Go Fish Go v.3 4.0

Help the clownfish survive the hazards of the ocean. Level C is very difficult.

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Go Fish Go v.3 4.0

Go Fish Go v.3 4.0

Go Fish Go is an addictive game about a cute little clownfish swimming in the ocean and collecting points by touching starfish. The clownfish merely needs to touch the starfish to accumulate points, but the clownfish must avoid the piranhas, the jellyfish, and the crabs. There are three levels of play in the game: slow, medium, and fast. It is best to start with the slow (normal) level and advance to the higher levels thru playing the game. The game is simple to play, lots of fun, and challenging. Play the game and see if you have the skill to complete all three levels.

As the clownfish swims, he must touch a starfish to score points. The gold colored starfish are worth 100 points. The green colored starfish are worth 500 points. A collision with any of the hazards, such as piranhas, jellyfish, or crabs, will cause the player to lose all points and start that level of play all over again. To win a given level, the player must score 3,000 points.

Category: Strategy Game
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Content rating:Everyone
Requirements:Android 3.1 and up