Clash of Clans 9.105.9

Epic combat strategy game. Build your village, train your troops and go to battle!


The heroes should be for all players from the lower level. They can make their own choice to choose the hero or switch them. If you provide the better or strongest hero for the strong one, it means the stronger is still the better and even the best. The weaker will have no choice,but accepting the unfair attack from those strong ones. Please think about it again. Be fair for all players. Otherwise, the stronger or the best ones are still the stronger and the best ones. How about the weak ones? Do they have a chance to use their strategy? It’s the strategy game, not for only the big or strong players. Thanks!!…

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    User reviews

    Phirun Khen October 24, 2017
    The heroes should be for all players from the lower level. They can make their own choice to choose the hero or switch them. If you provide the better or strongest hero for the strong one, it means the stronger is still the better and even the best. The weaker will have no choice,but accepting the unfair attack from those strong ones. Please think about it again. Be fair for all players. Otherwise, the stronger or the best ones are still the stronger and the best ones. How about the weak ones? Do they have a chance to use their strategy? It’s the strategy game, not for only the big or strong players. Thanks!!…

    rowan fidele October 23, 2017
    The game is awesome and really addictive.. I was thinking maybe supercell could create a new kind of war with the buider base village and also there should be more rank in a clan such as (member,elder…) And the global chat should be able to be change without having to reload the game.. (but its not too important) Thanks for the game supercell and hope it will continue to have more and more players playing the game and ij order to encourage them, i think tha the time taken to upgrade buildings should be slightly reduced.Thanks again

    christy October 24, 2017
    needs better build and train times or a better way to earn gems. if you ain’t rich you can’t really ever get ahead in this game. I love the game but am not completely satisfied. a lot of kids play this game how do they get to continue playing and get to a high level with out being able to earn enough gems to help. they will always be out done by ppl who buy gems. tap joy would be a great add to this game

    Shaun949 October 26, 2017
    Great game for anyone who likes to put time and effort in to a game and feel rewarded and accomplished when you look back. It has a great balance between feeling like a pvp game when you focus and war and climbing trophies, and being a pve game when you just focus on farming and upgrading as fast as possible. I see a lot of comments on how gems are unfair and that’s not at all that case. You have two choices: put in a lot of time or put in a lot of money. Both have the exact same rewards in the end. Paying players have 0 advantages apart from time saved. Great game, really enjoying nearly 2 years in. Very frequently updated. Get it and get addicted!

    MrNine 910 October 25, 2017
    The best base builder pvp game out there. Look at the game store, see all those other builders that require tons of cash to complete? Thats not COC at all. You can earn anything available in the game without spending money. Only downside is that they still haven’t made upgrading heroes available for war.

    NoszerO Xray October 24, 2017
    Matchmaking for Wars is way worse now. We are a 4 year old CASUAL clan. We war twice a month. We haven’t had a fair war in so long I can’t remember when we did. Then the new update a month ago and we are just getting no chance in war. People are quitting. Nobody at Supercell cares. Game is a money pit and now it’s all losses and frustration.

    Shubh Singh October 24, 2017
    This game is awesome!!!!if you know, how to play?we have to create our own makes this game good.we have to loot offline player! this makes it amazing.we can chat with our friends.we can play with our friends by creating update of Builder base is amazing.only the walls are very costly in this game.we want wall event with 90% off also then everything will begood about this game. Only one thing is not good about this game that —–; this is very addictive.

    Sharon Brown October 24, 2017
    I am letting everyone know that this game is not fair at all. It is crooked and the developer puts you up against players that have more trophies and more troops. You have to spend money to get at least somewhere . They say they are going to make the game fairer, but they lied. Most players that attack you hates anyone from the U.S.A. If you are from the U.S. they attack you all the time, specially me. You can’t get ahead. Chinese developers lied.

    sunil kumar October 26, 2017
    Wrost thing I see that in builder Base. I have bh6 base then why I have to attack on bh7. I have only 4 army camps with level 12 but opposite player have 5 army camps with full upgraded. And in bh6 I have only 2 fire crackers but when I attack on bh7 I found 3 air cracker.. Plzz fix that I have no problem with bh6 attack with bh6 but when I have to attack on bh7 1 building only 2% damage why this resesim.. For that reason I hate builder Hall

    ketul savjani October 25, 2017
    Bad Games at clan war and specially at “FAIR” play… Today my clan war there is 10 town hall 11 and we have not even a single town hall 11.. bad u can check.. today war my clan tag is #2PL2UUGY.. Stop it coc team.. are you there guys?? Answer me here or I am going to delete this unfair thing.. ??

    vijay kidecha October 24, 2017
    We can see who is online only those people who r in Ur friend list..but y not all the clan members. Also witch still sucks..not reliable.. too weak n also skeleton generation less..also y many people leave coc after th9 or th10 is that the cost and time…I hope u do something about this..cost Vs time

    Johannes Grobler October 27, 2017
    Very long training and upgrading times. If you are free 2 play good luck saving for an upgrade. Upgrades expensive on higher leverls. Elixer and gold gathering very slow. If you unable to buy with gems. Then well be prepared to wait forever to get anywhere is this game…..

