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Express your creativity, the game designed by fashion lovers for fashion lovers.


My granddaughter loves the app and I do too.I have played it constantly – is a lot of fun designing clothes.But now I have an issue with getting on.Since Samsung did the last update,the app freezes at the “setting up the boutique” part right in the beginning and when I switched phones before,I was able to restore most of my purchases but am no longer able to buy things or use the gift cards.

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So you want to be a fashion star?? Join an elite fashion community full of glamour, whose stylish members have created more than 50 million unique fashion designs to date in the the best of any fashion games for girls!


Express your creativity with Fashion Star Boutique®, the game designed by fashion lovers for fashion lovers because fashion girl games are fabulous!
Fashion Star boutique is one of the top fashion girl games and lets you experience the glamour of having your own fashion salon to fill full of your own creative designs.
Created by top fashion experts, Fashion Star Boutique® allows you to showcase the glamour of your personal salon and shop from more than 100 different fabulous patterns and design cuts.
Fashion Star Boutique® is one of the most fun, fabulous, fashion girl games on any mobile device!

* Be an aspiring fashion star and create a your very own fashion salon!
* One of the best fashion games for girls
* Design clothes, create a dress for any occasion and customize patterns!
* Shop in the store and choose from the hottest clothes and model your creations!
* Learn the tricks of the trade as you try to satisfy your models’ requests in this fashion game!
* Get inspired by hundreds of vogue worthy designs created by top fashion games designers who think girl games rock!
* Showcase your portfolio of designs exclusively in your very own salon boutique!
* Unlock exclusive fashion designs and high-profile clients! Hollywood, here you come!

For all the girls, women and fashionistas who love fashion girl games and are dreaming of living the life of a top fashion designer: Fashion Star Boutique® is the best of the fashion games for girls!

Download the best game for girls, Fashion Star Boutique® today and join millions of other girl designers!
Girl games are fabulous!

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App Name Fashion Star Boutique®
Developer XMG Studio
Requirements Android 2.2 and up
Package com.xmg.fsb

User reviews

Cheryl Keifer May 11, 2017
My granddaughter loves the app and I do too.I have played it constantly – is a lot of fun designing clothes.But now I have an issue with getting on.Since Samsung did the last update,the app freezes at the “setting up the boutique” part right in the beginning and when I switched phones before,I was able to restore most of my purchases but am no longer able to buy things or use the gift cards.

Adria Alex June 21, 2015
So, I recently downloaded this after about a year or so because I really liked this game, and I wanted to see if there had been any improvements. There has. Gameplay isn’t laggy anymore! It runs really smoothly. I was so happy until maybe the 3rd time I opened the app and all my progress was lost. I had made it to level 4. I decided to delete the app and redownload it. The same thing happened. I made it to level 5 this time. I’m deleting it again and it’s going to stay that way until this gets resolved.

Jeana D January 16, 2014
If the ads were better timed, there were more things you could buy with coins, and it didn’t take so long for new requests to regenerate it would be a definite five stars.I’m on level 12 and as long as you exit the game correctly you’re data won’t be lost. -scratch that I just made it to level 13 and it sent me back to the beginning. Now it’s stuck on the main menu… I love this game just I wish I could easily play it without any hassle.

Kait Nurrenberg December 22, 2015
When I first played this game, it seemed a lot better. You used to be able to choose which pieces you archived, and could put together outfits to sell.If we could create collections and then choose what to put in it instead of having it all dumped into one whenever the portfolio gets full that would be way better. Also cannot edit any material or decoration without the entire piece having to be scrapped. None of the materials i selected will show up after editing even if they looked fine before editing…

Ari Perawiti March 25, 2014
This wuld b a cool game if it ddnt keep klozn itself all the tym.. i nli gt2 lvl2 nd it decides2 kut owt n me..nt cool@ all thtz y i gayv it 1 star.. whu.eva bort diiz gaym owt..sort ur sht b4 ptn it owt thur4 evry1 2 play iit.. pisz me of wen iit dnt wrk azwel.. chur..

Ash Dobbins March 5, 2015
Compared to a lot of fashion show apps its pretty good kinda reminds me of Jojo’s Fashion Show but I wish the game would have a better way to win gift cards… They’re hard to come by without paying plus before you know it you are out of cards. Also the game freezes a lil bit .

Rachael Reeder June 2, 2013
I was led to believe everything I talked about before in my previous review had been fixed. I wasn’t getting stuck on the loading screen and my data wasnt reseting itself every time I pasted level 8. I was at LEVEL 21! I was seriously considering paying for a clothing pack. Glad I didn’t waste my money! Out of no where all of my saved data is dropped AGAIN…. seriously? Wtf!

