Curling Micro

The fun curling game for 1 and 2 players!


Bad Bad Bad Control Flicking or swiping, or whatever you want to do, it’s not responsive enough to be playable.One out of ten times, it would go as fast as I intended.It could have been good, but it’s unplayable as is.Uninstalled after about an hour.Annoying.

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The funny curling game for one or two players is here! Play against pre-set levels , or with your friend in this leisurely non-serious game of curling.

What’s New

* Tested on more Android devices, among them ICS.
* Some small bugfixes.

App Name Curling Micro
Developer Tribeflame
Requirements Android 2.1 and up
Package com.tribeflame.ucurling

User reviews

A Google User September 11, 2012
Flicking or swiping, or whatever you want to do, it’s not responsive enough to be playable.One out of ten times, it would go as fast as I intended.It could have been good, but it’s unplayable as is.Uninstalled after about an hour.Annoying.

Matthew Fellbaum March 5, 2014
On my iPod its brilliant, missing some rules but very intuitive. However on my android tablet it just crashes on opening. Such a shame for a great game to be ruined by this. Please fix!

Jai Mann February 27, 2014
This is the worst app I have ever downloaded. You can’t even play it all you see is a black screen and then it says the app crashed! Terrible!

Ollie Hogan February 23, 2014
This game is pathetic and stupid. You can’t get the stone into the target, I uninstalled it after 2 mins. Everyone don’t get it, it won’t work. If there was a 0 I’d definitely do 0.

Adam Michael Best October 25, 2015
Fix this app plz its my favourite game but I can’t play it on my phone. I played it on my ipod until it broke. Plz fix the game

Marc Laplante December 17, 2013
3 stars equates to “average” apparently. Given there are no great curling games, I guess that’s appropriate. Meh!

Carolina Borges May 5, 2014
Terrible. It never worked on my s3! I’d give 0 stars.

Tom Morgan March 3, 2014
Waste of time

keavy smith February 16, 2014
It wont even open it just says “unfortunately curlingmicro has stopped” its a complete waste of time dont download it

David Martin March 9, 2014
But pop ups are so poorly placed it ruins the game

Jack Slater February 28, 2014
The app won’t even open as soon as I click on it, it comes with ‘unfortunately this app has stopped working’ I’ve played this on my friends phone and loved it so I would give 5 stars if it was working on mine.

noodle. doodles May 7, 2015
When you press on it it says ‘unfortunately curling micro has stoped ‘ then you have to p4ss ok then you can’t play on it

Jordan Peters February 16, 2015
This game is garbage. I am a curler and was hoping to play this game but it just crashes as soon as you try to open up the game

Chris Gould February 23, 2014
But it works brilliant on my samsung tablet, would give it 5* if you can fix it to work on my phone

Chris Collins February 12, 2014
Haven’t been able to open it at all since downloading. Don’t waste your time.

tiegan page March 26, 2014
I don’t know why its just so cool I don’t really get the game but it passes time when waiting but bugs need to be fixed 5 star from me ?

Tom Coombs July 8, 2014
Does not even open on my Samsung Galaxy S4, have played it before and is a brilliant game however it just wont open!!!!!!

A Google User August 5, 2012
Annoying ads pop up often in theside curling circle making it difficult tosee where toaim.

Godfrey Lemi March 29, 2014
Doesn’t work at all ?

Kai Fletcher April 6, 2014
Crap game it doesn’t eben let you on the app so don’t download this app it sucks.

Alfie Jelley February 22, 2014
On my tablet it is saying unfortunately curling micro has stopped DO NOT GET THE GAME BAD

Steven Leong December 29, 2012
The game is fun but there are ads that block the curling rock so you can’t even know where to sweep.

Andrew Smyth August 17, 2016
Won’t open on Samsung Tab 4 or Oneplus Two

D Wilkinson March 2, 2014
Will not run after install and reboot. Nexus 7.

A Google User September 7, 2012
Awesome 2-player game especially on a tablet like the Nexus 7.

David Taylor February 21, 2014
Crashes as soon as it opens. Very bad.

Michael Madley February 14, 2014
It wouldn’t even come on very poor

A Google User July 18, 2012
Not good if like real curling

Michael Thorne February 28, 2014
Won’t boot up ,allways crashes on nexus 5 of all phones

Matt McDonald February 26, 2014
Won’t work on my s3, come onreally?

Matt Standing March 28, 2014
doesnt work at all on my xperia sp

Matthew Aloisi April 5, 2015
Does not work on nexus 4. Keeps crashing.

Alex Ngunjoh March 5, 2014
Just crashes when I load the app it!

Josh Bunch May 27, 2014
Eternal crash every time I try to open…

Vitaliy Matiyash January 16, 2014
Can’t even run it. Nexus 4.

Jennifer Whitney February 23, 2014
Will not even open.

Morten Slott Hansen September 14, 2013
Simple and fun! Not working on my nexus 4 only my TF101. Please fix and get 5 stars.

John B. D’Ambrosio February 24, 2017
Game does not work.

Duncan Moris February 19, 2014
It just doesn’t work

Farxiyo Fokis November 15, 2015
I can’t open it


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