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To many ads It won’t let me do anything??

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This is a happy animal farm with different kinds of lovely animals. But those animals are so cute that usually get themselves injured accidentally. A doctor is needed in this farm to look after those animals. Let’s be a kind doctor to help those cute animals regain health!

App Name Animal Vet Doctor – kids games
Developer Degoo ltd
Requirements Android 2.3 and up

User reviews

Olivia Sparks January 8, 2017
It won’t let me do anything??

Ruby Guerrero August 4, 2017
Not good

Doris Wellman July 27, 2017

Aleesha Tanweer April 26, 2014
My sister LOVES IT she wont let ME use my phone because shes playin this <3 5 stars,(my sister is 6) Id recomend, plz download x im 12 x

Kuljohn Singh April 12, 2014
Very fun.My 4 year old enjoys playing it.Doesn’t require spending money to unlock features.Great mini games .

nero shayvard March 26, 2016
The mini Games freeze and they glitch slot and it is a but boring

Chelsea Sapphire March 24, 2015
Love it! I love it how you don’t have to buy everything you just do mini games to unlock

Chloe Cotton December 19, 2014
It is a little sad because the animals are hurt

Alysa Osborn November 8, 2014
Don’t like at all. Except it’s got a cuteness to it

Kaby Heidt April 13, 2014
The first one had glitches and this one won’t even open lame don’t download

A Google User August 30, 2014
This game is glitching and other things _ Abby Lee

LaToya Merritt September 7, 2014
My baby love this game she been playing it since she was10 now she is 13 and love it even more

Angel Lewis August 30, 2014
How many other people like this game because i love it.

Rosemary Dunne June 11, 2014
my sis LOVES that ? 5/5 ^_^ <3 I’m 13 :3

Anuschka Wilson July 13, 2014
I love this game so much play it when ever I’m bored.

leah mie Caoagdan April 10, 2014
I just love it so much better have fun on my mom phone love it

Rylee Grabans July 1, 2015
It installed fast and its awesome i love taking care of them

Brian Oliver January 23, 2015
It is the best game it makes me think I am really taking care of them

Babita Kyal May 3, 2014

Michael Tabuac April 11, 2014
Its so yucky! Canatoy <3 Bebe

Aristides Gonzalez April 20, 2015
The animals are so cute that I can t throw up puppys for days

joey whorton June 13, 2015
Not as much fun as I thought

Jana Elzorba February 11, 2016
I love it so so so much and its make me caring about my pet

khantye zan May 2, 2014
This is game is good and i like because my big sister and my mother love it

Jamilla Green September 21, 2014
My sister wont let me use my phone because of this game

Linette Galdamez July 23, 2015
I just love this game soooo much its so adorable?

Christian Galicha April 10, 2014
Like this it so cute I wish.U have girl game

Brooke Thompson July 5, 2014
My little brother ranger loves this game!

A Google User March 26, 2016

Jessica Pounder April 11, 2014
Great Game! My daughter loves this game.

Tamara Zamora May 4, 2014
I like this game because you help the animal’s and I like animals all get me to fall

BBALL LOVER April 25, 2014
Miy sis like this game yo its kiooooooool plz download

Adrianne Justice June 7, 2014
I play it all the time. I’m.addicted

Felisyamarie Exantus January 5, 2015
Its so cut because of there adorable face when there cleane

Piah Dela Cruz April 12, 2014
Its good for the kids even I enjoy it

Lauren Healy March 10, 2016
This game is amazing in fact even better than amazing

Amy Kunkle June 6, 2014
This game is so fun you’ll love it ??

Morgan Reid February 15, 2015
I love too take care of anamalies

Pamela Cook May 7, 2015
A game this fun can not be free!!! :-)o3o

Good game

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