Fireman’s Love Story

Firemans Love Story – Rescue, Uber Date, Proposal, Wedding, Pregnant Game FREE


The first time u play it is fun but then it getsboring so its ok

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Jake is a Fireman. He saved Emily’s life from a burning house. Emily found he is great guy and she kind of likes him. This game is about their love story. A wonderful girls game.

1. Fireman’s preparation: A house is on fire. Jake need to be prepared to put out the fire.

2 . Save the girl: There is a girl in the burning house. Jake need to find out a way to save the girl. Please help him.

3. Date: Jake saved Emily from the burning house. Emily wanted to thank Jake, so she asked Jake out for a dinner. Before that she need makeup and dressup herself. And then she fell in love with Jake.

4. Marriage: Wearing beautiful wedding suits and gowns, Jake and Emily are going to have a wedding ceremony. Are you curious about how’s the wedding going? Do you want to witness the touching moment?

5. Pregnant: After one year’s married life, Emily is pregnant. As a considerate husband, Jake takes care of Emily every day waiting for their child. Could you help Jake to look after of Emily?
If you are finding a kids game, this will the one.

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What’s New

Fix a crash bug.

App Name Fireman’s Love Story
Requirements Android 4.0 and up

User reviews

Melodie Richmond May 25, 2017
The first time u play it is fun but then it getsboring so its ok

UnknownAugust 13, 2017
It good but need more levels u know

UnknownOctober 16, 2017
خیلی قشنگه ??

باران نجاتی August 20, 2017

Barnana French April 18, 2017
DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME EEEVVVEER! at first i thought it was going to start up and not do the same as the game policeman’s love story did. But i was wrong. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL!

UnknownMarch 30, 2017
It is good and for children bianca

Ewan Boyd April 5, 2017
I can’t get it to work ??????????

Charles Becks July 6, 2016
You shouldn’t have to unlock a lot of things most of the minnie games you have to get a hi score and it makes no sense because yo are timed and the floppy bird one gives you a lot of bad stuff more than good so pleas fix it ????

EM videos July 3, 2016
You just haveto do the same thing over and over again and it’s also really slow I would not recommend it to anyone and none of these sort of games are good because there’s just no point in it

Cassie Fox2516 July 13, 2016
I’m not a big fan of Coco Games, but I still kind of like then, but also they take a lot of your storage which is a big bummer for me, in this case.

UnknownJuly 17, 2016
This game is really awesome you should get it and play it all the time because kids would love it just like me morghan.

Chanté Bam July 15, 2016
I like it I really do, but we have to watch stupid videos to unlock the stuff, and play mini games to. But it is a awesome awesome game. !!!

owlet1963 July 20, 2016
Riddled with ads that interfere with the game about every two minutes. Are you out of your mind?

Luke May July 13, 2016
Stop saying dis game is STUPID!!

Lauren Davis August 7, 2016
All you do is mostly waste your time playing mini games and that does nothing

King Anell July 10, 2016
Really extremely boring, basically if you’re not a 2 yr old

UnknownSeptember 6, 2016
I don’t like this game very muchso many items are locked

Nalajha Campbell July 6, 2016
this is my first time playing this game an I now that I will love this game

Charvi Sharma July 13, 2016
It’s a great game for small children but for me it’su know a ok-ok game

SugarEzra Gamer July 6, 2016
It is the best game ever the best part is there is no ads!

Diana Suny July 1, 2016
خیلی باحاله در واقع فوق العادس حتما دان کنید به امتحانش می ارزه

Youtube Lauren10 July 18, 2016
Good game,fun but u have to unlock things

Hasan shariar July 29, 2016
there is no happy ending in this game.

xyza hermosilla August 19, 2016
I like it beacauase more fun more kilig.!

Honey Bee July 4, 2016

Amanda Mc Shane July 12, 2016
So good I just love the romance in it

Darren Davis July 3, 2016
No ads at all better than all if the games on eath

jeremy webster July 26, 2016
it is a good game

تینا حسینی August 22, 2016
یک نمره برای قفل بودن چیز هاش کم می کنم

UnknownOctober 15, 2016
خیلی بازیشو دوست دارم من دختر 8ساله

Balachandra Bhat November 1, 2016
Games only required for lovers.

ali ezatifar November 11, 2016
تصویر زشت زشت نیست عکس شکم زن نشان میدهید

Alaynna Sta Maria July 5, 2016
Looks cool to me!

عرفان نادری August 28, 2016
خوب است ولی یک مرحله دارد با سه. جور ادم

UnknownNovember 26, 2016
همین الان نصبش کردم و نمیدونم چطوریه ولی امید وارم خوب باشه

Tootise Pop July 11, 2016

Mohadeseh Fallah August 4, 2016
Thanks for your games

Caroline Baker-knowles August 18, 2016
Thelis app is great

A Google User July 24, 2016
So much

Hadis Vahidnezhad August 7, 2016
بد نبود