Catlina Dances November 24, 2015
A lot of locked content, but -you get to earn a lot of it by levelling up. Just don’t bother with the free ticket stuff I have yet to get an offer to pay. Tried many of these fashion games and this one is the best, though I wish you had the option of putting together an outfit and maybe more versatility with layers of fabric n lace. Still a lot of fun and lots of choices!

Silica Yui Dalua June 2, 2015
I love this game so much. One day I open it and it said something about losing my progress and if I wanted to restore it so of course I said yes and before I clicked that I noticed that I was at level 1 and 1000 coins. Next thing I know the game shuts down and when I opened the game I was back at level 1 and my money was all out. It didn’t even let me go to my clients or the next screen basically. Please help me I love this game and I would’ve given it a 5 if that didn’t happen. P.S. I was at level 10.

Emily Osteen January 31, 2017
Don’t listen to what I said before this game is addicting. I love designing clothes. This game combines my two favorites things, good apps and designing clothes. U should get it. If you don’t you whill live with the regret your hole life:-)oh, and this is for ari perwati. What language do you speak? Because that’s not English. Learn how to spell girl!!!

Atiyyah Fayers June 21, 2016
The game is okay if u think that so good i am definitely downloading this game by just lookin at the pictures you just wasting your wifi or data cause you may think its that nice but its not it just a boring regular game there is somthing beter u should donwload thanthis

Sivani Rajesh April 17, 2016
I really liked the game. But the graphics and quality of the materials is very poor. Also,it would’ve been more interesting to play if we could expand our area, and have our own boutique and enable us to decorate and buy furniture and mannequins instead of letting us have another floor and that too at level 17.

Monica Hulen September 27, 2015
Update: 9/27 uninstalling. Wiped my progress AGAIN. Update: 9/25/15 LOST ALL PROGRESS I was level 11 had several design portfolio’s and had 14 gift cards, over $100,000, several design packages bought, and some unlocked. NOT HAPPY.I like it.Should be more content,more FREE content.Not gonna spend real money in a game like this.Lol.But it’s fun to play every now and then.

Ashley Soard July 12, 2015
Pretty much umm I just got it and u basically have to buy everything. If u have money go for it lmao I’m kinda broke so.. haha but really like I’m looking Around andeverything is nice realistic and cool. So many things to choose from but real Money buys it!!!? yeah

Manii GodsChild May 25, 2016
This game is the most “awesomest” game ever. Especially for a girly girl like my self who loves fashion. But, just a few things could we design shoes and accessories like bags and jewelry. If those things were a added this app would fly throgh the roof. Thank you so much for creating this app.

Kailey Smolarek November 26, 2013
I have played this game like for three hours strate today and it seemed awesome. My friend has this game and she bought the full thing and I played on her Ipad on that game and it was sooooooo fun so I think you should try it I think you will like it to. If you think this is true then rate this gameand I will read it like u read mine. Have an awesome thanksgiving!

Lourdes Sherman January 4, 2015
I won’t lie…..I love this game! It feels soooooo realistic. 1 problem:I don’t like the fact that when you pass a level and you have to choose th3 pack of clothes designs and new fabric… have to pay u money or give gift cards then go threw the whole process again

Keilidh Hicks June 21, 2016
After 3 days of having this installed, I was told the memory was corrupted and asked if I would like to reinstate any purchases I had made. As I have made no purchases,I was not too concerned. As soon as I say yes or no, however, it closes the app and then refuses to open again. FIX THIS BUG. I love this game be cause it is actually so unique.

Divinagracia, Solis Law Office August 19, 2013
Hey the name above is not mine, okay?The game is really awesome but in the Apple you can mix and match outfits and I noticed there were none in Android. Please add these.Hey, please minus packs coz it’s expensive and most people don’t have a credit card. Still, I like it.

kimmy Price March 8, 2015
Deleted all of my progress and then refused to load. This game was actually quite fun and I enjoyes it. It wasn’t like the other fashion games designed for four year olds but it keeps deleting the progress. If you could fix this, I would really appreciate it

Pam Hill October 9, 2015
Need to fix this one went all the way through levels and then lost everything plus Mooney out of my pocket. Redownloaded it and it happened again at level 9so yes u need to fix this app or take it off completely!!!! Or give credit back and don’t do downloads to get free cards cause that don’t work either!!!! Here again downloaded and played to level 24 and lost everything again and even money out of pocket u would think l would have learned my lesson but no like the game to much u need to fix the bug!!!!!

Meranie McGuire June 16, 2013
I love the game but, I had a system problem last night, and deleted EVERTHING.I was on LEVEL 30! I had deleted this app last year because of this same problem. I hope you can fix this, because I will uninstall and lower my rating again.I have just now lowered my rating again because it just had another “critical error”! It was working perfectly, then I answered a text, then BOOM! It doesn’t work AGAIN. Only install if you are faithful and patient

Areneshell Copeland July 2, 2013
Love the clothes and clients. Wish there was a shoes category to choose for each outfit. Developers were quick to address an issue I had with a purchase. Finding what each client’s hidden likes are can become tedious when they tend to like most of the things you haven’t purchased. Otherwise it’s pretty good.

