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Best Racing Game For Android 2017

Racing Game Are Among The Most Popular On Any Platform

2016 has so far seen the release and reveal of several highly anticipated car racing games from big gaming franchises.There’s no time for a pit stop though as 2017 looks set to go even further, and not only deliver on some potential classics, but also bring back some beloved franchises along the way. These are the ones that should be on your radar this year.

GT Racing 2

This game is AMAZING the best driving game on mobile Hands down. The graphics are great the cars are real brands and have very prestigious to surreal identical looks that makes u feel so into the game and like a real driving experience. The background music is amazing i love M83 i am sooo happily satisfied with this game. If they were to make a number 2 of this series please keep it real. And please add different driving music and keep some old ones. The music is what caught my Major eye in this.

Nitro Nation Drag Racing

Game is very awesome, love the whole idea of customization and parts upgrades however, the only down side (vorrect me if I’m wrong) is the multiplayer matchmaking which is poor. D class vs D class, C class vs C class. Have a B class A45 AMG and raced against a S Class R8 vehicle… The odds of winning are near 0 and don’t even need to be predicted. Please fix this because it’s really frustrating playing 8 out of 10 games agains higher ranked cars. Other than matchmaking…

Real Racing 3

I love this game. It is very fun and pretty addicting. Although i thing that you should be able to upgrade you cars componests and you should be able to do modifications and features. Another racing game,, has a lot of modifications available . If any developers are reading this i think you should play and see how it works. This game has the best controls out of any racing game i have played altought ive heard that asphalt 8 is good. But anyways i think this game would be better if you add modifications to your car. If anyone is reading this wuo knows a dev please send them this or if you are a dev please take what i said into consideration. Sorry about any grammer or spelling issues i might have. Yea so if you are looking for a fun game to play in your spare time, you should get this game!