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Kids These Days And Their Dating Apps


Wouldn’t Even Load I downloaded this app and opened it eagerly havinghigh expectations. (Reading the reviews.) But to my dismay, the app WOULDN’T EVEN LOAD. I opened it and it froze or something in the beginning when it was stating the creator. Maybe it’s just my phone… but if not please fix this or advise me how I can to get a five star review.

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Jason met a girl on a dating app.

Now Jason’s meeting her in person.

The choices you make and the chances you take determine his fate.

App Name Flix and Chill Demo
Developer Jason Lovett
Requirements Android 2.3 and up
Package com.JasonLovett.NetflixAndChill

User reviews

Candrise Luna November 8, 2016
I downloaded this app and opened it eagerly havinghigh expectations. (Reading the reviews.) But to my dismay, the app WOULDN’T EVEN LOAD. I opened it and it froze or something in the beginning when it was stating the creator. Maybe it’s just my phone… but if not please fix this or advise me how I can to get a five star review.

Developer Jason Lovett November 11, 2016 Not sure why that’s happening to you. I think it may just be your phone. Sorry about that!

Nakeisha Reyes July 16, 2017
I loved it I tried it two times. The first she almost left but I got her to kiss Jason, the second time I tried right now Marta didn’t even whant to leave. It was very intertaining

Adamaris Vazquez June 30, 2017
Right after it said,”better get things set up,” it didn’t do anything.The screen froze but the annoying music kept playing

Emmie Morehouse October 18, 2016
Right after Jason said “better get things set up” my screen froze and I tried again but it still froze. I have seen videos and it looks like a good game but it does not work for me.

Laura RobloxGaming and More July 3, 2016
I won I will tell you all what to do so you give her a high five then when she said where yo talking to your self say yes then pick the one that has a d then say sea animals then make a move then play a game choose dare and do moon walk then when she choose truth say what’s your deepitse darkest seacrte then when she leaves say I might not see you again then ? kiss her

Danielle French May 22, 2016
This was made by a guy, so I didn’t expect being nice would get the girl. Being a dick = everything the girl wants. Lol. Still fun to play

Jordan Patatoe March 25, 2017
ITS AWSOMEBut what u can change is to make it longer How to win the game :When u guys play truth or dare she tells u to do a dance click moonwalk and then she says truth ask her what she thinks about u she will say something and tell apoligize next she miht leave so tell her to stay longer and if she says she cant get up and click the button that says u really like her and then kiss her and u have a great end ✌?❤

UnknownAugust 11, 2016
When u open da door then do hand shake when she says were u talking to yourself?Then u say yes when she says what are we watching?u say document When she says about what u say Oceanic life she says I LOVE ocean animals…10 minutes later U say its a little hard to get to know the person How about we move on to something a little bit interesting she says bout what U make a move Then u with draw but dont apologise U say well I try she says yup Then when u say lets play a game u say truth or dare!She says u go first sence u thought of it she says So truth or DARE u say truth she says what do u think about me u say your a bae and do the rest on your own ur welcome ?

Tegan February 15, 2017
I won ? At the start you give her a high five when she asks if you were talking to yourself back there press the button that says yesthen watch a documentry about sea animals she will say that she loves sea animals then you will sit down on the sofa and watch then after 10 minutes play truth or dare you need to do dare choose twerk then she will do truth ask her what she thinks of you then once she has said whatever she needs to say press the top button then wait for her to talk then after 20 minutes ask her to stay a bit longer then stand up and convince her to stay a little longer and tell her that you really like her then kiss her she will stay a while longer.??? like this if you have won ????

Alexis Ware August 3, 2016
It took me 2 times but I got it do dare and ask truth and when she denies persist and at the end keep convincing her and when u say u might not see her again kiss her ( also for Netflix put on documentary then ocean life)

UnknownFebruary 26, 2017
I CAN’T BEAT THE GAME THE DIRECTIONS SOMEONE SAID MAKE NO SENCE!!! (other than that it’s a pretty goodgame) p.ssomeone PLEASE tell me how to beat th3game.

thomas 0810 November 11, 2016
I just watch guava juice vid and I thinked that I should download this app so my crush will love me she said:if I don’t download this game she I’ll won’t love me

miles fich August 22, 2016
I beat it on the first try i played with my cousin and she cryed its just weird

Luxby Rainbow July 26, 2017
It was really bad as soon as he said I just need to get a few things sorted it just froze completely. Really bad game don’t get it

Shadow Reaper March 19, 2017
It just kept freezing and at every ending she leaves it does not make any sense I tried every caption but she still left

Flower Panda July 14, 2016
You just have to be kinda a dick about what you say to her and when you go in for a move don’t apologize she kisses you at the end….HAPPY ENDING??

Lauren B February 18, 2017
I wouldn’t have won the game if it wasn’t for a Google user with the puppy dog bubble. ? thanks, so if you’re new and want to win then go read his/her comment ?

It’s Tegan January 25, 2017
1 thing I don’t get (witch might seem creepy) is nexflix and chill means sex and they don’t have sex ??

Page Hakim March 5, 2016
Because being a decent human being doesn’t get you laid apparently.

Carol Wallace April 6, 2017
When I played this game it would not let me go back to my home screen!!! This game sucks

UnknownMay 16, 2017
As soon as he said I’ll get a few things set up it froze

Amy Moore May 30, 2017
Once I was on the app he walked to the door and just stood there swaying from side to side

Hanna Rodriguez February 19, 2016
You are done with it and start all over!!! ??

UGX Gabe February 18, 2017
So sadAt the end she does not like you

UnknownApril 9, 2017
Anymore how’s the game did it freeze you have to click on the speaker

UnknownJuly 1, 2017
It was good but you can never make the girl stay that’s what I don’t like about it it’s just so stupid after that please fix that whoever made this cuz if you don’t you’re so dumb

Blossom TheGuamPom July 25, 2017
I follow the link below to do it doesn’t work

UnknownDecember 15, 2016
Terrible. same results every time… F*uck this game

Daniel plaz peace February 3, 2017
This a replyyou need to present on the TV wann Jason’s said need to get a few thingsreadybut it’s good

Sue Krenzelok July 12, 2016
Well I certainly did not Lovett

Family Challenges July 1, 2017
Amazing…for anyone who says it freezes have you true tapping on the tv,lamp and door this is an interactive game

UnknownFebruary 13, 2017
So hard please tell me how to bet it

Gabby Akerele July 25, 2017
Make the full version free this was boring

Anime Bae January 4, 2017
It’s super awaited at some point and ya like aww shi- a and then be like lmao

H30COW jr July 15, 2016
I beat it on the fist try to esy ha ha I got the chill

UnknownOctober 10, 2017
I think this game is good to play but if the real version was free I would definitely give it a five star

Gammer coolz January 1, 2017
I’m the guy to test this game in 10 yo

skyelol August 27, 2016

Bill Quinn July 26, 2017
I try to get the ending with them cuddling but I tried a bunch of times and it did not work why?

Najaharae’s World March 10, 2017
It was so funny but I wish the characters had faces and I wish I could be a girl as my character but other that that it fun