Dino Pets

A world where humans and dinosaurs live together!


Fun. I play this game because my kids play. It is super fun but I feel like you can’t go much further without making a purchase. On top of if its hooked up to your card its way to easy to accidentally make a large purchase. Then on most of our devices it takes for ever to get past “Making Dino’s Smile” but if you don’t close the game out completely its OK.

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Dino Pets screenshot
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    In a world where humans and dinosaurs live together, a meteor heading for the planet sends dinosaurs fleeing the impact zone. After walking for miles on end, the dinosaurs settle down to recover from their long journey.

    Luckily they come across a human tribe, who help them out by building a Safe Haven for the lost dinosaurs and their babies.


    The dinosaurs start out in their shelters as babies. Watch them as they grow and become adults. From the friendly Diplodocus to the scary Tyrannosaurus Rex, there’s a multitude of different dinosaurs to explore.

    Turn your safe haven into a lovely home for the dinosaurs to flourish. Buy decorations and build structures to make playing Dino Pets a pleasant experience! Collect revenue from the shops you build to earn more coins and XP.

    Try new ways to complete your Dino family. Build a hatchery to house eggs, collect your babies from the nursery and reunite them with their family. Be creative and give every new baby a nickname…you will have to come up with lots of names!

    Discover the most rare and beautiful creatures by pairing up different dinosaur breeds. Watch these magnificent specimens come to life and make your Dino Safe Haven a more colorful and populated place.

    Add friends, visit and rate their shelter, check out other community players. The game also supports Facebook integration. You can login to your Facebook account and invite your friends to play Dino Pets!


    • Support for tablets
    • 50 real dinosaurs like the ones that walked the Earth millions of years ago
    • 20 mythical creatures
    • House and care for cute baby dinosaurs
    • Lots of mini games to earn rewards
    • Shops and vending carts to help you earn more revenue
    • Share your achievements with friends on Facebook
    • Beautiful and colorful retina graphics
    • Hire keepers to help build and maintain your shelter
    • Complete quests to earn even more rewards

    Build these lovely dinosaurs a new home by downloading Dino Pets now!

    NOTE: Dino Pets requires an Internet connection to work

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    What’s New

    • Bug fixes and small enhancements

    App Name Dino Pets
    Requirements Android 2.2 and up
    Package com.miniclip.dinopets

    User reviews

    antonio achille December 11, 2015
    I play this game because my kids play. It is super fun but I feel like you can’t go much further without making a purchase. On top of if its hooked up to your card its way to easy to accidentally make a large purchase. Then on most of our devices it takes for ever to get past “Making Dino’s Smile” but if you don’t close the game out completely its OK.

    Nattie Ogrodnik September 11, 2017
    I love this game, I’m giving it 1 star because it will not pass “making dino’s smile” on the loading screen. Tried re-installing and the issue is still there. I see a lot of people are having the same issue. So whatever the team did to “fix” the game, clearly didn’t. I know many of us are previous users, and we would love to get back into it.Miniclip fix this please.

    patricia martins September 29, 2015
    Game stops for over 5 minutes at ‘making dinos smile’ bit of the loading process at the start and sometimes it even says it has stopped! It happens in all my samsung devices but not on the apple. Would be greatful if it got fixed as we are supposed to have fun and not stressfull moments

    Grace Smith April 21, 2015
    I would have given it 5 but the coins pop up from the dinosaurs saying you’ve earned the full amount only to find you’ve only collected a partial amount.Lame,I wait 9 hours for example for full coins at say 8 1/2 the coin comes up and I loose out.

    Michael McKeay July 20, 2015
    It’s a great game love the detail but the game is too short and needs more ways to gain diamonds need more dinosaurs and mythical. .. need to extend the game.My problem is that baby dinosaurs die when left for more than 1 or 2 hours and I sometimes have to leave it for more than 6 – 12 hours at a time, the mind boggling fact is that you need keepers to get the babies but they still get sick or die and require diamonds to revive them… so why need keepers? Or can you remove this stupid aspect?

