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Super Cute Tower Defense Strategy Game Is Here —— Carrot Defense!


I bought unli stars online last 2nd of June but did not get it. I still have to wait for a long time to be able to play. Yet, they charged my card. Just refund me if you cant provide the service. I have sent a number of emails to ylu but did not get a single reply.

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Carrot Defense screenshot
Carrot Defense screenshot
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    User reviews

    Arlu Carandang June 4, 2017
    I bought unli stars online last 2nd of June but did not get it. I still have to wait for a long time to be able to play. Yet, they charged my card. Just refund me if you cant provide the service. I have sent a number of emails to ylu but did not get a single reply.

    jorgeyio donald May 21, 2017
    Its ok. Clearly a remake of carrot fantasy. There is a better game in google play but due to copy righta id hate to see it get removed because of me. Dont get me wrong this does have a great feel but at the same time i feel as tho the sound effects arent as good as they could be and some are too long as when ur towers are shooting so many at once and it doesnthave enough time to finish making the sound. I do recommend this game to anyone anywhere with children it is entertaining and it is fun

    Ruby Andri May 4, 2017
    Constant crash especially after finishing a stage is really annoying. It just started to crash since 2-May-2017 hope it will be fixed. And it would be better if you add device transfer feature… Would hate to replay from the start…

    Kristin Owens August 2, 2016
    After updates I still can’t play on my droid turbo 2 without constant crashes.I can’t get past level 75 because it freezes on wave 4. EVERY TIME. You said you would fix this ages ago and I’m not the only one having this problem. I can’t even tell you how many diamonds I’ve lost because of the constant problems.

    Kaye Marie Chua February 28, 2017
    But then something appears on my phone while I’m charging it. It started when I installed this game. It displays “Slider to unlock”. I tried to uninstall this game, the display did not appear anymore but after installing it again, the display appears again.

    Hastita Tiyastari October 21, 2016
    The characters are all so adorable and cute. Never get bored playing it. 4 stars coz sometimes it gets freeze when i open this app that i have to restart my phone. But still i like the game though

    ALex Leorius August 24, 2016
    PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS GAME. After purchased the unlimited stars, the game went crashed and the stars have yet loaded in it. And my $4 gone just like that.Please send me the unlimited stars or refund me.

    Jennifer Tran January 12, 2017
    Love the game, used to play it all the time on my iPad but decided to redownload on my phone. After playing for the first time the next time I checked my phone a fake screen unlock pop up showed up which took me to the game even if I didn’t click anything on the screen. Fun game but I don’t like how shady this pop up is. Will uninstall if this continues.

    Fely Cruz August 21, 2016
    To whom it may concern:I have recently purchase gems and unlimited star on your app. However i changed to new phone this afternoon, and then I installed carrot defense again. I put the gmail account of my google play that i used on buying this. And upon loading, my previous purchases are gone. Can you please give it back. I’m seeing that there’s no restore purchases feature in the app. Please fix asap. Thank you.Please give feedback asap.

    Abegail Ada July 27, 2016
    I have been playing this game since I was still using my iphone. And now that I am an android user, the game is more fun and challenging! I am annoyed on the “rate us” pop-up. I have already given ng rate that you want. I put 5 stars and I lowered it to 3 becoz this notif keeps coming back. Please fix!

    Melissa Peteros June 10, 2017
    The stars did not regenerate. I don’t know how to fix it. I changed my google play games account and uninstall it then install it again but still the same. Help me. I don’t know whats the problem I also tried to use other gmail account but again still the same. I downloaded it many times but nothing happen. I’m stuck. Help

    Fritzel Banzon August 9, 2017
    Please fix the bug. There are certain times it crashes and there are cases that you cant even beat a single monster. Can’t damage their lives regardless of the chosen weapon.

