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It would be better if you fixed the glitch that causes the game to stop when the user reaches 20/20.I have to start the level all over again.

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Flags Quiz screenshot
Flags Quiz screenshot
Flags Quiz screenshot
Flags Quiz screenshot

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    Geography Master – Flags

    How good are you in Geography? Do you know all the countries that exists in the planet. What about their flags? Find out by playing this fun and educational game.
    Gradually improve your knowledge of the planet, and prove to your friends that you’re the flags expert!

    * FEATURES *

    * Choose the correct answer from A, B, C or D!
    * 2 game modes: Time mode, Practice mode
    * Time Mode: 12 Levels, 20 Questions/level, 70 sec
    * Practice Mode: 20 Questions different each time until you learn them all!
    * List of Countries : A list of all countries and their capitals. Link to Wikipedia article for every country.
    * Log in with Google+ to share your score and view the World list of top players!
    * Support for 12 languages : English, Spanish, Greek, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Turkish
    * Developed along with highly experienced educators

    Visit our website for more details:
    Our sotware educates.

    What’s New

    + Bug fixes

    App Name Flags Quiz
    Requirements Android 4.0.3 and up
    Package com.educ8s.geoquizflags

    User reviews

    Shannan Thompson March 26, 2017
    It would be better if you fixed the glitch that causes the game to stop when the user reaches 20/20.I have to start the level all over again.

    novy lofranco April 14, 2017
    I like it because you will know the flags around the world

    Tasha Coleman September 14, 2017
    It sometimes just stop playing

    Jharna Lakandri August 9, 2017
    Awesome game Love to play for knowledge?

    Brian Bucknall April 29, 2017
    I love it

    Deepak Mudhiraj September 30, 2017
    Great knowledge game

    Faiza Tayeeba October 24, 2017
    AWESOME app!!!!!

    Margarita Ferrer December 20, 2016
    U can really use your mind and learn different flags around the country i enjoy this game

    Katie Castro October 17, 2016
    I love this game . Learned so much

    Atul Vashisth September 29, 2016
    It’s an excellent.-ATUL VASHISTH

    Anup Arafat Reza December 21, 2016
    very nice app.all the best

    Osvaldo Villafane June 26, 2016

    Rune The Ruthless December 23, 2015
    Some maps had two of the same country names for example the Barbados flag had two answers shown as Barbados but only one was correct. Fix this and I’ll happily give it a 5 star rating because it’s really fun and I now know most if not all the flags and what country they’refrom!

    kity sos November 20, 2015
    Ελεοοςς το καλυτερο παιχνιδι…ομως πως μπορω να αλλαξω τιν γλωσσα στα ελληνικα??

    Yolanda Oliveras March 2, 2016
    Puerto Rico isnt

    Bernie Tyne May 23, 2016

    Candida Flores August 7, 2015
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    Jacob garland June 26, 2015
    I love it because not only you can learn about the flag of the country but it also playes the national anthem of the country and the countrys history

    Jaslin Blaine June 19, 2015
    Its not the best but ill keep it

    Alexis McKenzie July 10, 2015
    Excellent app. Never new there were so many flags.

    LYNA KAY USA1 July 7, 2015

    Pookiechips AL May 8, 2015
    Enjoy it is great game

    F4 Tom Smith April 24, 2015

    Rehab Yosma July 3, 2015

    Richard Eland March 23, 2015
    Great game but won’t update scores on google play over 4500. 5 stars if fixed.

    Developer April 9, 2015 You are right. We are going to fix it!

    PRIYA SHANMUGAM October 15, 2014
    Beautiful app…I just enjoyed playing’s fun for me actually.Loved it!!!!!

    Michelle Galiza February 28, 2015
    I enjoyed this app since i download it!

    Babydoll Wait March 9, 2015
    Fantastic app especially children… would recommend

    Sophia Mckenzie November 2, 2014
    Its ok

    Bub ba December 3, 2014
    This app is awesome and i liked it

    C. Kei February 14, 2015
    Nice quiz

    Michelle Sandusky July 30, 2014
    Im 48 yrs old and I now know ALL the country flags. Its so very easy to use. Im just a little bit smarter. Thanks educ8.

    Evelina Rosas June 24, 2014
    Keeps on saying it stopped

    Tamara Vasilievna September 1, 2014
    Not bad!

    marygrace nicolas April 3, 2014
    Very awesome

    Ali Rachmatullah July 24, 2014

    Erin Peshkin March 9, 2014

    Nguyen Lukas January 30, 2014

    Michael Forer January 27, 2014

    maritza martin February 11, 2014