Dragon Supremacy – Dragon Warriors 3d hand travel the country fighting action 1.12.0

Crowded, Dragon in the wild, a grand epic Three Kingdoms, is about to start slowly ……


不知道为什么玩到一半就无法登入,一直就是在”获取资源记录” 无法继续。太差了

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Leong Gk October 13, 2017
不知道为什么玩到一半就无法登入,一直就是在”获取资源记录” 无法继续。太差了

Developer Yu Long October 18, 2017 您好,遇到這樣的情況,您可以聯繫小編協助您處理,快速及時回覆請聯繫FB御龍霸業

Cola Wong September 27, 2017

Developer Yu Long September 27, 2017 您好,您出現bug方便提供下您的賬號讓小編幫您查詢下嗎?您可以臉書找“御龍霸業”聯繫小編的,小編會第一時間幫你處理的

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Dragon Supremacy – Dragon Warriors 3d hand travel the country fighting action 1.12.0

Dragon Supremacy - Dragon Warriors 3d hand travel the country fighting action 1.12.0

‘Dragon Supremacy’ is a traditional cultural background of the three generals collection action hand travel the country fighting, point to move large explosion sharp screen, 3d three grand panorama of the world, to provide you with a perfect 360-degree viewing experience. Horse racing game, GongFu, into a variety of innovative gameplay even camps. More abundant pvp, pve play to meet the various needs of players, to stimulate the Army athletic duel, take you to experience the daily three hegemony. Come with us to conquer the world game features
] – ‘orientation’ in the combat system –
and traditional card difference was that the generals upon release of the skills, you can choose directional skills. moba formula combat experience, can be divided into a circular area, sector, four operation mode monomer.
– Artifact System –
cool generals have their own unique magic to help you dominate the world.
– Features casual games are played –
horse racing bonus advanced materials, and will be rewarded accordingly mounts.
GongFu interpretation of the oldest romantic love story, Outrageous.
– pve, pvp play –
1, the new Army inter-service war, highlighting the Legion of Honor
2, the ancient monster challenge, access to a wealth of activities 3
reward, cage trials, random access to the treasures of the enduring artifact
4, into the camp even play, match wits and strategizing
5, play touch of gold, looking for unknown
‘dragon Supremacy’ fans:
https: //
※ this game is free to use, and the other provides a virtual game currency, items such as the purchase paid services in the game. Please note that the game time, avoid indulging.

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Requirements:Android 4.0.3 and up