Animals Quiz – Learn All Mammals and Birds!

Can you name 189 animals? You will be able to after completing this fun game!


I like this game very much

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Screenshot Animals Quiz – Learn All Mammals and Birds!

Animals Quiz - Learn All Mammals and Birds! screenshot
Animals Quiz - Learn All Mammals and Birds! screenshot
Animals Quiz - Learn All Mammals and Birds! screenshot
Animals Quiz - Learn All Mammals and Birds! screenshot

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    In this application, you will find 100 pictures of famous mammals and 89 photos of birds from all over the world. Both wild animals and domestic animals. The whole zoo! Can you guess them all?
    All animals are divided into two corresponding levels:
    1. Mammals: African rhinoceros and hippopotamus, Australian echidna and platypus. Is it a jaguar or a leopard? Try to guess today!
    2. Birds: small American robin and giant ostrich from Africa, flamingo and emu from Australia, even penguins from Antarctica!

    Five game modes provide entertaining experience for everybody:
    * Spelling quizzes (easy and hard).
    * Multiple-choice questions (with 4 or 6 answer options).
    * Time game (give as many answers as you can in 1 minute).
    A learning tool:
    * Flashcards (browse through all animals without guessing).

    The app is translated into 18 languages, including English, German, Spanish and many others. If you wish, you can test your knowledge of animals names in any of them.

    Become an expert in zoology! Make your first step into ornithology!

    What’s New

    – Birds!
    – Czech translation. Now the app is translated into 18 languages, including English, Spanish, and many other.

    App Name Animals Quiz – Learn All Mammals and Birds!
    Developer Andrey Solovyev
    Requirements Android 4.0.3 and up
    Package com.asmolgam.animals

    User reviews

    SANGITA SINGH October 20, 2017
    I like this game very much

    Khoda Kara October 17, 2017
    good for pass the time and learn names of different birds and mammals

    Maria Kallfelz September 18, 2017
    I did learn a few more animals that I was not that familiar with.I liked that it was mammals. If you decide to create a reptiles quiz please keep it separate. It’sfun to try and beat yourself and it’s not always easy!

    Paul Winstone June 2, 2017
    A quiz mostly for kids, but well enough programmed. About half​ dozen were more challenging for an animal lover like myself but still easy. Probably more mammal than animal quiz as I don’t think a single amphibian or reptile appears in it.

    UnknownFebruary 27, 2017
    I loved it and it’s kinda hard once you start getting used to it and it’s cool so see how you like it and if you like the game keep it!!??????

    UnknownApril 1, 2017
    I love it because it so fun and we learn a couple of think at the same time ??

    Winnie F July 12, 2017
    I love this game. I just realized I know allot of animal names and I learned so much more new animals. Pretty fun!

    Maria Raso June 28, 2017
    Great game!! I think it should say answers at the end though,

    Genevon Hinseth September 6, 2017

    UnknownApril 26, 2017
    Adverts are so annoying,

    UnknownJune 2, 2017
    Way to easy for me. Good for those who are unfamiliar with animals.

    UnknownAugust 20, 2017
    I like this game because it is very useful for me

    UnknownAugust 22, 2017
    I Love animals . thank you for this game .

    UnknownMay 2, 2017
    Its sohelpfulfor studying mammals name

    Nitesh Jain March 13, 2017
    I like this game

    Shafqat Ishan March 30, 2017
    Add more animals

    govind harish June 22, 2017
    This is good app

    UnknownMay 2, 2017
    Super ? to ??!

    ASHUTOSH FULAR September 29, 2017
    Its good for learning…..

    UnknownFebruary 24, 2017
    Its easy and hard

    Michael McNeill June 9, 2017
    Alot of fun

    UnknownSeptember 27, 2017
    It is cool

    Ntiyiso Ossy April 26, 2017

    Yesenia Hernandez August 8, 2017

    YlLONG Ma January 22, 2017
    OK. I know 75% of my animals after I played it. Could use some changes.

    UnknownDecember 27, 2016
    It was fun at first but after a while you get bored with the same animals over and over again?

    BIG Bossky December 18, 2016
    Andrey Solovyev, I love multiple games of yours! Fun, beautiful, educational, and I love I can play offline. Great work!

    Alrich Guiron January 3, 2017
    Its good quite fun

    Jan Brewer December 21, 2016
    Grandchildren will love it.

    John Edwards December 16, 2016
    Way too easy

    Dianne Falzon January 9, 2017
    Great colourful pictures

    Vishakha Bhagwat January 28, 2017

    UnknownOctober 13, 2017
    I’m telling Hindi quiz karne mien kitna mazaa Aata hai

    Axl Reybert Sangalang April 2, 2017

    Gamer Lily’s channel December 17, 2016
    You are the best

    Teawa Tatireta January 10, 2017
    This game is so cool and awesome

    UnknownSeptember 15, 2017
    I like so much

    Ashutosh Sharma May 31, 2017
    It has too easy questions …but i need hard ones.

    UnknownMarch 25, 2017
    Love this game its awesome…

    ATIQUL Islam February 24, 2017
    great job andrey solovyew