Bright star of Rebellion [new sense strategy rpg- Hoshiribe] 2.1.15



確率アップ? ☆5はもちろん☆4もでません。ほんとに確率アップ?

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Screenshot 輝星のリベリオン【新感覚ストラテジーRPG‐ホシリベ】

輝星のリベリオン【新感覚ストラテジーRPG‐ホシリベ】 screenshot
輝星のリベリオン【新感覚ストラテジーRPG‐ホシリベ】 screenshot
輝星のリベリオン【新感覚ストラテジーRPG‐ホシリベ】 screenshot
輝星のリベリオン【新感覚ストラテジーRPG‐ホシリベ】 screenshot

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    Fj K December 19, 2015

    koi suru November 20, 2015
    english please

    Zee Chen July 3, 2015
    ムービーロード完了に始めます。 スキップも無駄です。 お願いします。

    Mukteshwar Payra June 20, 2015
    I installedbut when i started to playit stuck and show something writingin Japanese

    What’s New


    Bright star of Rebellion [new sense strategy rpg- Hoshiribe] 2.1.18

    Bright star of Rebellion [new sense strategy rpg- Hoshiribe] 2.1.18

    [Basic free-to-play-Risemara unnecessary! ] You can start the game by selecting your favorite character if
    now! !
    ■ □ ■ time speedrun MAX! ■ □ ■
    action multi-tower defense RPG
    bright star of the Rebellion (Rebellion of Hoshi) Announcing a new!
    ◆ features of the bright stars of the Rebellion (Hoshiribe) ◆
    ● a new sense!
    action multi Tower Defense ● Summoned by
    swipe put out an indication of a move!
    enemy types and behaviors
    fight if move to predict is advantageous! If
    trigger the skills, Komu beating a strong blow to the
    enemy with de flashy presentation!
    timing depending on the use, one-shot reversal also a possible!
    ◆ Quality of Chodokyu! ◆
    beautiful and cute hero 200 bodies or more!
    heroes more than 200 body is waiting to meet with you.
    of the high quality of 3D Minikyara also around came in from the
    stage crowdedly!
    ◆ real-time guild battle!
    in cooperation with fellow guild, Ubaitore the enemy base!
    whether the turning point of the game to conquer any base earlier.
    and take advantage of the chat, trying to
    cooperation with colleagues in real time.
    up to 20-to challenge the large-scale battle of 20, Ore grabs
    victory in his hand!
    ◆ character voice of gorgeous actors is further heat up the fight!
    Asami Imai, Eri Kitamura, Yuka Otsubo, in charge of actors is the voice of more than 80 people
    which was started Nao Tamura.
    Battle further rise!
    ◆ story ◆
    in various parts of the planet Marakia the day an earthquake occurs, … all of the
    world began to change.
    suddenly, Remuresu to feral.
    fleeing people.
    and, of different ability wake up to own power.
    led to the song sung by the girl, now, open the curtain of the story over the planet –
    ———- ————————-
    About a problem in a particular terminal]
    failure occurs in the current below the terminal it’s sure to be.
    ■ aquos phone
    · sh-01e
    · shl21
    · sh-10d
    · sbm200sh
    failure content: screen for black made
    trouble cause we complete the current investigation.
    to the corresponding terminal your users like to apologize for any inconvenience you so thank you can wait for a while now until the
    corresponding to complete.
    Further, from the development tools (unity), if the
    screen goes black, from the main settings of your device, select the
    developers options we,
    and we will in the
    on the check box of ‘disable hw overlay’ in it, it has been announced that there is a case to be resolved.
    Sorry to hang trouble, but I hope you can try
    here once.
    —– ——————————
    -recommended osandroid4.1 more It will be.
    – About operation in other than the recommended os version will be supported outside. The
    -customer usage, even in the recommended os version there are times when action is unstable.
    , for the recommended os version, even if that has been described as ‘more than androidxxx’, there is no one that is necessarily correspond to the latest version.

    Category: Strategy Game
    Rating users:8,731
    Content rating:Teen
    Requirements:Android 4.1 and up