    Glenn Paul Tormon March 13, 2016
    I rich level 25and I have 15 000 gems because I use my credit card I can’t change my name ghostlywaves and I have 6 huts but I check my level 25 and I see I earned 95 gems there and im so happy to have this game and why diplocaulos is in the dinosaurs not in the mythicals and thank you OLIVERSØR for always giving me ah chest don’t worry I’ll give you more chest when I found at my friend list and community list

    Pj Procunier October 23, 2015
    Really cute game for ages 8 and up. I would not spend any money on the game because it has been abandoned by their Creator. It also only goes up to level 30 and you get there pretty quick without spending a dime. My husband and I started playing it to interact with our grandson and have enjoyed it in that aspect and that is why I gave it 3 stars. We also have trouble sending and receiving chest!It is a shame that it has been abandoned by the creator.

    Its.Belle11 /06 April 2, 2015
    Only problem is that I tried to get my brothers on neighbours but it wouldn’t work please fix this so I can spy on their worlds. Other than that this game is perfect and Ireccomend it to everyone. The game is soooofun but I do prefer mini pets which is the other zoo like game from miniclip. If you like this game you’ll love mini pets

    thomas beecher June 6, 2015
    I think you should allow more than 1 dino of each type. I also think you should make mythicals date other mythicals to get legendary dinos! Than 5 ? rating. And also,Quasim Nawaz you spelled “diomands” wrong it’s diamonds OK?!

    AAKASH SINGH May 24, 2016
    Whenever I restart my phone & then try to open the game , while loading a sentence comes that – ‘making dinos smile’ & the next thing I know is that if this line comes then it further don’t load & after few time it comes that the game has unfortunately stopped. So please get a new update & remove this problem.

    Jc Three July 31, 2017
    I love the app I’m lvl 31 and I love it.. I highly recommend you getthis game.. but It could use one feature. I wish you had a. Battle mode or something like that. All these games have some type of twist. But hopefully you will take my recommendation, and maybe work on it. Thx ?

    Jenn Boink July 16, 2015
    Wish they would add new dinosaurs. I also request more hybrids,leveling up dionosaurs,and battles. Its very brutal to level up when a higher level. Eventually i had to just go in, collect coins,then leave. PLEASE MORE CONTENT

    Bradley Marchand July 31, 2016
    This game is so fun and addicting. You can breed Dino’s, lay eggs, and solve quests. But almost every time I have to wait 10 minutes for it to load, and that always happens at “making Dino’s smile.”

    Terry Craft July 30, 2016
    Not a bad game. I do enjoy playing it, but the loading time for the game to start up is horrendous. Puts me off wanting to play it when I can tap another game that’s much quicker. This issue really needs sorting out. There probably isn’t half the amount of people playing it because of this problem.

    louise farrell May 11, 2016
    I loaded the game but i cant get onto the market or do any quests as its dark and wont let me click it and i am on level 3 i cant breed different ones either…anyone know anything similar to this?

    Toby Brewis June 2, 2016
    Game will not load! Everything has been fine until yesterday, now it won’t load at all! Spent loads on in game purchases and now I cannot even access the game I’ve invested money & time into. Don’t let your little ones be dissapointed, don’t get this game!

    Steve Johnston June 10, 2017
    I played this game before on my ipad that’s why I gave it 3 stars. The game was awesome. But I just got this game 5 minutes ago and it always stops on “making dinos smile”. By the way my phone is an android and I looked at the reviews and this problem happened to lots to other android phones. But the game is still pretty nice.

    Mary DeBoer May 21, 2015
    Fun little time waster; if you like decorating, collecting, growing your city-park, & don’t much feel like re-building what some random strangers have destroyed every few hours,(even when you’re not playing!!), then this is a good fit.

    Jenni Couts March 24, 2015
    Very cute. Lots to do. Animated! But lately there is a bug. Unless in physically on the game, the time does not progress. I can not Close the app and come back to collect and feed later BC the time has stopped unless im on the game. Please fix! 5 stars all the way!!

    Nicholas Cooper January 22, 2016
    When it loads it go’s back to home screen. The loading always stops at “Making dinosaurs smile” You seriously need to fix it. If you fix this I will rate 5 stars.

    Harley Garner June 16, 2015
    i love this game, but ive almost completed & collected everything, besides overly expensive things you use diamonds for.. i would personally love it if yous found more things to add or do to create this game for people that have pretty much completed it, dont want to stop playing it, just needs more new things to do, ive got nothing to do anymore aha, other than that, love it.