    Abhishek Jituri October 24, 2017
    UPDATE NEEDED! Leader must be able to take away “kick out” privelege from some few selected co-leaders and elders. Members should not be able to leave the clan while they are in war. There must be a option for the leader and coleader to delete disrespectful comments from clan chat.Hope to see the update soon. 5 stars after the above update!

    Joan Miller October 25, 2017
    Don’t bother getting involved with game.In the last 2 updates Supercell has made an algorithm to benefit only the strongest player.When you achieve that then they will change the algorithm again.I have played for 3 years and cannot bear to play this game now.I think the Chinese who bought Supercell ruined it.Figures

    Mudit Deodhar October 26, 2017
    This is the worst game I have ever played. My town hall 9 village was lost and then I asked for help and support to help me to get it back. But now they have banned me from this game for 14 days. Now what’s this. Coc team you are the worst.Even you are liars you said that we will improve the game. I have to face all th 9 players.Moreover I am not pishing. I am not a hacker that I want anyone th9 village. Your coc team is a great faker

    Carlos Benevides October 26, 2017
    The last review I gave was negative but since you added the Loot cart it balanced the loss of loot greatly. Thank you for that! I was afraid that I would have to stop playing an awesome game. Great fix Supercell!!! Now only if we could train troops a bit quicker…just a thought ?

    Matt Kaluzienski October 24, 2017
    Engineered bases are ruining this game!! As an avid player for three plus years, clan wars continue to get worse. For an engineered base with sub level 10 heroes/warden three star a max TH10 or 11 with level 40 heroes is first grade ridiculous. Need to take address or continue to see players leave as Clash of Clans will have jumped the shark.

    Vinay Ameta October 27, 2017
    A great game to play.. Always been a time killer.. Actually this game helped me improve my writing skills.. As I talked with people from all over the world.. Shared my experiences with them and heard theirs.. I felt awesome and with the passage of time.. I have become pretty awesome in English as I wanted! So a big thank to this game! ???

    Brian Pollari October 23, 2017
    Oh!!! Be careful! If, you are a paying customer and you submit a complaint that CoC does not want hear, they will ban your account for “toxic behavior” like they have just done to me,because of the thin skin ones may have!

    TECHNOLOGIST SID October 26, 2017
    Hello supercell my keyboard do not work in coc clan chat and global chat i have tried google keybord and many mor keybords its not the key bord problem i have tried it in clash royale it works but it doesn’t work in coc please solve my request. Otherwise its best i loved it ??

    David Haynie October 26, 2017
    Game is fun, always changes tho. An option to assign targets would be awesome. Possibly give the ability to coordinate attacks once you’ve decided to attack a village. Tech support is great help tho. Helped me retrieve my base after losing my email details.

    Darrell Tate October 25, 2017
    One big problem. Trophy’s are suppose to be for how good you are at your level in competitions. Therefore you should only be able to attack or be attacked by someone at or close to your level. It should not go by how many trophy’s you have. I’m at level 55 and get attacked all the time by players over level 100. That’s just not right. Of course they are gonna win. Needs to be changed.

    Godfrri Croos October 25, 2017
    This game is awesome I’m started playing this game 2 years ago and never seem to loose interest. I have have my own clan now and I’m moving up in the coc world anyway the one thing I don’t like about the game is the new design of the clan flag that came after the new update.

    Allan Rondilla October 23, 2017
    I’ve bin playing dis game for 3 yrs now. The devs did a good job at making d game fresh with every other update. I just wish that clan wars clan clastle donators can delete troops. We often donate d wrong troops and we wait til d owner of d warbase to go online n dlete dem b4 we can replace dem. Other than that, it’ s a great game. Keep on surprising us!

    Paulina Kos October 24, 2017
    Disconnected by server, WiFi disconnecting issues when finding a base are forced by SC upon players in legend league to slow down opponent search even more. Every time I find a base in legend league I have to reload the game and search again, while my other base in titan league on the same device, same WiFi never has those issues.Good job SC you made the game even less playable then it was with this new update. HUGE WASTE OF TIME ON HIGHER LEVELS.

    The Funny Shit Network October 24, 2017
    Really an amazing game!! Its been more thn 1 year i’m playing yet discovering totally new things!! But after the introduction of the builder base, i was rather thinking of some kind of a BUILDER BASE WAR!! Please do try to include smthing like that, it would be great…!!

    vijay mourya October 25, 2017
    Addictive but very slow after level 5 please speed up all the upgrading process. Loved the game.Builder base defenses are much impressive like crusher and guard post they must be available in home village.And troops must defend village if they are available for attack then they must defend also.?

    Cassandra le Haut October 25, 2017
    Please help me recover my village. I cannot open my gmail anymore I literally forgot the username and password. The village name is Karba. I was left coc playing 4 months ago and now I forgot everything about my gmail account. My village name was Noob Spain. And My account was lvl 149.