    James Yu July 18, 2016
    Paid for the “unlimited stars” 2days ago, it didn’t work, sent message to their service email, no reply. It seems raging on the comment section in front of other potential customers while giving it an 1star rating will get their attention. $6 may not be much money but I’m going to call it a scam if I don’t at least get a reply.

    Ada Zelaya May 4, 2017
    Ever since I did the upgrade I can’t get in the game, it automatically kicks me off…I reported the problem and I haven’t received a reply about the issue.It’s really sad because the game was actually very good.

    Joshua Miller June 18, 2017
    Fun game, only a couple of small issues. Game closes after replaying levels and opening new chapters takes time or money. Gives you an option to open early with a FB share, but that doesn’t seem to work

    Dewi Rani Santosa July 26, 2016
    I’m a little bit addicted with this cute carrot ? but since i reset my phone, i can’t sync with my previous game wich my level was 100 ?so i have to start all over again..?

    Hanny An S November 1, 2016
    After I install this app, then I find “slider to unlock” and its adds on the screen when the phone is charging. It is annoying to me. I enjoy playing the game but not that add.

    Maricel Navarro February 7, 2017
    I love this game. What I just hate is you can’t backup/save your game. If you bought another phone, or reformats your phone, uninstall/install the app, your game can’t be save. You’ll just go back to zero again. I’ve been restarting this game for about 3 times already. Arrrgh. Why can’t we save the game?

    Marsha Weeks February 18, 2017
    I really do like this game but only giving it 2 stars due to the ads they sneak into the quick charge screen. It took me a while to trace which app was doing that and I’m disappointed that it turned out to be this game. I will be uninstalling this game. Hopefully the sneaky ads will be disabled in a future release.

    Arianna Berube-Saunders January 17, 2017
    Just wish it would stop asking me to rate it over and over. Would also be nice if some of the levels were a little easier. There are a few were I can’t imagine how to get perfect. But very fun otherwise.

    凯凯四叶草 December 9, 2016
    This is a gd game to spend off time especially when u are bored! Just that now I am quite good. It requires 3 stars per game. So Pls extend the life

    Charmaine Lin June 12, 2017
    I paid for the unlimited lives but i still gotta wait for the cold down….. Felt cheated… It has been 5days i had send emails and all but still no responds or refund…

    jenny pearl September 6, 2016
    i super duper love this game but i cannotsave my data…i have to reset my phone to be rooted but when i downloaded the app again , then try to log in to my google account and facebook, it cannot retrieve my leveli was on level 99 and level 13 for UP UP…plz fix itill give five star if you do

    Haiyang Li April 29, 2017
    This game doesn’t work on samsung s7 edge. Or doesn’t work on the newest android. I can’t even load the game. It crashes every time just trying to open it.

    September 1, 2017
    It keeps crashing! I have tried to uninstall and reinstall. Even tried it on a new phone. Why won’t it even open the game?! I love this game and all I get is ‘Carrot Defense has stopped’

    Nycel Geraga January 30, 2017
    Better than ever before…Loved this game since 2015 when it was Carrot Fantasy… However it crashes everytime I click the free gem button on the home screen.. Thanks

    aira November 6, 2016
    Didn’t open it but when I open my phone it suddenly said it crash. The game deserves more. Please fix.

    Siew Shirleen April 8, 2017
    it was addictive before update my android version. but since updated to android 7.0 I am unable to start the game anymore. im using huawei p9 plus.

    Estelle Tan June 23, 2017
    I used to enjoy this game, but recently it keep jumping out and force stop the game. What’s the problem? Im using Samsung Note 5. How to fix it?

    east paw March 26, 2017
    Task: build 3 Icy Fans. But guess what? You won’t get to choose that tower and will have to roll dice until you get it. And oh, spawn chance for that tower is 1%. And by the way we’re sneaking full screen ads onto your phone that load whenever you try to unlock it. Screw you, SeaStar Game. Uninstalling.

