Симулятор України 2 1.0.15

Will Ukraine become a prosperous country, if you become its President?


I wish you could place your troops on the maps and move them across the country and you could pass out funds to the state governors.u should be able to pick the country u want to play with,can u please stop the screen from moving up and down while I play.

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Screenshot Ukraine Simulator 2

Ukraine Simulator 2 screenshot
Ukraine Simulator 2 screenshot
Ukraine Simulator 2 screenshot
Ukraine Simulator 2 screenshot

    User reviews

    GAMERS GUIDE TO GAMES gamer February 1, 2017
    I wish you could place your troops on the maps and move them across the country and you could pass out funds to the state governors.u should be able to pick the country u want to play with,can u please stop the screen from moving up and down while I play.

    Developer Oxiwyle December 18, 2016 Thank you for your feedback. We will think about your idea

    Grande Duce January 27, 2017
    Very interesting and existing game, but i couldn’t find the way to increasepopularity of the president. Dear developer , please create simple buttons for increasing popularity of the president.

    Dimitrije Kostic January 21, 2017
    Not too hard if you spend some time with it and if u have brain

    John Jay April 20, 2017
    Is it just me, or is the population bugged? I did everything I could but it continues to collapse over and over again.

    shittu yinka September 26, 2017
    Can you create Nigeria version of this game. We have one of the most complex political system in the work. And also create a platform where president can address it’s citizens

    Kill Me August 12, 2017
    It’s just too hard… I just don’t know how to play… Needs a better more detailed​ tutorial!

    Mark Gaming January 10, 2017
    The game is great but it’s too hard and countries randomly declare war on you

    Developer Oxiwyle August 18, 2017 The game makes you think. You can do this!

    Koko Bebe April 2, 2017

    Danil Danilovich June 21, 2017
    Good game overall. However, it’s very slowpaced

    Sir EliteTheUgly December 24, 2016
    Amazing but WAAAYYY to hard!

    Tanmay Sarkar June 14, 2017
    Great game but it is very hard to maintain (almost impossible).Also you should add ministry of tourism and tourist construction and executives.Some special constructions like bullet trains,metro,bus stands,maglev,hyperloop,monorail and all important airports and seaports are hugely needed and these projects should also boost production and generate huge revenues.Add some mega projects like big sea bridges, river bridges, steel bridges, tunnels, international airports, mega seaports, industrial parks , SEZ.

    Aymen Araari December 29, 2016
    popularity decreases too fast, is it the same system used in the usa simulator game? if not then pls use the usa popularity system

    Bro Yuda December 9, 2016
    Oh no…love you <3

    Developer Oxiwyle December 28, 2016 Write more detail

    Martin Garcia November 23, 2016
    Your frequent updates are great and im having fun with the game. Tho some features would seal the deal.Manual saving, showing details in lose/win defence. The military productions should get a buff since they are so cheap and hard to make. And military productions should have option to go to national guard/military stockpile, or be exported.My best record was at 90k income with average lvl4 budget for everything, in all departments

    Teruna eka ravani November 30, 2016
    Why after i buy 4 in 1 and restart the game. Nothing happen. Please refund my account.

    Developer Oxiwyle December 28, 2016 Contact us by e-mail

    Aldmeri Dominion Ruler November 12, 2016
    Please fix it

    Developer Oxiwyle August 18, 2017 Thanks for your feedback. We will try to fix the errors.

    Steven A. Recarte November 7, 2016
    It’s too good to uninstall it but too difficult to play, you earn almost none

    Developer Oxiwyle December 28, 2016 Build factories, they generate income in a day

    Akshat Jain November 14, 2016
    Very difficult..Ininstalling it…

    Developer Oxiwyle August 18, 2017 The game makes you think. You can do this!

    edgar nunez November 6, 2016
    Add Tourism and other things to make money

    kazz 13 September 26, 2016
    Done very well. The reason its nota 5 is becuase they keep complaining about taxes and if you lower sport funding to put it into something more important the population gets more unhappy than happy. Im sure if there was a crisis in the US and obama cut a bit of funding for sport and put it into things like health care and rescue and all this im sure sport fans would understand and the population would love him for that. Needs these 2 things fixed and a 100% 5 star from me

    bashar abubakar October 13, 2016
    A very good game but the developer need to change the strategy of the support or popularity it keeps on going down and you can’t increase it, but the game is one of the best I have ever play on mobile. Good job but we need and update please in a week time.

    k k September 25, 2016
    Despite taking out a loan i still cant pay for anything theres no point taking out a loan and adding it to revenue per day if your not going to put the revenue. Into the budget, also the popularity levl is unrealistic

    Developer Oxiwyle August 18, 2017 Thanks for your feedback. Try a new game tactics.

