7rhythm- Nanarizumu – 1.0.6

Music game to play with BGM of pachinko and pachislot

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Screenshot 7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐

7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐ screenshot
7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐ screenshot
7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐ screenshot
7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐ screenshot
    7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐- image
    7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐- image
    7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐- image
    7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐- image
    7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐- image
    7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐- image
    7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐- image
    7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐- image
    7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐- image
    7RHYTHM‐ナナリズム‐- image

      What’s New


      7rhythm- Nanarizumu – 1.0.8

      7rhythm- Nanarizumu - 1.0.8

      Pachinko and pachislot sound game ‘7rhythm- Nanarizumu -‘ appeared!
      ◆ point①: pachinko many masterpieces! !
      topic of models, rock the beat in the music of nostalgia models!
      ◆ point②: a new sense of pachinko and pachislot sound game! !
      liquid crystal production and real se of a real machine cell thickness grass the players!
      Aim high score good timing by pressing the key!
      ◆ point③: Aim the quirky members and the score up! !
      30 or more members support a sound game!
      grow the members, trying to score up!
      ◆ point④: popularity of that character appeared
      one after another delivered in the actual machine so stay tuned! !
      Main song list]
      ■ Shishio Series
      ■ Aladdin Series
      ■ Fist of the North Star Series
      ■ hard boiled Series
      ■ Twin Angel Series
      ■ Yuniba group music
      ■ Sakura Wars
      ■ 1000-chan Series
      ■ Lagrange series
      other also, one after another update the music for a new manufacturer!
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      © Lagrange project
      © Buronson Tetsuo Hara / nsp 1983, © nsp 2007 copyright license certificate gt-706
      © Buronson Tetsuo Hara / nsp 1983, copyright license certificate gt-706
      © sammy, © rodeo, © taiyo elec
      © pioneer, © universal entertainment, © luster, © oizumi
      © sega Illustration / Hidenori Matsubara
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      memory 2gb more
      [operation check os]
      android4. even four or more
      ※ android4.4 or more terminals there is also not compatible with the terminal part.
      -recommended terminal and, regarding the operation in the corresponding non-os version, it becomes the outside of the object of support. The
      -customer usage, even in the recommended terminal there are times when the operation is unstable.
      # in #android version 8, has confirmed that it does not work properly.
      os updates, and the new version os loaded on, for example, model change to the terminal, I will refrain, thank you.
      ※ update the execution of the os is, thank you in your own judgment.
      ※ For Customers in the corresponding pre-completion has been upgraded in the new version, the operation guarantee support corresponding we can not do.
      It should be noted that, since I notice sequentially in the service With regard to the future of the corresponding situation, please check.
      In addition, in the android version 7 or higher, there is a risk that does not start up normally. If the
      does not start up normally, you can be a version of google chrome up-to-date way, thank you.
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      Category: Music Game
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      Content rating: Everyone
      Requirements: Android 3.2 and up