    Trina Weaver December 17, 2016
    I love this game but I have a lock screen ad that comes up when charging and I purchased unlimited stars and gems and neither came up, I am currently waiting for new levels and my purchases to appear and the lock screen ad to be removed, fix and I will rate 5 stars

    Drue Fernandez October 1, 2016
    Im using htc one m9 now. And evrything is working smoothly. Love this game. Hope u add online sync. So that if we use other phone.. we can still retrieve the progress.

    Developer SeaStar Game July 18, 2016 Dear Drue, thanks for your support, and very sorry for this, we have fixed this issue, and you can download new version on GOOGLE PLAY.

    Jhejhe Guevarra August 29, 2017
    Love this. My boyfriend and I can’t stop playing ? And this great app is free, why should I complain for some little issue? More power!

    Grace May April 1, 2017
    Please Help me !!! After upgraded my phone ( Huawei P9 Plus ) from Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow to Android OS 7.0 Nougat. This Carrot Defence games can’t start ? Please help me !!! Thank You ☺ Please can someone reply ??? Thank You ?

    deriel23 March 30, 2017
    I rated this game OK because it crashes most of the time. That’s the only problem I have. The rest of the features of this game is great! I love it!

    Ermalyn Magturo September 1, 2016
    don’t know how it happened but the lock screen did not appear anymore. and as promised – 5 stars

    Tara Pradipta May 10, 2017
    Guys, your game really enjoying. It’s really addicted. So, please add more stages for this game. Make improvement. I will enjoy your update. Thanks for making this game ?

    Drilling Master December 25, 2016
    The game is fun. Never get bored playing it. But just some bugs cannot play all option please fix it.

    Apple Lim September 21, 2016
    I always love this game but it always have to charge for the stars. Hate it. Should remove so we can play nonstop

    DhieMhieBaby Caruzca September 1, 2016
    i paid $4.99 to purchase the unlimited stars… but no matter what i do it does not show… i sent you emails, but no one is replying… it’s been 3days and there’s no response… this is scam unless you send me a response and the unli stars!!!!

    What’s New

    New Update:
    1.Increase Floating ice theme(level 101-115)
    2.Increase Iceland theme(level 116-135)
    3.New carrot!
    4.Fix some bugs.

    Carrot Defense 0.0.9

    Carrot Defense 0.0.9

    Super Cute Tower Defense Strategy Game Is Here —— Carrot Defense!
    Bobo accidentally crashed into an iceberg during a boat trip. Then he drifted to an uninhabited island, where he met a group of monsters trying to eat him. Come and summon multiple towers to protect Bobo from evil monsters such as yellow bird, green chicken!
    With 5 unique themes and 100 stages td game, a thrilling adventure is waiting for you at every turn!
    Players can summon 16 unique towers with different abilities and attacks. Summon the perfect combination and stop the monsters in their tracks! Summon toy plane, flashlight, ice ice and more plant.
    Complete the 300 special quests and get the brand new Purple Crystal Trophy along with other prizes! Super SLG game.
    Dazzling magic and abilities such as “Slowdown”, “Freeze” and “Bomb” will help you acquire the Golden Carrot Trophy!
    Brand new modes including “Two Entrances”, “Monsters Fortress”, “Random Towers” ,”Dual Entrance”and “Super Boss Fight” are available. Check them out for even more thrilling game play! Challenge UP UP model with protect balloon
    GET SOCIAL — PLAY with GLOBAL players.
    Login to Facebook to compete with your friends! Synchronize your game progress and show off your achievements by logging into Game Center!
    – This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
    – Please buy carefully.
    – Advertising appears in this game.
    – This game permits users to interact with one another (eg. chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging). Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons under age 13.
    – A network connection is required to enable certain features/access certain content.
    – If you have a problem with this game, please contact us at:

    Category: Strategy Game
    Rating users: 4,291
    Content rating: Everyone
    Download com.seastar.gplay.carrot
    Requirements: Android 3.0 and up