was accepted-good trade… :/

    Key Master February 24, 2016
    Very realistic, exactly what I was looking for. Love that you can get fired after one bad year. Hate how when the CPU runs out of players I have to give them mine for bad deals needs to be fixed for 5 stars.

    Ted Packard March 10, 2016
    Season goals ruined the game. I was told to win 76 games in the season i won 75 and was fired. Either remove them all together, have a option to remove them or make the goals less exact

    Joker Rezz November 5, 2016
    Missing minors. Yes injuries are a big part of MLB but teams have a full minor league system to replace their injured, all we get is FA’S which some positions don’t have enough of. Adding at least AAA & AA, with a few reserves in A ball would make the game more fun and realistic. Perhaps a training mode also to improve your players. Now their improvement is random. BP, bullpen sessions are a few examples.

    Chris Scallan March 12, 2016
    Every year around game 75, there are 4-6 different teams that fall below the RP min and I have to trade all of mine to them for junk players with bad contracts, because there are none in the FA Pool.PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!It really takes away from the fun of building a team when you have to trade your young-high potential guys for old-BAD contract guys.In the season I am in now, I have even had to trade RPs from other teams to then trade them to the teams under the limit.Let other teams make trades!!!!

    Harsh Nathany April 1, 2016
    Improve draft system and free agancy pool, introduction of scouting, decision making dilemma and minor leagues, ease of doing trade from and to AI and also among AI and severe upgradation of the tutorial and the player potential every year is required.

    King Norseman April 20, 2016
    Won back to back championships then didn’t meet my expectation of 87 wins so I got told I don’t know how to gm and got fired after winning 2 out of 4 championships totally wrecked this game for me would be a 4 out of 5 without expectations

    Joe E October 18, 2015
    Quicker updates would be awesome and length of gm employment would be nice not losing season and fired after 1 yr also update the player ratings some are way to low for alot of great players

    Deo M. Ebona September 23, 2015
    The season goal destroy this game. It did not enhance the user experience.

    Justin Miller July 14, 2017
    Please get rid of money related season goals!!! I went to the world series my first year but was fired because i somehow lost money. That should not be part of the game!!!

    Some One September 12, 2015
    I loved this game but I’m not a fan of the Season missions

    Marisa Terry July 24, 2016
    I have won championships nut get fired for not having money wtf

    Korey Johnson October 24, 2015
    Its a good game but It needs to improve: lineup customization , you should also not make the owners fire you after one mistake . And also , enable us to watch the team play

    Meatball 24 July 22, 2016
    I love this game but one thing I do want to know is how do you release players

    ryan pieratt December 8, 2016
    It keeps saying error line up

    Tealcster September 2, 2016
    I do not like it when you don’t reach your goal then you get fire. Fix It Please

    John Wilson May 28, 2017
    Need options to move positions in of only in off-season. Also that might help with lack of relief pitchers.

    Jack Kelly May 8, 2016
    Great game but it would be great for a roster update!

    Owen Pultorak December 23, 2015
    hate season goals

    James Gemma Jr. June 9, 2015
    This game is missing so much of the basics. Minor league system is a must with injuries happening so often.GUI is not intuitive at all.It took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to change the batting order.

    Talha Rashidi July 23, 2015
    There is a lot missing but PLEASE fix trading i tried trading my franchise player who’s 85 overall for a fricken 36 overall pitcher with 36 potential and they were asking for more like???? I don’t quite understand this logic. Otherwise, I love the custom line ups and the draft is sick. Meh on the fact that we can’t move picks. You can’t deliberately tank either cuz you can’t move your good players… trading isn’t a viable option in this game.

    M P August 14, 2015
    I love this game, please keep updating it!! It is so much better than some of the other baseball manager sim games out there.

    James Wiltfong April 13, 2015
    What’s with all the constant injuries? Really hampers things. Maybe slow those down a bit.

    Developer Play Action Games April 14, 2015 This simulation models the injury frequency of players in professional baseball. As you can see in, only 2 players played in all 162 games in the 2014 season. I admit that injuries can get annoying, but that’s one of your problems as a Baseball GM. Try getting guys with high durability (DUR). They get injured less frequently.

    Justin Seger May 6, 2015
    I keep getting stuck and having to start from scratch. Injuries are far too excessive and trades are ridiculously hard to make…this makes it impossible to continue when an AI team does not have enough players on their roster. 4 times now this happened: no free agents left at position and they won’t accept a trade when you try to give them a player at the position they need. So it’s game over for us when this happens thru no fault of our own. Also a fast sim speed option would be nice.

    Jarryd Veres May 25, 2015
    Game is great if your looking for a baseball gm game a few things that would make it 5 stars would include. 1) More Realistic developmentfor younger players, and include a “minor league”. 2) Free Agent draft compensation of some kind to give small market clubs a better chance at succeeding. 3) Fantasy Draft, every good management sim includes this in my opinion. Thank you

    David Sanders April 29, 2015
    Really enjoy the game, would love to see draft added.Really well done.

    Nick D May 17, 2015
    Can’t even play

    Alberto Jong January 5, 2015
    Intentionally lost 4 seasons in a row to get a legendary lineup so that I could win World Series. Got fired. 11/10 would simulate again.

    greg f January 18, 2015
    Needs some more work but still fun

    Jeff S. September 25, 2016
    Has potential but not very good as is

    Avinash Konduru June 5, 2016
    Wish there more rosters available.

    Imelda Mijares August 26, 2015
    Thank you for updating.

    Texas Ranger03 February 2, 2016
    Won’t download

    Vamsi Ponakala May 15, 2016
    Best simulatin on the market

    UnknownJuly 24, 2017


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