Birth of the Empires 0.7.41

Birth of the Empires is a 4x Turn Based strategy game


This is a really good game. The tutorials however do not explain much and I have a question how do you use ground units and more importantly make ground units.

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Rusty Littlejohn October 26, 2017
This is a really good game. The tutorials however do not explain much and I have a question how do you use ground units and more importantly make ground units.

Caleb Fast October 25, 2017
All around great game. Wish planets could upgrade their own buildings though, it gets tiring when you have a huge map.

Dominic Gregory October 25, 2017
It is really addictive

Developer Blotunga October 26, 2017 Thanks!

David Phillips October 17, 2017
Wish it had an option to choose how many major races are playing, with a mandatory at least one.Play on an android based Samsung

Developer Blotunga October 19, 2017 There is one in the latest versions, namely you can disable other majors by long pressing on the race’s button when creating a new game.

Caveman Spongebob October 3, 2017
I love this game but I think there should be new features. I think when you come across new aliens (minor & major) there should be an option to exchange technology. Also, the minor aliens aren’t aggressive at all. They declare war but never attack. I find it difficult to always be on the offensive when its hard to maintain a fleet/military. Which brings me to this, its also difficult to maintain progress and keep up with the competition military wise. I don’t know if its just me or the game. Anyways I hope this was useful

Developer Blotunga April 28, 2016 Please join our forums to discuss ideas with the community:
Ships of minor races don’t move around, however if they are hostile it’s almost impossible to make them members. The AI does build a lot of ships esp. on high difficulties but it can be outmaneuvered.

John Poutawa October 6, 2017
Need a way to change colour for the UI, i can barely read khaorans because its dark red on black whereas humans is lighter

Jimie Alton Hayes September 24, 2017
How about super weapons like say a Lazer that can destroy plants from a far and scout units that are Intel not science. Just a thought. I think Intel should be more in depth but other than that great game. Just think it needs more you know?

Developer Blotunga October 2, 2017 As it is, Intel is very complex already, however also a bit random. At the moment though I don’t have time nor plan to do great changes in the game mechanics.

Drew Newman September 20, 2017
Really would love if u made this game online!!! And added some 3D ship effects into it like direct ship control in battles. Other than that best game ive played in a long ass time!!! One idea for the game play make it a little bit more simplistic for people to understand i jumped right into it with no tutorial and caught on to how to play but i would like to see more demintions like being able to run and build the planets that I’m developing also the so sabatures are crazy good lol make them sabatoge less in game cuz i always loose my diplomats and membership planets and then get attacked later when i try to reestablish contact and relarions with them….. but more i would just love to see the planet from the planet and cunstruct buildings in a 3d view like other games….if u like this game get imperium galactica 2 its just like this but better game play!

Developer Blotunga September 21, 2017 A sandbox mode is out (long press to disable races, then disable all victory conditions). You can then start to experiment, maybe against one race and so on.

darren manitta September 21, 2017
Devs how come you changed the resource lines from straight lines to curved ones?…it would be good if you could have the option to choose when setting up a game…personally i found the straight lines easier to manage all my trade and resource routes.

Developer Blotunga September 21, 2017 I’ve decided for the curved lines because when you had for example a resource route and a trade route going in the same direction, or in some case resource loops, then you couldn’t see any difference between where and how the routes were. The new routes I think are intuitive after you get used to them. And only the resource ones are circular.

Matt Ireland July 15, 2017
Good game once you start to get it. Having an issue though with trying to attack / conquer an occupied planet. I put troops in transports and get them to attack but they get wiped out every time, even when I send more. Am I doing something wrong? Is there anyway to estimate troops required or bombard them to soften them up

Developer Blotunga July 18, 2017 Some races are very tough (especially warlike, soloing etc.). These can’t be conquered with basic troops, you need probably the troops from the late game to actually be able to conquer them. Sometimes it’s easier to simple bombard them to oblivion.

Colin Bent July 9, 2017
I was very turned off my the massive amount of information I had to process. The game comes with tutorials, but they are so long-winded that they didn’t help me at all. It seems like this game could be very fun, but I just can’t get a clue what’s going on, and there isn’t enough incentive for me to put in the time.

Developer Blotunga July 11, 2017 Proper 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) games are a rare beasts on Android so most people are put off by the complexity. BotE is a direct port from the PC (instead of usually the reverse) so the complexity is about the same as your average PC 4X strategy. This does require quite a bit of patience and trial & error.

