Swishy Fish 1.4

Its so swishy youre going to die!

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February 25, 2014

What’s New

1.1 Fixed a bug on the level selection.
1.3 Improved the background, faded music in and out for the fish level and fixed a restart issue with the hook round when only the hook round is selected.
1.4 Fixed overlap of round four and round one when all four rounds are played.

Swishy Fish 1.4

Swishy Fish 1.4

Forget flapping birds, it’s Swishy Fish!
It’s so swishy you’re gonna die.

Tap to swim. Stop tapping to rest but don’t hit the ocean bottom.

An endless swimmer with four different groups of obstacles to avoid.

Round 1:

Gone Fishing…
Avoid the fish hooks and the jelly fish.

Round 2:

Obligatory Pipes…
Swim between the pipes.

Round 3:

Grab some swag…
Swim below the anchors and collect pearls for extra points.

Round 4:

Schools out for summer…
A more casual swim before it all starts again. Avoid the oncoming school of fish.

Customize your gameplay!
Use the buttons at the bottom of the main menu to turn off levels you don’t want to play or practice a single level if you like.

The high score is recorded only if all levels are turned on.

Category: Strategy Game
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Requirements: Android 2.3 and up