Basketball Online

Compete in realtime against other players in a finger basketball game.


Great concept I agree with some others that the game play could be better but for what it offers, online basketball duels, I can overlook some of its faults. I just wish there were more people online!

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Basketball Online is a simple arcade game where you use your finger to shoot a basketball into a hoop trying to achieve the greatest accuracy. A number of these apps exist on the Android Market, so why should you download this one? Basketball Online is multiplayer! You to compete in realtime against every other player currently online. In each ninety second round, every player will take the same exact shots in order to compete fairly.

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What’s New

Version 1.12
* Miscellaneous bugfixes
* Removed GET_TASKS permission

App NameBasketball Online
RequirementsAndroid 1.6 and up

User reviews

John Sutton July 4, 2013
I agree with some others that the game play could be better but for what it offers, online basketball duels, I can overlook some of its faults. I just wish there were more people online!

A Google User July 31, 2012
poor handling. totally poor handling. i dont like so uninstalling. the game has poor visual as well as poor handling. i should have given zero star. stop making f**k app just for making advertisement and earning. i should have deleted this app from google play store if possible

Bob Dole September 19, 2013
The server is down. This was my favorite game too. Lame.

A Google User November 27, 2012
Cant see the aiming line. B/c its under my finger

Sandra Cool June 18, 2014
Neverlost my name is aircraft but its no competiton all of you SUCK IM THE BEST AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST

Marjan Vrencovski January 2, 2014
I runed the app with my wifi connected and it says ‘failed to connect’, the aim sucks and the ball is way to fast.

A Google User May 23, 2014
This game sucks, when I play most people don’t even try to play, they always has zero. Pffsst Delete!

cody jensen May 27, 2016
Why won’t it let me play online that’s the only reason I downloaded it

A Google User August 6, 2012
You cant even see where the line is, because the dumbass that wrote this puts it right under your finger. Maybe theres a better way but i dont know because there is no help file.

DoP3Flipp3r Snipes January 1, 2015
It made know sense you can’t even make one shot

Gaming Worm November 19, 2013
First of all you are acting like its hella easy to create a gameI wanna see all the people that are complaning make a better game.

Emmanuel Flores April 19, 2013
This is so boring and the ball is so fast I cant even shoot the ball bacause its too fast so I rate 1 star its so bad >_< and I also uninstall it bad game
Jesus Jimenez December 31, 2014
Everytime I wanna play online it says failed to connect to server and I have great wifi! Someone please help

Drake Shriver February 21, 2013
Every shot is a lazer its easier to shoot a basketball in real life than in the video game thats just sad

Roborav D June 25, 2014
The top online scores are cheaters no way you can get those scores. Also needs sound of ball.

juwairiyah israr March 26, 2013
I really don’t like this game, there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be improved

Haseeb Raza December 14, 2013
Every time you wanna play online it says serverHas crashed

Angelo Abellana May 4, 2015
What the hell why I cant play online? Please follow up!

UnknownNovember 14, 2013
Will not let me connect to server please fix this. Issue

A Google User October 1, 2012
I can’t even get enough power to shoot the ball sometimes. Uninstall.

A Google User February 24, 2013
Its not even a bad game. Why are you all complaing about?

Rubi Fuentes October 19, 2014
Its horrible because no aim and its boring

Adham Marzouk February 27, 2014
But i would give it 5 stars if you make the graphicsmore better

A Google User October 15, 2012
Really stupid game. Its like shooting a gunnot a ball

Joey Morales July 24, 2014
Very very dissapointed! Game freezes as it starts.

A Google User November 24, 2012
YouTube’s most subscribed plays this game?

jaycob campbell March 5, 2015
Da fuq thx for the waste of time

Bjay Hamilton March 9, 2014
My phone won’t let me get it because I don’t have enough I deleted some apps and it still won’t let get it

Chetell Baynes March 8, 2014
I don’t know why people say it is bad it is okay

?? ?? June 21, 2016
Whenever I try to get on it,wont go online whenever I pressed it?

Nick T October 15, 2013
Uhh I’m just gonna have been the most popular articles and a few weeks and

jose Rosales December 23, 2012
I don’t even know what to say, boring.

A Google User June 13, 2012
To good to be true

Ryan Arnold August 4, 2014
This game is a bit crap

A Google User October 23, 2012
It’s really fun dueling with another dude from nowhere.give it 5 if u can make the graphic looks cooler

Leo Nonis August 1, 2013
This game sucks youcan’t controll the basketball propely

Kalil Ozier November 28, 2013
It alright if it had better graphics

Np Vein March 7, 2015
Won’t let me play online all the time please fix

Angel Gonzales February 21, 2014
Its awesome

cameron swift July 18, 2015
Couldn’t connect to the server, tried like a million times