September 20, 2017
This game is a wonderful port/adaptation of BotF, one of my favorite games. The gfx are 2d but the gameplay is all. Rather like Space Empires in a way. And still in active development? Outstanding! I think I’ve found a minor bug – All the Type 1 resource collectors use production/titanium/perhaps another till right before the resource it collects except duranium. It will cost you 300 duranium to manufacture a resource collector that will only produce like 40.Edit: Ah ha! That would explain that. Ok, 2 things were not in fact bugs, fair enough, but this definitely is: The first outpost the Rotharians could build is not the Outpost 1 but rather, I think, the type 2. In fact I upgraded one to the original variant. Thanks for all your efforts! Edit 2: I believe I found another bug, Blotunga – the coalition of planets type 2 shipyard is worse than a type 1. Perhaps the bonus is transposed?

Developer Blotunga January 30, 2017 If your research level is high enough, you’ll build outpost 2 instead of 1. Old ones can be upgraded. If still in doubt you can send me a save and I can double-check.

Paul Welch July 18, 2017
It’s an overall, good MOO2 successor with some balancing issues, the need for some tutorial work, and it’s crash central when saving. Any turn past 30 and you will have to pray that when you hit save you won’t get a crash alert. Then it asks how you want to report but moves on to trying to load the game again before allowing you to send an error report. And the icing on the cake is that it unhinges my UI everytime it crashes and switches perspective so I have to update my preferences each time. I haven’t had a game yet that didn’t crash, maybe there is an ending…maybe. But if alpha is up your alley then this will at least good turn based entertainment if you want to chance never saving.

Developer Blotunga July 22, 2017 The game is pretty stable in most cases, but there might be some rare corner cases that I’ve missed. Could you please send me a save where it crashes consistently? Also I don’t think I received any crash reports that I haven’t at least tried to investigate, so please send the crash reports if asked to do so. Thanks!

Ryan Dew September 2, 2017
After 456 turns of building, upgrading, & researching… not one alien contact & only 2 battles that destroyed practically every ship i had built.Not fun…not even a little!

Awesomeman and pinkcop June 30, 2017
I have trouble with the enemies using too many sabatoges on me. I dont really want to sabatoge them. They just use too many sabatoges on me. Please either nerf it or tell me how to avoid their brigade of sabatoges.

Developer Blotunga July 5, 2017 Build up your internal security to the point to withstand the sabotage. The game was balanced during the years by the community with Intel in mind and it can be defended against, but you shouldn’t neglect Internal Security.

Jake Marchbank August 19, 2017
I absolutely adore your game, it is rather complex sometimes and I’m sure that probably scares some people off but that’s ok. I was wondering if it would be possible to make some kind of debug mode available for players, it’s just a question not a request.

Developer Blotunga August 22, 2017 I haven’t planned on adding a debug mode. On the PC there are a couple of debug command-line options like –see-all and –autoturns=x, but I never intended to bring them to Android.

Vincent Rigiero July 26, 2017
I love the game i wish that there were more galaxies in one game and up the size of the galaxy because it felt small, also when i tried to put on the conqueror setting it just wont turn on, and the GUI needs to be updated because it sort of felt like i was playing a 2000 year game but over all i loved it. Maybe you could make another but a lot better

Developer Blotunga July 31, 2017 Larger galaxies would make late game turn processing very slow. On the PC 70×70 sized galaxies are supported, but for mobile it’s limited to 40×40. Still that’s 1600 sectors. As for a new game, not in the near future, or not by me at least, as my free time is less and less nowadays.

Marius Wessels J August 22, 2017
the game is complex .I love the graphics and I also love how jou play the game. but the problem is I don’t know how to get Intel points ower all the game is fun.

Developer Blotunga September 1, 2017 You need to build databanks and have workers in them. Also some races like the Rotharians get better bonuses for Intel than for example the Khaoron who are weak at it.

Mark Benwell July 1, 2017
The best game I’ve played on my tab yet. I hope there will be a new and updated similar game soon. Keep up the good work.

Developer Blotunga July 5, 2017 Thanks. A new game might not come in the near future. But there might be further improvements in the future (when I have more free time)

Kha Lee July 9, 2017
Great game. It’s not easy at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun and easy.

Developer Blotunga July 11, 2017 Thanks!

Dan Eagen July 14, 2017
Way too tiny to play on a phone.Looks like it was designed for PC and shrunk for mobile.It doesn’t work well.

Developer Blotunga July 18, 2017 Yes it was designed for the PC and is intended mostly for tablets. I could disable installing on phones, but some people with larger screens don’t seem to mind, so I let them install. Zooming should help though (tap red lock to unlock zoom mode, pinch to zoom, tap green lock to snap back)

Shadow lock August 4, 2017
I don’t know how to build more ship and control system i read the info and still don’t know how

Developer Blotunga August 9, 2017 Is your balance negative? Then you can’t build more warships. Otherwise simply add them in the build queue and wait for them to complete. Of course provided you have the necessary resources (Titan, Deritium etc.)

