Glow Chain Reaction

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HEY EVERYONE!, I sent an request to Dev – he replied THIS GAME IS [ONLY A?!DEMO] w/ NO FUTURE UPDATES – this is it. SO IF U LIKE IT BE KIND!!

User Rating: ( 231 ratings )

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What is the best time-killing game?
Chain Reaction must be one of the answers.

Just one touch to start the chain reaction.

*** Normal game is the original game.
** The world ranking only display the records who do not delete the game.

1, Colorful glow graphics.
2, Normal mode
3, Stage mode
4, World Ranking System

What’s New

Chain Reaction Live Wallpaper is available!!
Click the bottom left button to download.

App Name Glow Chain Reaction
Developer Lazy Developer
Requirements Android 1.5 and up

User reviews

A Google User November 11, 2012
HEY EVERYONE!, I sent an request to Dev – he replied THIS GAME IS [ONLY A?!DEMO] w/ NO FUTURE UPDATES – this is it. SO IF U LIKE IT BE KIND!!

Angie Dominic May 22, 2013
I have tried loads of these sort of games and this is the worst. It doesn’t tell you how many you are getting or even how many you got at the end of each level, just that you passed. Where is the challenge? It is also far too easy making it boring. Uninstalling.

A Google User June 9, 2011
@Anthony, mute is in the bottom right corner. Beat the game already but I still come back to try to beat my high scores.:)

A Google User November 15, 2012
The first two stages were a little challenging, after that it was way to easy.The whole game took less then ten minutes to finish.

Tobbie Smith March 31, 2013
Can’t play if I can’t see the game. ?

A Google User May 25, 2013
Would be better if as a ball pops another one comes up to take its place, effectively making it endless.

Anthony Mark Walton June 7, 2014
Out of all the chain reaction games I have,this is my favourite one and most visually pleasing. Thank you developers.

A Google User April 8, 2011
Its fun my mom likes it to just needs more levels then it will be awsome

A Google User December 29, 2011
Could be 5 stars if it were a bit more challenging, and had more levels. However,its good for what it is.

A Google User August 26, 2011
Hellishly unstable, regularly locks up on SGS2. Otherwise a lot of fun, very addictive.

A Google User November 6, 2011
Fun but gets easier as it goes along

A Google User June 3, 2012
Fun gameonly flaw finished it under 5 mins

A Google User March 15, 2012
Higher levels need to be more difficult, but was fun to play.

A Google User January 18, 2012
Pretty nice but actually gets easier over the levels

A Google User August 9, 2011
Simple, fun and addictive. Brilliant.

A Google User June 25, 2011
Very fun game. Just wish there were more levels

A Google User August 11, 2012
Love this chain reaction app.It’s sooooooo fun and gorgeous!!!!!!

A Google User July 21, 2011

Darren G November 3, 2016
Simple but fun and visually attractive.

A Google User May 10, 2011
Too easy, too short. Desire HD.

A Google User May 31, 2011
Fun, but way too short.

A Google User October 4, 2011
LOVE this game, so addicting!!

A Google User June 10, 2011
It gets easier stage by stage…

A Google User October 29, 2011
Cool and fun :[]
A Google User October 12, 2011
Very addictive…

A Google User March 10, 2011
Cool game.

A Google User March 3, 2011
HATE NEW SFX. Also a bug which does not allow me to play levels I have already passed. THIS IS A BUG NOT A GAMEPLAY FEATURE. Uninstalles

A Google User March 1, 2011
More levels!i already beat it!-_-” 4 1/2 its fun but not as good as tower defense! ? Great work!u guys go check tower defense out too! ^_^

A Google User February 23, 2011
One of my bosses made this game it’s highly addictive to bad i can’t play it at work.

A Google User March 6, 2011
Very fun but still need to work on world ranking I should be sixth but it says im ranked 0. Also add option of mute plz.

A Google User February 26, 2011
Love it

A Google User February 19, 2011
Great game but the annoying sounds ruin it not sure if mute is availabe, but it should be.

A Google User February 19, 2011
Beautiful colors. Kinda’ fun. Needs more levels! ?

A Google User April 7, 2012
Played for about 5 seconds after I installed it and then it froze It was to larry so I couldn’t enjoy playing it for the 5 secondsThere was too much lag to enjoy the game for the 5 seconds I played it Before the force stop. HTC ZTE

Samantha Hall May 18, 2013
Don’t get do u just press the dot

A Google User October 11, 2012
Boring and short

A Google User July 19, 2012
I enjoy thus time waister .

Gabriel Rodriguez December 28, 2013
Stupid game