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***Guide for Angry Birds 2 All in One ***


بازیش چه جوریه بازیش و بلد نیستم

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m ha June 21, 2016
بازیش چه جوریه بازیش و بلد نیستم

September 10, 2016
بازيش چجوريه؟!اين كه اصلا كار نميكنه!!!!

Babak Ranjbaran November 19, 2015
من عاشق این بازی هستم

erdenechimeg781022 chimgee chimgee781022 February 9, 2016
yaj togloh ym be bolohgvi bn

November 7, 2016
میشه بگین چطور بازی میکنن

October 24, 2016
بله خیلی بازی خوبیه

HASAN NAZARI November 12, 2016
چرا بازیش نمیاااد باباااا?

October 26, 2017
mehar veer singhsardar

Kamal Ghazelbash March 19, 2016

August 20, 2016

November 20, 2016

haamed salasi August 23, 2016
Love it

Yolanda Mendoza December 29, 2015

Mahdi Yar# April 13, 2016
Very very very perfect Ilove you angry birds.

hasan alinezhad January 26, 2016
خوبه حیف ک خیلی بده

یعقوب موثق September 7, 2016

ถา สา February 19, 2016
Very nice

Srosh Amini August 16, 2016
ممنون بازی خیلی خوبیه

Crecia Cooper February 6, 2017
I just love them angry bird.

Benedict James May 26, 2016
Let’s hope is best

November 11, 2016
جالبه هر روز بازی میکنم

Meysam Hasani September 23, 2016
This app is good app

October 23, 2016
اصلا کار نمی کنه

Mohamad0611 Mosavi August 13, 2016
عالیه خیلی خوبه

hamid citydi January 19, 2016
مرسی عالی

amir reza hedayatnejad October 14, 2016
بازی بدی نیست ?

Amir Hoseiniyan March 2, 2016
خوبه مرسی

Bahar Banoo October 7, 2016
عالیههههه خیلیییی باحالههه

kasbon masuni November 19, 2015
kasbon masuni

مهدی شیخ بگلو May 26, 2016
خیلی خیلی زیباست

November 25, 2016
аngri Bird’s

Saeed Samiei April 23, 2016
Veri good

pars aras October 26, 2016
حامد ععععععععععاااااااااالللللللللیییییییی

August 21, 2016
سهیل سلطانی

December 19, 2016

عرفان عباسیان September 17, 2016
فکر کنم باحال خوب GOOD

October 7, 2016
عاليه بازيش

finnsam J November 8, 2016
Super app

Iman Akbari October 12, 2016
خیلی چرته

September 3, 2016

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adding new contents:
Shangham 30levels!
Greasy Swamp 30levels!

Guide for Angry Birds 2 1.1

Guide for Angry Birds 2 1.1

***Guide for Angry Birds 2 All in One ***
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It’s an offline app!You can watch the GIF walkthrough at anytime anywhere!!!

1 Guide to all levels of Angry Birds 2!
Feathery Hills 15levels
New Pork City 20levels
Eggchanted Woods 25levels
Chirp Vally 30levels
Shangham 30levels (comming very soon…)
Greasy Swamp 30levels (comming very soon…)
Greenerville 30levels (comming very soon…)
Steakholm 30levels (comming very soon…)
Mist Mire 30levels (comming very soon…)

The most challenging levels covered!

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