    Timothy Eversole August 1, 2015
    I bought coins so the nephew could play a bit and they never showed on game. They charged my credit card though. Nice job. I’d like my $19.99 back.

    bradly steward March 11, 2016
    Issues that it gets half way through the loading process on the game screen and then just stops and never finishes. And yes it’s compatible with my phone

    Sarah Zenter May 27, 2015
    Cute game, love the music and the animation. I think it’s unique. My only complaint is how you have to pay diamonds because a baby dino got lost after hatching (aka you didn’t log in fast enough to claim it). That sure has gotten rid of the majority of my diamonds. ?

    steve luby February 23, 2015
    Used to play this game for a while up until around November but the game stopped working after having to reset my tablet. It started working again after the latest update but now there is no way to retrieve my I’d for the game so am stick starting over. Would rate 5 stars if not for that.

    Nathan Brown April 24, 2016
    Pls fix the loading screen because it always stops at the making dino’s smile part of the loading. So I’m hoping it will be fixed, then I’ll rate 5 stars ?

    Nicki Timberlake August 5, 2015
    My kids got me hooked on this game! I was happy with everything until at level 22 I finally caved and bought the smallest amount of diamonds just to be safe. I am glad I went small because I never got my diamonds. I went online to do research and it turns out many people buy and don’t get what they paid for. Post also said the developers haven’t made updates for two years and do not plan to.The “coming soons” won’t be coming. Once you get to level thirty something that’s the end of the game. Sad.

    Ansie Janse van Rensburg June 27, 2015
    Please do not waste your time with this game the creator’s of this game is no longer looking after it, nothing new for 2 years now. If you have a problem no help from them.. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE.

    Mythy Mythily April 2, 2015
    It takes longer time to build anything after you move on to the next level my tips are a lot of vegetable cart it gives you a lot of coins not waste the gems at first because they are very very precious if you waste it you will never get it back

    Lissette Reeve September 9, 2015
    I have had this game for a long time now, and it had been one of my favorite games until yesterday I purchased $4.99 worth of gems and it was not added to the game. I emailed the devs and I received no response, no gems, not even a refund. Very disappointed.

    Stellar Fox March 26, 2017
    Sorry to say that the game is horrible, 1.Back before I could play the game zillions of times but there is this stupid glitch that is so annoying because it pauses the game in making dinos smile, 2. After the super annoying glitch the screen turns black. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, I ALWAYS LOVED THE GAME, BUT THAT GLITCH RUINED MY CHILDHOOD. PLEASE FIX NOW :(.

    Alyssa Watson September 8, 2015
    I downloaded it and tried to play and it wouldn’t get past half way loaded to even start… So uninstalling it now. Very disappointed.

    UnknownOctober 15, 2016
    It wouldn’t even load, so I couldn’t even play the game!I think the game would have been good, but the loading was way too bad that just blew it for me.Do check out mini pets though, that one is good.

    Esmeralda Camarena July 17, 2015
    If you can text with your friends on the this app it would have been sooo much better plz UPGRADE!!!!!!!!! Its pretty boring receiving chest tresure stuff all the time plz upgrade it so you can text your friend in the app

    Hailee Lance April 1, 2016
    It’s a pretty good game but it keeps glitching. Whenever I try to turn the game on it never loads. Otherwise the dinosaurs are pretty cool. One other bad thing is that you run out of gems really quickly and their way expensive to buy more that’s all they want you to do is buy more gems and food and coins. There all ridiculas.

    Mrs. John Steele May 29, 2015
    I love the game however I wish when you bought dinosaurs they were free to roam. Also I hate the rating. Once you get 5 stars it can be lowered. I had five stars and now I have 4 and a half. I shouldn’t have to feel like I’m not meeting other people’s standards in this games. Honestly rating everybody’s place and my own makes me feel bad.

    Ralph777 February 26, 2015
    the game is epic, the account is very possible to be real. man and dinosaurs (dragons), if old name refer. because a thought of man and dino, doesn’t exist together is absurd,but this version crash when I open. I can’t play the game. pls. fix this.

    Jessica Graham March 29, 2015
    Love this game but i had to restart cause my daughter accidentally deleted it. And i spent money on gems and they wont refund me or carry what i had over to my new game i had to create. So if it wouldve let me keep my old game i had going id be giving 5 stars but i aint . good game though.

    Michelle Jinks November 30, 2015
    It updated now it doesnt want to work at all I am lucky if it even loads up and i constantly get a pop up saying dino pets as failed.fix it and ill reconsider

    Dominic Homer April 4, 2016
    It is so annoying that when it loads to Dino’s smile. When it,s there it pause I don’t like it please. LOAD ITCompletely or else I am giving it 5 stars ??