Brain Surgery Hair Doctor

Brain surgery hair transplant doctor clinic free surgery surgery games for girls


Waste of time and mb so boring game. I. Hate. It

User Rating: ( 1,934 ratings )

Screenshot Brain Surgery Hair Doctor

Brain Surgery Hair Doctor screenshot
Brain Surgery Hair Doctor screenshot
Brain Surgery Hair Doctor screenshot
Brain Surgery Hair Doctor screenshot

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    Are you ready to be a crazy virtual surgeon and treat head injuries & transplant patients’ hair?

    In this fun top app you will have best surgery experience with cool surgery tools available in the doctors’ clinic. Nowadays accidents occur in abundance, some similar incidents were reported today, ambulances are doing their job by carrying patients giving them first aid and leading them towards the emergency wards.
    Doctors of various surgeries are present in the hospital, you have got to play the role of a doctor, you will be performing operations & operating the the crew to recover the patients’ health.
    Diagnosis Scenes It’s time to operate now : Hair transplant surgery simulation & brain surgery simulator
    As a brain doctor you will be performing brain surgery after cutting the hair, after that as a hair surgery transplant doctor you will be taking the patients’ hair samples and implanting new hair of the patients’ choice.Brain is the most important part of the body which runs the all the functions of body, make sure patient’s heart beat and blood pressure is normal to operate the patient. Some parts of brain will be frozen by injection so that it won’t be painful for the patient. In case blood pressure drops rub the foot, and hands to stabilize the pressure.Hair treatment also accompanies the mini game to kill germs and monsters in the patients’ head.For hair loss you will be using hair loss oil make patient look great again.After treatment doctor will advice to the patient to eat healthy food, vegetables and fresh fruits juices, patient will be able to grow her hair again can go to barber’s shop can choose any hairstyle to look good and happy again.

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    App Name Brain Surgery Hair Doctor
    Developer HangOn Games StudiO
    Requirements Android 2.3 and up
    Package com.tiptopapps.brainhairsurgery

    User reviews

    UnknownMay 22, 2017
    Waste of time and mb so boring game. I. Hate. It

    UnknownApril 23, 2017
    Great game so love it thankyou

    Sadia Atheeq May 11, 2017
    Good game i love to do this surgery

    UnknownApril 12, 2017
    Not very gud but gud

    Freya Green April 5, 2017
    Good game

    UnknownMarch 15, 2017

    Student Arpita Baniya Girl July 1, 2017
    nice , amazing

    Pulakesh Mandal October 6, 2017
    I loved it

    Syed Moosa November 18, 2016
    It’s to bad don’t play this it’s only for kids and it’s to old game i hated really and i need to say this that why i click the star

    UnknownJanuary 15, 2017
    Pain in my head ahhhhh??

    Dipankar das November 28, 2016
    Very difficult and interesting game

    Leila Arnesto March 5, 2017
    I cant belive it…it make me nervueos???

    Joni Islam January 6, 2017

    Abdul Rahim Hussain August 16, 2016
    Icgffgucuuvgy 8ytfr7d5tuxrudyrcutkjiulg

    UnknownSeptember 22, 2016
    Ayo nyoba yang mau jadi DOKTER BIAR BISA

    roop sidhu October 15, 2016
    It never let me click on the arrow!

    Nimit Dubey October 14, 2016
    Awesome man too good yaar

    Satish Arya October 26, 2016
    An **** game

    Sara Lugton December 3, 2016
    It cept freezing on me every time I got to the cutting bartPLEASE dont download this game not good

    UnknownFebruary 17, 2017
    It so bad its always stuck and it cannot be play properly I HATE THIS GAME

    Angie Vaughn August 7, 2016
    This is so boring thumbs down do not download it

    Pop Queez June 23, 2016
    People wouldgive you five stars if you can put in the games township and hay day

    UnknownJanuary 7, 2017
    When I try to use the tools ,the tools doesn’t even move. I hate it

    UnknownSeptember 11, 2016
    I love this game because when I grow up I want to be a brain sugyian. I will get some ideas

    aniket shukla November 27, 2016
    It stops every time I played it.

    UnknownDecember 16, 2016
    It is very good game but the levels are not changing we have to do all things regular

    UnknownDecember 25, 2016
    Most boring games i’ve installed??????

    UnknownNovember 16, 2016
    It’s a Google use ,dosnt work

    Brynn SassyGirl October 21, 2015
    Not bad even though I want to be a doctor

    UnknownNovember 6, 2016
    I am impress this game

    Pravallika polepalli October 14, 2016
    Nice game very funny nd time pass

    MOSATJ ALI HOSSAIN September 29, 2016
    me to awe awe is game pe loot gaye

    SYED MUNAWAR ALI Irfan September 1, 2016
    We loved it and the other like it very much

    achala mahajan March 21, 2016
    I loved this game alot

    Jeevan Prakash March 7, 2017
    Wastegame don’t use it

    Ravi Kashyap September 18, 2016
    Because when I become big I become a brain doctor

    Courtney James August 25, 2016
    My little sister lives it she always asked to play on it

    Aditi Shukla January 10, 2017
    I love to play it but it very much time to download

    UnknownNovember 4, 2016
    This is a good game I like it this is interesting game this good game thanks

    UnknownOctober 6, 2016
    Its just OKbut its really nice