    Sean Kaiffer Pojas October 25, 2017
    Ok. I’ve been playing this for a long time. It’sa great game actually. But there is some problems i see.. like in raiding enemy bases i somehow find that it is a little unfair for me because when I raid a TH9 base i could get a average to high loot. (I am also atTH9 base) Well i don’t have any issue with that but when a higher base lets say TH10 raided me they often get a huge amounts of loot from me when it said that upgrading a town hall will reduce the amout of loot you’ll get from lower town hall level..I wish you’ll be able to fix that.

    Ashutosh Deshmukh October 24, 2017
    This is game is nice and challenging. Now I have unlimited 4g data so I have no problem but before some days I have slow 2g 400 mb data so not too much but some data was used. From the new update of knowing how many players are online in clan the clans are really have bad condition. Clan Batches and starting picture have bad look. This are some bad things but game is nice must try it. Thanks supercell.

    sarbeswar das October 25, 2017
    Yes! Amazing game. But supercell, I have some idea. This game is basically from 1 corner view. That means from 1 corner view we all play. So, I have some proposal. If you make it play from 360 view and let the player play from any direction view he wishes. May be it brings a lot of complication on programming, but you know it, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE..???… I think this will be more attractive to play.

    Anony Mous October 24, 2017
    AwesomeThis game is very Addictive .. I Everyday i play it .. This is Time killer … I would give 5 stars if you will have wall events. . Please We also wants wall events with 90%off .. please ? Also please reduce the time/days of upgrading .. its too long long day ..Hit like if you agree ???

    Dwayne Charles October 26, 2017
    Hey support, I played for 2 years then stopped. Now I downloaded the game to play again I can’t recover my desired account. I was lvl 84 and now I’m lvl 3 with a different name. Please he’ll me !

    Micah Wallace October 25, 2017
    My friends and family love it we can talk and plan from States a way. All ages can enjoy it I’m 25 my brothers 13 and my dad is 64 as well great time spender ,it doesn’t crowd your device with adds ,its fun to play even if you don’t buy stuff,but that doesn’t mean you can’t great deals better than most games love you guys keep it up.

    DropBear101 is awesome October 24, 2017
    Stop being so mean to this game guys, do you know how much work goes into making this, give supercell some credit and if u don’t like it just don’t play it simple as that!Thanks to all you guys who support CoC, and remember to keep clashing!!! (My fav game since forever???)

    October 26, 2017
    This is the worst game in this world it not help you to make more money or points . I tell u all that i have stop playing this game u also. It also loss in buider base and in home one it not give proper base to attack . Todayin builder base i lost 130 trophies.

    Akshit Rathi October 25, 2017
    A nice game. No doubts. BUT, this is only felt till TH8, after that the upgrade timings are big and there are so many buildings that you got to manage. I’ve begun disliking the game. Please manage a balance between upgrade time and buliders.

    roger duhaime October 24, 2017
    The new night game needs work drop yourtroops and hope for the best is not fun. Troops movement and attacks is haphazard at best.Watching your troops walk into the optimalposition to die. Is non strategic. But then the great majority of people today don’t want to think. When you get boned it’s just; please sir may I have another. I need more strategy, not chance and happenstance.

    Jake Binabise October 24, 2017
    Pls update the builder base match making. Im trying to max my builders hall 5 but I always ended matching with BH 6. It’s unfair because my troops dont match their troops and the rate of destruction is greater to those with higher BH.

    Don Maurice Viado October 26, 2017
    Ok I’m giving coc 3 stars at the moment. All of my devices say i have a “CONNECTION ERROR”Unable to connect with the server. Check your internet connection and try again.I tried playing clash royale and it works. I can connect to the net properly but with coc pisses me of. Coc is up-to-date also i tried restarting my phone and unstalling and reinstalling the app. Please fix this and I will change my review. Thanks.

    What’s New

    It’s time for Clash’s frightful night!
    • Special obstacles are spawning
    • 1-Gem Spell brewing boost
    • Celebrate Halloween Clash-style with the Pumpkin Barbarian and Giant Skeleton

    Clash of Clans 9.256.17

    Clash of Clans 9.256.17

    Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village, raise a clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars!
    Mustachioed Barbarians, fire wielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting for you!
    New Features:
    ● Journey to the Builder Base and discover new buildings and characters in a new mysterious world.
    ● Battle with all new troops, including Raged Barbarian, Sneaky Archer, Boxer Giant, Bomber, Cannon Cart, and the new Hero Battle Machine.
    ● Go head to head with other players in the new Versus battle mode.
    Classic Features:
    ● Join a Clan of fellow players or start your own and invite friends.
    ● Fight in Clan Wars as a team against other players across the globe.
    ● Defend your village with a multitude of cannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls.
    ● Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm.
    ● Plan unique battle strategies with countless combinations of spells, troops, and Heroes!
    ● Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, and special events.
    ● Train unique troops with multiple levels of upgrades.
    PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
    A network connection is also required.
    Support: Chief, are you having problems? Visit or or contact us in game by going to Settings > Help and Support.
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