Gcam Go 2.5 Greatness APK Latest Version

Most Android users who love photography will recognize Google Camera as one of the best camera apps for smartphones. Now, the Google Pixel-specific camera app has an updated and lightweight version called Gcam Go that Android users can download for free. How does it work?

Just so you know, the latest Google Camera app can only be used for the Google Pixel series. Previously, users of non-Pixel phones had to root and activate the Camera2 API, HAL3, and several other things in order to run the camera application.

But now, Android smartphone users can download the latest Google Camera Mod application which is available for free on several trusted forums. Not to mention, there is now a new and lightweight version called GCAM Go 2.5 which brings support for several other devices.

Now we will share tips on how to easily download the new Gcam Go 2.5 app. This app has several features, including Portrait Mode, HD+ and Night Mode. Let’s see the tips!

What is Google Camera Go?

As reported by APKshort from Cararoot, Camera Go is a lightweight version that the search engine giant launched in March last year. There are many features and capabilities that Google has embedded in this application.

One of the best camera apps is specially designed for Android Go smartphone users which has a clean and simple UI, and is easier for users to use.

Various features are presented by this Gcam mod apk, such as the ability to analyze storage space and ensure memory can store the latest photos and videos. Then, there are the Portrait Mode and Night Mode features that characterize the standard Google Camera.

Download Gcam Go 2.5 Greatness

The Gcam Go app supports almost all 32bit or 64bit Android devices with any processor such as Unisoc, Exynos, MediaTek or Qualcomm,. Even if your smartphone does not support Camera2API, you can still install this camera app. So for low-end smartphone users, there is no need to be sad anymore, because GCAM already supports it. Thank you to Greatness for making this app.

Here, how to use the Gcam Go 2.5 apk application that you can download for free on the internet.

App Name Gcam Go Greatness
Version v2.5
Developer Greatness
File Type APK
Size 83 MB
Support All Smartphone android
Download GCAM GO 2.5 Special Editon APK

How to Install GCAM Go on Android

How to Install GCAM Go on Android
To be able to install this app, phones are required to run on Android 8 and above.

  1. Open File Manager and go to Internal Storage.
  2. Then select the Download folder.
  3. Then click the CameraGo_2.5_Greatness_Special-2.apk file.
  4. Make sure you allow the File Manager app to get approval to install apps from outside sources.
  5. Tap Settings then enable Allow from this source.
  6. After that, press the Install button and wait for a while.

Run this Google Camera Go app. Visible at the top, there is an estimate of how many photos the user can save or take. When shifting to video mode, there is a prediction of the duration of the video that can be taken. It also has Translate and Portrait modes that you can utilize.