診断心理テスト モテキ診断

Do you love?Do you have loved?Is soon Mote period?~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Moteki diagnosis

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~~~ モテキ診断 ~~~

*普通の診断アプリでは味わえない! キャラクターが動く新感覚の診断アプリ(心理テスト)





Do you love?
Do you have loved?
Is soon Mote period?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Moteki diagnosis

⇒ features of “Moteki diagnosis”
* See through the hidden truth, it is psychological test that can play for free until the end.
* Do not taste the usual diagnostic app! diagnostic application of new sense of character moves (psychological test)
* The results of your saw can be confirmed anytime, anywhere is equipped with a picture book function of diagnostic results
* 30 questions and reasonable problem number in, I can play even pass the time and some free time
* Men and women it is feel free to diagnosable psychological tests regardless
* Only is diagnostic (psychological test). Let’s diagnose the usage capacity properly guarded to.

⇒ How to play “Moteki diagnosis”
* To the issued the question, it is Pick answer app from the answer you think appropriate (4 choices).
* This is not a formal deep psychological testing. Only is a kind of a little story app.
* Rather than scientific evidence, not necessarily diagnostic result is all. This is the app for a bit of killing time.

⇒ Recommended for this!
* Psychological test and divination (tarot), If you are interested in diagnostic app
* If you are interested in deep psychology (psychology)
* A little breather of break time …
* If in love interested in love!

⇒ Notes
* Restoration such as this app data (save data) does not correspond. Data management is at your own risk.
* With respect to the contents of the capture site capture application by a third party, this application side is not involved at all.
* For capture method, we can not answer at all.
* If the operation of this app is unstable, it is possible to stop another app during startup on your terminal, there is a possibility that the symptoms becomes lighter.
* This app is to enjoy playing with totally free, and I am allowed to raise development costs by advertising revenue.
In order to continue to provide the future of full free apps without compromising the current quality, please, thank you for your understanding acknowledge.

⇒ music / sound effects
Pocket sound
Jellyfish Artificer
Music workshop of hydrangea tea

App Name 診断心理テスト モテキ診断
Developer ESC-APE
Requirements Android 2.3.3 and up
Package com.escape.sindanmoteki