LaLa Fuentes May 24, 2013
I was loving this game until I got to level 18 with almost 400000 coins, it crashed & I lost everything!!! All my designs I created & unlocked,coins, gift cards, as well as patterns that I’ve purchased with my own money. The game in itself is great. I wish you didn’t have to buy so many outfits & patterns to play. You’ll have fun playing but be prepared to lose all your progress at any given time.

UnknownAugust 20, 2015
This game is pretty good. I wish though, it didn’t take so long to level up. I also wish they constantly gave you new clothes and prints. Also I played it for a while then it put me back at level one….?

Rhi Drew July 6, 2013
This game has reset himself. I had 50,000 coins, I was on level 10 and I’d bought 4 or 5 design packs and it’s all gone! Unbelievable. I expect a full refund and if I don’t get one you had better look out!!

Jillian Brady August 14, 2013
Why do you guys have a way to get free gift cards for downloading otger things when you don’t even credit us after we did what you asked?Horrible. What’s the point in things costing giftcards when you can’t even get them unless u physically pay with real money? No one wants to waste their money on a game. This is a joke.

pankhuri kanodia March 17, 2014
The app is great bt needs minor buds fixed…Like we remove some decorations it is still visible on d dress… n some of d decorations are nt visible.. Please make d mentioned changes… n the app wud b worth 5 stars… N I lost all my progress… I opened it tday..Please respond to the changes mentioned above… ?

Chavelle Young December 29, 2015
If your into fashion and have a creative side, you’ll be into this game! It’s fun, not too time consuming but a great time killer. The card concept is a little annoying but you can still do alot without them.

Melvina Prasad July 31, 2013
The concept of the game is good, but the screen keeps going black or the game closes. Also when you download other games to get free gift cards, it doesn’t show up. Please fix the game, because for now I’m deleting the game. Notify me when you fix all the problems.

Patricia Richardson April 23, 2014
I lost everything I had! Designs, clothing, material, clients, money, gift cards, style points, everything! It keeps saying Error and to restore purchases, but what’s the point? Back to level one. Absolutely unacceptable! Please fix it it’s a very extraordinary game. I’d hate to see it be another rip off.

Quinlan Kubacak June 30, 2013
It will go to “setting up your boutique”. It wilk load all the way, then the application just stops itself. Ive tried it at least 10 times. It just wont go. Im frustrated and inabout to uninstall it.

Julee Stone June 26, 2013
Was my favorite then all my stuff go deleted and I can’t even go past the first page. And I hate the pop ups in the beginning. I’m sad it did this deg would be 5 stars if it worked

Andrea Luna August 27, 2014
Response from tech support:Dear Customer,The best we can do is provide gift cards in Fashion Star Designer as we will not be updating Fashion Star Boutique in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience but there is nothing we can do at this time. Please continue to play Fashion Star Designer as there will be so many more fun events coming up!–Customer Service TeamXGM Studio Inc

Brittani Grove December 19, 2013
I LOVE this game. Its so AWESOME. There should be more games like this. I LOVE it. ? ? :-P.One problem though i should have gotten a free gift card but didn’t that’s why its 4 stars SORRY.I WANT MY GIFT CARD!

Kanjana C.Chaichot September 7, 2013
Please get fix the error done urgently. I have brought some items in this game yesterday but today it’s all gone only the word “sorry cannot load,critical error…”. This is not acceptable. Bring my money back. Do not cheat others money this way.

JoJo P June 17, 2013
I played for a few days, even payed $ to get a package.. and all of a sudden it went back to level 1…lost all coins and can’t even play. Emailed the creators and they never got back to me. Only reason it got 1star is because it wouldn’t let me give it s zero!

Ashley Goodrich July 31, 2013
My saved data keeps getting dropped every other day. I’ve restarted 3 times and I’ve deleted and reinstalled about 4 I’m getting upset now.please fix it. Currently deleting till problem is fixed. So glad I didn’t pay for anything yet

Angie Grenade February 8, 2016
This game used to be good now its a joke.The game continuously lags, the packages pretty much all have to be paid for, not enough gift cards to start the game off with, and when trying to purchase or select an item it doesnt select s***. I used to play on my samsung s3 and thought that was the reason why it was the way it was but now i got a samsung s6 and the issues are the same. Fixx the game guys. This USED to be a good game

V Ring August 28, 2013
I loved playing this game.That is until SponsorPay started taking DAYS to verify my completion of offers to get free gift cards (necessary to really engage in the game and move forward), on offers with a projected wait time for verification of mere minutes per SponsorPay themselves.Thus, you end up having to pay for the gift cards to successfully play the game although you may have been “lured” in by the offer of free cards by the developer.Shady.

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