Colony Attack 2.6.95

Develop your planet, build your fleet, explore the galaxy, destroy your enemies.


The reason why I rated it like this don’t get me wrong I love the game but there cheating me out of what I should pull on a explore on an asteroid I make 2,111,740 when I should make 14,719,748 I did the math and everything sent out one of each ship fighter is 112 interceptor is 128 bomber is 185 Corvette is 308 frigate is 837 cruiser is 1844 battleship is 3060 carrier is 3644 dreadnaught is 12938 destroyers is 20607 care to explain geek or did u not expect players to actually do math on how much they should pull? News flash I’m smart

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Colony Attack screenshot
Colony Attack screenshot
Colony Attack screenshot

    User reviews

    Reaping Clan October 24, 2017
    The reason why I rated it like this don’t get me wrong I love the game but there cheating me out of what I should pull on a explore on an asteroid I make 2,111,740 when I should make 14,719,748 I did the math and everything sent out one of each ship fighter is 112 interceptor is 128 bomber is 185 Corvette is 308 frigate is 837 cruiser is 1844 battleship is 3060 carrier is 3644 dreadnaught is 12938 destroyers is 20607 care to explain geek or did u not expect players to actually do math on how much they should pull? News flash I’m smart

    Dark Rizer October 21, 2017
    The last time I played this game is last year. When i found it back, I saw 2 new ships added. This might make me love the games back. Keep up the work guys.

    S Bell October 15, 2017
    High quwality multi faceted game with lots of interactive game play .good adrenaline rush at times

    TheEngineer829 October 24, 2017
    Easy to play but it may take a little time to master.Once you understand how different ships balance out others you’ll be fine.AND SAVE YOUR SHIELD…

    KipnHelen Lewis October 15, 2017
    If you love strategy you’ll love this.

    October 21, 2017
    Great game, great update

    October 16, 2017
    Great game

    October 25, 2017
    It’s addictive & entertaining

    Joe Allen October 9, 2017
    Its a good game but really annoying that I can’t mine more than 5,000,000 Titanium. Also would be really cool if you had empty world’s that you could just claim, build ships and mine resources there. Also would really like a new type of fighter, like a Starfighter which would be even better than a fighter or a corvette. Make the barges and freighters armed because I hate losing them.

    Davie Brown October 15, 2017
    Lame now.Money grabbing update designed to make more money out of the players. No thanks

    James Smith October 13, 2017
    Its not a bad game at all.

    October 14, 2017
    Pretty fun

    Joseph Elliott October 12, 2017

    Andrew Austin October 7, 2017
    Basic graphics but addictive gameplay time flying by playing this.What more do you want from a free game.That was my review from when i first started playing this game but after playing for a longtime my advice for anyone looking to start this game is don’t bother find another.Main reason for this is there are very established alliances with players so strong unless your prepared to pay a fortune you stand no chance you just get hit again and again and rather then be fun to play it becomes a chore.Biggest fault is you cannot move so once your found your screwed you become a sitting duck being nothing more then easy point for the big guys.

    Dereck Carrillos October 6, 2017
    Great game!

    Zir Zang November 25, 2016
    I used to love playing his game but things got old fast. Cource thats the point do the same thing over and over again or pay for it. Many games have this concept, however considering the developers are going to do an over haul on the game’s presentation and mechanics, my full opinion will have to wait until the later part of this year when they have the chance to do so.

    Steve Lodey February 10, 2017
    Been playing a while, game is OK if a little slow. Would be nice if the map could be saved (long standingproblem, get it sorted out!); also would be a good idea to be able to enter destination co-ords. Overall an entertaining enough time filler, but more variety of missions would add to the game.

    hayli rubio May 14, 2017
    Good game. Great graphics and decent rating system. Just wish there was away find targets easiest n way to save targets in game so I don’t have write down cords n then search for them some what still.. also.wish there was a way to control ship more when attacking!!!

    CJ Stuntz November 30, 2016
    Ive only been playing for lil over a week now but so far its a great space game. I really like that you can upgrade multiple buildings at one time. Research is easy. Attacking and Finding resources is fun! I like that you start out with a 14 day shield. I recommend this to anyone ?