    Christian Marr November 3, 2016
    Bro,can you please give me all the tips you can give bcause it is so hard to play because of the popularity or make an update that makes it easier…oxywile.pls reply back as soon as possible

    Kevin Swearingin September 24, 2016
    I think this is a good game because it is challenging and takes a while to complete. It is well designed to where not everything will help you out but you have to make the best decision to win.Good job

    miguel3k8 November 4, 2016
    I purchased the 4in1 pack and it didn’t give me it and yes i did restart and i cant even get a refund

    Developer Oxiwyle November 6, 2016 try it now

    October 24, 2016
    I love this game,,, please there should be a way to recover looted money from the mayors of the town through the ministry of justice ,,am always seeing the update in the game news,,, I will keep checking for your update,,, well done

    BRYCE 1 November 26, 2016
    This game is good but it would be better if you make a United Kingdom version. And please can it be be the hole map.and have boarder controll

    Developer Oxiwyle December 28, 2016 We are working on it

    Branimir Jovanović September 26, 2016
    But it would be great if we could simply insert amount for number of employes or buildings to be built since it would be simpler

    Tadas Mineikis October 2, 2016
    Nice game, but sometimes you get no money from trade super annoying bug

    sagar agrawal November 2, 2016
    The tax complaint is too high!!!!

    Thomas Simeon October 9, 2016
    Is more and realistic update but this are the best games yet please dont stop keep updating and adding more countries love your games

    Alonso Montes October 8, 2016
    It always says i dont have enough money

    Ronald Rice October 3, 2016
    You said it would be out in September.

    Developer Oxiwyle October 3, 2016 We are working on it

    Angelo Pinto November 5, 2016
    How do I increase my ratings?

    Raf Maits September 18, 2016
    I suggest that the dev should consider adding data input for adding number on employees rather than an increment button, its really frustrating clicking add button for just 100 increment or any.. you must include inputimg desired additional increment for employees and others

    Seth Lee September 16, 2016
    What did the update do?

    David Gultom September 2, 2016
    This game is great and all but I just seems impossible to get a high popularity. I already built lots if factories and got all of my taxes to 0 but the populairity meter is still going down. I liked the first one better. Also can you make like a button to change our current budget to our revenue per day. Maybe every 100 or 1000 budget is 1 revenue or something so that we actually have a steady income because I always have like a ton of money but my income is only 1

    sanjurana990 sanju September 12, 2016
    The game is good but to hard to raise income and popularity. People are always unhappy they keep complaining about tax and there is no way to win untill we pay and play

    Developer Oxiwyle August 17, 2017 Thanks for your feedback. Try a new game tactics.

    Anton S August 19, 2016
    Seems to be a good game, but it is almost impossible to maintain good popularity level and very hard to increase budget income. I like many new introductions, such as developed industry options, but still the first game was easier….

    Reginald Edgar August 23, 2016
    Please add more country and fitur please ? i hope in future i can play it with more many country

    What’s New

    Fixed bugs

    Симулятор України 2 1.0.15

    Симулятор України 2 1.0.15

    Download “Ukraine Simulator 2” right now to:
    – Immerse into the world of ruling the whole country.
    – Learn what everyday tasks the President has to solve.
    – Create a prosperous country.
    Develop a thought-out ideology and country development strategy to improve the quality of living.
    Do not forget about the following tasks:
    – Handle emergencies occurring in the country.
    – Ensure your own safety.
    – Fight corruption.
    – Fight terror groups.
    – Wars and expansion.
    – Espionage in the enemy’s army.
    – Conduct army drills (there more than 10 kinds of military weaponry available to you).
    – Conclude commercial contracts and nonaggression pacts with other countries.
    “Ukraine Simulator 2” features the following:
    – Ministry of Ecology
    – Ministry of Energy
    – Ministry of Infrastructure
    – Ministry of Construction and Housing Services and Utilities
    – Ministry of Culture
    – Ministry of Social Policy
    – Ministry of Sports
    – Ministry of Science
    – Ministry of Education
    – Ministry of Defence
    – Ministry of Healthcare
    – Ministry of Justice
    – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    – Ministry of Employment
    – Ministry of Emergency Situations
    – Police
    – National Guard
    – Revenue Service
    Also, you can trade, construct more than 50 unique plants and do many more things.
    Appoint Ministers of key Ministries to ensure effective and reliable management of the country.

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    Rating users: 4,033
    Content rating: Everyone
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    Requirements: Android 4.0.3 and up