James Davis July 2, 2017
It a good game but the amount of sabotage that the AI do, it need to be fix that for sure it no fun otherwise.

Developer Blotunga July 5, 2017 Build up your internal security to the point to withstand the sabotage. The game was balanced during the years by the community with Intel in mind and it can be defended against, but you shouldn’t neglect Internal Security.

Janke Man July 10, 2017
Best space exploration game ever!

Developer Blotunga July 11, 2017 Thanks!

September 5, 2017
Quite a good game. See if u can do another scenario

Derek Alderson August 19, 2017
Epic remake of a classic game.

Developer Blotunga August 22, 2017 Thanks!

Kelvin Nelson July 23, 2017
It’s taken from a game called birth of the federation. Exactly the same layout

Developer Blotunga July 31, 2017 It’s the free and open source spiritual successor. Kind of like Freeciv for Civilization 2 or OpenTTD for Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

Brayden O’Briant July 22, 2017
I will

Developer Blotunga July 22, 2017 Feel free to ask if stuck, the game can feel overwhelming at first. Also if we missed something from the tutorial please let us know.

Aaron Kappel June 17, 2017
For the most part the game is very enjoyable and well designed. I had a lot of fun and was able to understand and figure out how to play the game. The only problem I have with it is the intelligence gathering. I have no clue how to operate it and can’t do any sabatoge or espionage missions. I checked the tutorial and it didn’t help at all. This completely screwed over my first game as I was unable to defend from the relentless sabotage and couldn’t launch my own.

Developer Blotunga June 19, 2017 You select an opposing empire by tapping their racial icon on the left side espionage/sabotage/information subscreens. The background will change to the respective icon. Then you can use the sliders to set target for the respective nation. If you are targeted by enemy intel, best leave everything in internal security.

AJ Paul June 20, 2017
Love the game! I’ve been playing a huge map, had some ups and downs. I just noticed that i can build Starbase 3 in the news but i can’t figure out how to build them. I know outposts. I have them scattered all over the place during peace time, and kicking butt when at war.How to build Starbase?

Developer Blotunga June 23, 2017 With transports, just like outposts. Transports in a system where an outpost/starbase can be upgraded will have the corresponding multi-turn command. Please keep in mind that you will loose the transport (so move troops/wares out of it)

MCKaiser Legacy June 27, 2017
This is a truly great game. My one concern however, is the lack of diversity in music for each faction. It gets both old and annoying pretty fast. If you can give each faction more types of music, then it will be perfect.

Developer Blotunga June 30, 2017 The music was composed/donated by the members of the community. Unfortunately that’s all we have. What I can recommend is to mute the music (there is an option in the option screen) and then play music using a different app in the background. That’s the best I can recommend at the moment.

Javier Degasperi June 21, 2017
Game looks pretty good and feels fun. HoweverI am stuck trying to colonized a terraformed planet with my first colony ship. The option just isn’t there.

Developer Blotunga June 23, 2017 Is there some other race already in the system? A minor race (white) or another empire? Otherwise it shouldn’t happen and I’ve never encountered such a bug, but if it’s there, then please send me a save to look at it. Btw the Colonize order is a Single Turn order.

Ryer Zebra June 12, 2017
No questions no problems awesome game.What I only ask if you can add a archive of the minor races at the main menu so I would know what race is good or not.

Developer Blotunga June 15, 2017 Each race is different and has unique ships/buildings. Discovering all of them I think is half the fun, but there is an old wiki which should sum them up: Update: There is an editor, but only for the PC for now. You can check there. Get it from

Ellefulist 93 June 23, 2017
amazing game!, here’s some questions and feedback: 1. What does “science ship”, “ablative armor” special ability do? is there any wiki about this special abilities? 2. I think it will be good if we can ask aliens like battlestation or Morlock Raiders (or even midday time traveler) to join player’s empire just like minor races. 3. I think it will be cool if we can have colony at outpost or spacestation that implement the same thing like the solar systems 4. I wish there are an option to make the UI bigger ? 5. I think the A.I. need some more development, especially when they are cornered that they usually offer you a peacefull offer even an alliance (they seem to have no honor XD), I think it’s better if each major race have their own preferance when they are about to be defeated. I mean like the invader will try to fight to the end and the trader or federation will take a more peacefull aproach, and maybe the rotharian wi take the unhonorable way like begging to be ally as long as they could survive, you get my point right? 6. I think it will be great if you add success percentage when we try to invade a system with our ground troops 7. I think you should make an better explaination on how intel work, I’m myself have figure it out, but you really need to tell people that if your intelligence point on espionage is superior than internal security of the enemy race, then your espionage will star to work and you’ll get an espionage report or more, and then you can start sabotage things in the list as long we have intelegent point spent on itI think I write a bit too much, just keep the spirit, your game is one of the rare gems in the google play store! keep the good work! ?