    Benoit Kack April 9, 2017
    The main problem with thiis game is that it create in its best players the fifth column syndrom. It permits to create new false players with the main objective to check the defenses of other players.As such and the fact that its country of orgiin was the last bastion of morality in 39-45 reveals how low their people have reach. In finality, I hope that Geek Beach goes bankrupt.

    James Bond January 8, 2017
    Much like the others out there. I wish the battles were more user controlled. Rather than a RNG crunching numbers and creating a fake AI battle for you to watch as if it’s not mathematically determined who was gonna win already. Still I’m having fun.

    February 26, 2017
    Not advised to let children play . vulgar language andcontent on chat room .Very intense game need lots of time to play or lots of money but can complete with the right strategies . underhandedness and sneakiness is a plus in this game. that you will soon learn when you play . my self I stopped playing not worth the time.after 3 years playing I finly wised up

    jacob meeker December 31, 2016
    I keep hearing the name barny so barny if you pleas contact the player named marly Dixon and tell him to back off? I asked if hackers played the game because I didn’t want to play a game that had hackers playing, and he started accusing me of trying to hack. I really love the game but if this guy keeps harrassing me I might stop playing. Thanks.

    David Brink July 6, 2017
    I like this game, because you can focus less on upgrading things after the early game and focus more on building a huge fleet later on. This game can host huge battles with MILLIONS of ships fighting each other. Would recommend 10/10

    Mark Rainmaker July 7, 2017
    Been playing the game for almost four years. Excellent use of strategy, tactics, PvE, PvP, team building, clan activities and missions. Excellent ranking systems, chat, reliable Devs and Advisors to keep the game clean. Mathematical skills are upgraded in a fun way too ? Perfect for me, and I have a very busy life. – Xaier/Rain God

    Steven Greenwald April 23, 2017
    The game is buggy which destroyed the planning I did as a new user (and the developers don’t seem to care). Example: I planned for my 14 day rookie shield time but due to one of their bugs I lost days of play. I’m penalized for a mistake by the developers. And they don’t reply to my help messages and the “advisers” in chat know and don’t care. I play gesnto forget my troubles not get aggravated. Avoid!

    Nothing To See November 29, 2016
    5 minutes of assignments and then nothing to do while your peons do your bidding. No graphics, no purpose. Why even have alliances? Boring, waste of time.

    Developer Geek Beach November 29, 2016 Hi, this is intended to be a complex community strategy/survival game, rather than an action/arcade game. It takes a while to discover the depth and politics of the community and then the fun begins!

    Kenneth Lineberger January 10, 2017
    Many things in this game don’t make any sense. There is a single enormous Galaxy screen where all the targets for your Fleet are kept, but there is no way to navigate it.If you are off in space and find a good target, good luck ever finding it again. Furthermore, most of the planets out there seem empty and there is no point in attacking an empty planet with your fleet, you don’t get anything. Even if you do find a fleet to attack, you will be blocked by a shield. All in all, I don’t understand this game.

    GAMER DUDE July 11, 2017
    This game is awsome and very addicting. I love watching the battles which is something most stragedy games dont let you do. And i also love that even if you lose a battle, you still get lots of resources.

    Anonymous November 27, 2016
    5 stars for hoping they’ll realease updates with being able to customize your fleet. Right now the only advantage is if you have more ships than the next person.

    September 21, 2017
    Development of your planet and fleet, Missions,Gathering resources from Debris,Stars, Nebulae, is entertaining and time consuming. What is not so entertaining is the bully like behavior of some of the player base. Chats “Advisors” have Gold or higher rank andsome take enjoyment from abusing that power. Your fleet is at the mercy of anyone unless you harvest nanites, but the higher levels have a monopoly on resources so dont expect much there, so no shields unless you spend real $. Most New players are driven away and the game slowly dies.

    Aaron Salais May 27, 2017
    Great game excellent time killer. Upgrading buildings should be easier to complete i.e. not cost so much in credits and gaining nanites should be easier also. Also all ships should be made available to everyone. Other than that game is awesome and I give 5 stars across the board.

