真心話大冒險 (完全中文版)

Truth or Dare full Chinese version!! Classic party game!!



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經典派對遊戲!! 跟同學跟朋友出去玩, 開Party時不可缺少的遊戲之一!!

遊戲方式很簡單, 大家圍著手機成一圈, 當酒瓶指向誰, 那人就必須選擇要”真心話”還是”大冒險”. 螢幕會指示那人要完成的任務~

Truth or Dare Chinese Version.

Classic party game!! Go out with friends to play with classmates, open Party indispensable when one of the games!!

Gameplay is very simple, everyone around the phone in a circle, when the bottle points to who the man must choose to “truth” or “adventure.” Screen will instruct that person to complete the task –

Truth or Dare Chinese Version.

What’s New

Ver 7.
追加題目. Added few more questions and actions to the list.
Ver 6.
Fixed the glitch issue with rendering on new devices with hardward acceleration.
Ver 5.
Add support to newer version of android to fix some graphics display issue.
Ver 4.
Added more tasks in both Truth and Dare section.
Ver 3.
Screen will not turn off at the spinner page.
Ver 2.
Locked the app down to portrait only.
Ver 1.
Added fully Chinese version of all truth questions and dare actions

App Name 真心話大冒險 (完全中文版)
Developer Chia-han Yang
Requirements Android 3.0 and up
Package com.ljstudio.truthordarechn

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陈村民 July 1, 2015

Ben TRM0 November 30, 2016
I love it