Cricket Worldcup Pro New

Cricket Worldcup Pro New! In Fever!


Worst game nothing like the graphics shown

User Rating: ( 11,011 ratings )

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Cricket Worldcup Pro New! In Fever!

App NameCricket Worldcup Pro New
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

User reviews

Jaskaran Ghuman October 5, 2017
Worst game nothing like the graphics shown

UnknownOctober 21, 2017
Very bad game

Pawan Kumar September 30, 2017
Amazing game.

manu deep October 13, 2017
Worst game

UnknownSeptember 30, 2017
Jhater game

No cHIck nO ChiCKeN October 12, 2017
It sucks

Aman Rajbhar October 24, 2017
Ekdam ghtiya game

UnknownOctober 2, 2017
i just liked it

Samiksha Goel October 19, 2017
Good game I think aussie ki taise

UnknownOctober 15, 2017

Vishva Cool October 3, 2017
Nice game

KRISH PATIL October 4, 2017

UnknownOctober 21, 2017
nice game

sebi johney September 15, 2017
Suck …badly. Graphics. More. Options needed controll not did match full Craps

UnknownSeptember 10, 2017
Kya bewakufh bana rahe ho yaar ketna bekar game hai agar aap download karne ka soch rahe hai to galti kr rahe hai

Umesh Yadav September 9, 2017
Very dirty and Bad game in world and very bad graphic

UnknownSeptember 8, 2017
It is easy to play game it is best game I love cricket game

vishal kumar September 23, 2017
Very Gadha Wala game

Jaydev Dodiya September 24, 2017
Very bad graphics

Ankit Siwach September 7, 2017
Improve the quality of game

Archana Kumari September 12, 2017
Omg ghatiya game

Hajari Saini September 6, 2017
Osm game

Jijo abraham September 8, 2017
Very bad

Pras Anna September 4, 2017

UnknownSeptember 17, 2017
Pagle game

UnknownSeptember 6, 2017

UnknownSeptember 5, 2017

Dipesh Ramchandani September 14, 2017

lvads lvads September 25, 2017

PANKAJ KUMAR September 10, 2017
Cool game

Mayuresh Utpat May 22, 2017
If you don’t want to create a proper cricket game, then at least don’t make it look like a ln exciting game of cricket from what you show on screenshots. Be honest. The sceeenshots are all fake.

Bhavesh Devraj June 14, 2017
NICE IDEANice idea of more downloads showing stunning graphics pic of game…. And give nothing playable to customers isn’t good !!!!!!! This the worst game i ever played in my life ..Guys if ur thinking to download this game I suggest u not to download this app is waste of(mb) internet and ur important time also…

Tùng Nguyễn September 27, 2016
use it easy Cricket Worldcup

jarluk gamer September 16, 2016
Add comes after every game and there is just a man on the pitch no feilder and a man saying your out worst game ever waste of time pls do not download and what pictures comes on the screen is fake

UnknownApril 7, 2017
worst game ever… If any option to give lesser zero stars than i will give

Sarvottam pai September 15, 2016
Don’t download frds….????…if you diwnload then you definetly give 1 star ………

mohammed younus ali September 9, 2016
Graphics are low,batsman looks like he got some disability?Those images shown in the app are fake.

David Worn September 19, 2016
Haven’t played it yet can anybody tell me what it’s like please know that I have played it the ads are just annoying who agrees with me

UnknownJune 17, 2017
Abe kya gadhe samazre hamko Plz do not install it . Jo photographs inhone dikhae he vo fake hai

UnknownJune 11, 2017
Its the worst cricket game I have played ever in my life. Indeed the worst overall . I just hated it . It looks like a very old game .