    XxMichaelxX never aside January 15, 2017
    CA has been with me for 3-4 years, its the only mobile game ive ever spent real good time and fun on, its a nice slow paced game to waste the hours while doing other actives.

    Scott Robertson June 19, 2017
    Downgraded to 1 Star, I can no longer recommend the game in any shape or form, I find the behaviour of the game creators to be appalling. The double standards and what could only be described a discriminatory practices is unacceptable to me. May ‘Pakistan’ be your downfall Barney.

    war machine November 29, 2016
    My 2nd day so far. New players will be verbally assaulted in chat, often accused of being a “troll account”. Game seems to be infested by fake accounts resulting in paranoia. One user can have 30 accounts in one alliance for example. Rendering it unfair for new players.

    Developer Geek Beach November 29, 2016 Sorry to hear it’s not been a great experience for you.We have advisors in the chat rooms that keep things relatively peaceful, but of course it’s a war game, so there’s nothing too wrong with a bit of baiting and banter.Hope you can stick with the game and learn to enjoy it like many others!

    Andrew Jackson December 1, 2016
    A few crappy updates that do nothing to enhance the game & the deves ask you to give them a good rating, also lots of cheats play & the honest players get banned when cheaters are reported

    Robert Hodges November 24, 2016
    changing the game to give me less reason to play, I want a note in the scans to let us know if there is a active shield.

    nelly welf January 1, 2017
    Just gotta love it when it crashes and get told it’s been fixed !! Pull your finger out of your arse Barney and fix it.

    Developer Geek Beach May 27, 2016 Hi Neil,I can assure you we have the same set of rules for everyone.With such a complex and deep community of players who have been playing for over 3 years, it is sometimes hard to please everyone all of the time, but I’m sure most would agree that I try to be fair to everyone in every decision I make!Hope you are liking the updates.Barney

    Jordan Davis December 1, 2016
    The build times aren’t that bad, and if you build ahead you are more than prepared. It can be a bit lack luster in terms of the comminity, but only if you want it to be.

    stogie bear November 24, 2016
    Love this game! Rise through the ranks,build your fleet,make friends in your alliance and have fun! I’m an old trekkie and this game puts me in that mindset!

    What’s New

    – Brand New Alliance Outposts
    – Two new ship classes – Mining Ship and Destroyer
    – Alliance Bonus and Events Leaderboards
    – CA Medal Hall of Fame Leaderboard
    – 5 New Levels of Plasma Generator
    – Detailed Battle Reports showing Battle Rounds
    – Holiday Shield Recharge time reduced to 8 months
    – Bonus 10,000 Nanites added to Elite Purchase
    – Fixed Monthly Reset of Are You Human? Fail Counter

    Colony Attack 3.0.113

    Colony Attack 3.0.113

    ★★★★★ Create your planet, build your fleet, explore the universe and FIGHT! ★★★★★
    As the commander of your own colony you must prepare to fight for supremacy or simply fight for survival.
    This massively multiplayer space game allows you to create everything you need to grow your colony, build a powerful fleet of warships and attack other planets. As you battle for dominance you can choose to fight pirates, attack player planets or explore asteroids, stars and other deep space wonders looking for treasures.
    – Build ships including Fighters, Corvettes, Battleships, and the awesome Dreadnaught are ready to command.
    – Develop buildings such as Sensor Arrays, Plasma facilities, Research centers and Armories.
    – Research to unlock powerful Shields, Armor and new ships through the tech tree.
    – The Universe is populated with Planets, Asteroid fields, Debris, Nebulae and Stars to explore.
    – Join alliances, make friends and wage war with other alliances around the galaxy
    – Compete in daily events against players all over the world
    – Attack other player planets or AI planets including the Empire and Pirates.
    – One Universe, every player amongst millions of stars, no more server selection.
    – Play with your friends, top the leaderboard, become a Warlord of the galaxy.

    Category: Strategy Game
    Rating users: 17,147
    Content rating: Everyone 10+
    Download com.geekbeach.spacegame
    Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up