Developer Blotunga June 27, 2017 I wish I could reply here to all the questions. However Google limits me to 350 characters, so I can a) ask you kindly to send an email, b) point you to the wiki, which even though is german and possibly outdated, but with google translate should be understandable:

Omar Waleed June 27, 2017
The game is amazing and everything, but I got stuck in research, like, 2/3 of the research topics got locked.

Developer Blotunga June 27, 2017 Double tap on the research name or icon , that will lock/unlock the field.

Logan Lovell June 28, 2017
Nice but no guide on how to play needs one

Developer Blotunga June 30, 2017 The video helps to show the basics and the yellow questionmarks are a kind of tutorial. I’m open for suggestions on how to improve the tutorials when I have a bit more free time.

_chuntarito_ June 16, 2017
Good game

Developer Blotunga June 19, 2017 Thanks!

maiandrei June 9, 2017
Nice game. Why does it stop at 150th turn?LE: Thanks for the quick answer! No, it doesn’t crash, “New achievment unlocked” message appears from bottom and immediately vanishes, then all the buttons are “greyed” (amber), can’t anything except zooming the map. How can I send log/savedata?LE2: 5 STARS for the developer, too.Perfect reaction speed and communication skills.

Developer Blotunga June 9, 2017 With the latest update now this should be fixed.

J Frye June 8, 2017
Horrible. Played for a while and crashed atleast 5 or 6 times before turn 200. Don’t bother playing on a phone.

Developer Blotunga June 9, 2017 Please send me a crash report so that I can investigate the issue. A save would also be helpful if the crash can be reproduced with it.

June 7, 2017
For strategic planning, can we have a resource route for food as well? Among other features, like a resource route for industry as well?

Developer Blotunga June 9, 2017 For industry it doesn’t makes sense, because it’s not a resource. Food was agreed in the forums to be “perishable”, but generally in the late stages food is abundant anyway in all systems.

What’s New

For changes:
Tutorial! Tap on the yellow question marks.
Tooltips! Hold finger on the research item and after the tooltip is shown, drag it away without lifting it to read what buildings/ships will be unlocked by the next level.
Ships, research, races, sectors, suns, planets, troops all have tooltips now.
Google Drive integration may have bugs, check files on your drive before deleting them from your device.

Birth of the Empires 0.7.46

Birth of the Empires 0.7.46

Birth of the Empires (also known as BotE) is a turn-based 4X strategy game set in space in the style of classics such as Microprose’s Master of Orion 2 or ST: Birth of the Federation. By choosing one of six major races aim is to gain control and supremacy over a part of the galaxy, either by diplomatic or military means. Further victory conditions are available at game start.
Earth, 2121: Spaceflight coming nearer and the third world war was long in the past, the future looks bright again for mankind. The whole universe with all its fascinating worlds, lifeforms, species and anomalies lies ahead of each brave man and woman aboard their starships eager to find new life, a new home and contact to whatever civilization there may be outside Earth system, to explore the unexplored, to encounter the unencountered.
Take command of one race during the beginning stages of their empire, but beware, there is more than one way leading to victory and each time, mastering it will be different. It will likely change and you are challenged to keep the balance within the galaxy quadrant or seize galactic power for your race and thereby establish your own “balance” in the galaxy!
Android port based on the original Birth of the Empires which can be found here:
Source code can be found here:
Credits for the game and assets:
A tutorial video is planned, the first version can be found here:
A video with commentary is also planned. Until then consult this short FAQ:
I will update it as soon as questions arise.
WARNING: For best experience at least a 6″ screen is recommended, else fonts and buttons might be too small.
WARNING #2: There is a new Option called “Enable Preload”. If you had no issues before version 0.6.19 then you can safely enable it to make the UI snappier. If you had issues then DON’T enable it.
If you have enabled it by accident and your game doesn’t starts please go into the device’s Settings-Application Manager-Birth of the Empires and tap “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”. This will unfortunately also delete your savegames.
You can from now on follow me on Twitter @blotunga and if you’re interested read my developer blog at

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Content rating: Everyone
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up