Kingroot 5.3 APK Best Root Tool

KingRoot is a best rooting tool for anyone wants to get root access. Whether you don’t have enough experience for more advanced methods (or there are no other methods available), or you prefer a one-click solution, KingRoot is here for you. While rooting with Kingroot, the most suitable root strategy will be deployed from cloud. This method ensures your device will be rooted, if a strategy is available. Most of our supported devices boast a success rate higher than 60%!.

You can install a custom ROM or Kernel after you root you device, which essentially means you get a new device software-wise. In fact, this is often the biggest reason for people to root their devices. Custom ROMs offer several performance fixes and tweaks to your system, and are typically more user-friendly than stock ones. They are optimized for battery and performance and update more frequently than stock ROMS do.

A kernel is part of the Android operating system that helps apps and others control hardware aspects of the device. There are several goodies that accompany a custom kernel for a rooted Android device. For one, you can add features previously not available and improve the battery life and performance of your device. A ROM is essentially a modified Android version that can be installed, once again with extra features and several other benefits.

Custom ROMs can be installed even without rooting, but it is much better to use one on a rooted device than an un-rooted one. They can significantly change the look and feel of your device. What’s great about them is that they also come as stock Android, which gives you the basic Android install typical in most devices. This can come surprisingly in handy when you want to un-root your device.


  • Rooting carries a risk and may void your device’s warranty.
  • If you uninstall KingRoot, you will lose root access. Reinstalling and re-rooting should be a simple process, however.
  • While you certainly can replace KingRoot with SuperSU, we can’t guarantee success.

How to root Android Device using Kingroot apk for Android

  1. Run Kingroot App on your Android Device, Kingroot UI will prompt saying that “Root access is unavailable.”
  2. TAP on the “START ROOT” button, then you will see the rooting progress.
  3. When the rooting process completed the green tick will appear on your screen with the message “Root successful”.
  4. Restart your Android Device, and now you have the full control of your phone and can change any settings of your phone.
File Name Kingroot V5.3.5
File Type apk
Size13 MB