Hidden Objects: Mystery Society HD Free Crime Game

Find the Hidden Objects! Solve all new puzzles, crimes and mysteries!


Love the game can play on line or off its very addicting

User Rating: ( 124,603 ratings )

Screenshot Hidden Objects: Mystery Society HD Free Crime Game

Hidden Objects: Mystery Society HD Free Crime Game screenshot
Hidden Objects: Mystery Society HD Free Crime Game screenshot
Hidden Objects: Mystery Society HD Free Crime Game screenshot
Hidden Objects: Mystery Society HD Free Crime Game screenshot

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    The MYSTERY SOCIETY needs your help in this fun, exciting and addictive Hidden Object Adventure game!

    For decades a small group of detectives have come together in secret to solve puzzles and investigate crimes. Crime feels like a daily occurrence. Precious jewels and items are being stolen left and right by mischievous thieves.

    The secret society has been watching you and specifically sought you out to join their prestigious team. Become the best detective! Climb your way to the top as the greatest detective and help solve crimes throughout Europe! Find hidden objects in Paris, London, Venice, Athens, Berlin, Istanbul, and more!

    Solve mysteries and complete quests in a city fraught with crime and suspense! Find fun Hidden Objects and unravel Europe’s most baffling mysteries!

    Join millions of other players and solve crimes involving the theft of precious jewels and heirlooms!

    From the makers of Hidden Object Blackstone Free and Relic Match 3: Jewel Mystery!

    Features of Mystery Society:
    • Find stolen items all over Europe!
    • Complete city quests to advance!
    • No Internet connection required to play!
    • Investigate scandals and solve fun puzzles!
    • Tons of beautiful city levels and items to search for!
    • Interact and trade information with the colorful cast!
    • Look for precious items and jewels by word, image, outline and more!
    • Earn all 10 fun Achievements to prove you are the best!
    • Hints available to help you search for heirlooms!
    • Pinch and zoom feature to find smaller missing relics if necessary!
    • Connect with other popular games like Blackstone for daily rewards!
    • Send amazing bonuses, rewards and boosters to your Facebook friends!
    • Trade and earn amazing rewards in each city!
    • A free find the picture mystery game!
    • Download the best android game today!
    • Includes Solitaire, Match 3 puzzles and other fun minigames!

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    What’s New

    Improvements to memory usage and loading times.

    App Name Hidden Objects: Mystery Society HD Free Crime Game
    Developer Tamalaki
    Requirements Android 2.3.3 and up
    Package com.tamalaki.hogmysterysociety

    User reviews

    Christina Lawson October 23, 2017
    Love the game can play on line or off its very addicting

    Developer Tamalaki March 2, 2017 Thank you for your kind words Christina! Enjoy playing!

    norjannah harun October 23, 2017
    Not bad.Sometime so hard.

    PriscaMary Campbell October 22, 2017
    Too much noise.

    Developer Tamalaki October 24, 2017 I’m sorry to hear that you don’t enjoy the game PriscaMary. Can you please explain a bit more what you mean bytoo much noise. Thank you!

    UnknownOctober 23, 2017
    It’s keep you on your toes

    Ekkarat Lert October 24, 2017
    good game. addicted

    Jimmy Tennart October 23, 2017
    Great game to play when u have free time on ur hands

    Becky Doan October 24, 2017
    Helps me keep my mind sharp.

    Developer Tamalaki October 24, 2017 Great to hear Becky, thank you!

    UnknownOctober 22, 2017
    It’s ok

    Developer Tamalaki October 24, 2017 If you have any suggestions to make the game better, please let us know!

    UnknownOctober 24, 2017
    Therapeuticafter a long day

    Christine Castle October 20, 2017
    Enjoying it, so far

    Sally Guinn October 22, 2017
    I love this game.

    Developer Tamalaki October 24, 2017 Great to hear Sally!

    Victoria Chan October 24, 2017
    Itt’s very addictive…

    Lisa Doss October 22, 2017
    I absolutely love it

    Developer Tamalaki October 24, 2017 Thank you for your kind words Lisa!

    Karen Boardman October 24, 2017
    Very challenging game

    Normal human gaming October 24, 2017
    Relaxing and a little addictive

    John Paul Javier October 21, 2017
    Nice game

    sahil tumulu October 22, 2017

    Rebecca Lowe October 23, 2017
    Love this game

    Telia Barrow October 23, 2017
    I love it

    Developer Tamalaki October 24, 2017 Thank you for your kind words Telia!

    Marc Harris October 22, 2017
    Good game

    Amanda Fuller October 23, 2017
    Good game

    Wendy Copley October 23, 2017
    Good game

    Developer Tamalaki October 24, 2017 Thank you Wendy!

    Chingky Ching Sweetbiatch October 22, 2017

    UnknownOctober 22, 2017

    kris kuki October 24, 2017

    Afreen Tarannum October 24, 2017

    Annalisa soto October 24, 2017

    DrkAzmodaus October 4, 2017
    Overall crappy generic item find game. With the stamina system I can blow through about 24 hours of saved up stamina points in about 6mins at lvl 18. Sure you can watch videos for 30-35 Stam which is one lvl which lasts under 1 min while the videos are at least that much. Also through constant spam to buy items to make the game easier can also lock up your game forcing restarts. Certain game modes are really boring and not very fun and they seem to be the favorite game modes to spam for the devs. Overall you are better with any of the other item find games imo.

    Tanya Jansen October 4, 2017
    I go to collection I request 50 gifts almost everyday .I get nothing in return. This has been a problem for months.I do updates 3 times a week. If it starts working the way it should I will rate this a 5 .Blackstone society does the same thing

    Developer Tamalaki April 27, 2016 Hi Tanya, we’re sorry you’re friends are unresponsive. You can unfriend them and look for new friends. Try our Facebook page to find more active friends! We hope this helps.

    Michelle Herring October 3, 2017
    I am addicted. This game is challenging but also helps me relax after long work days. I really enjoy it and so does my husband. Two thumbs up!!

    shelley reid October 19, 2017
    I started with thev2nd one first and had no idea what I was doing , it was fun but I didn’t know what to do with the stuff I was collecting, so I installed this one to learn. So far so good. Haven’t had the glitches that the second one

    Rachel Stewart September 20, 2017
    Just wish it wasn’t so sensitive. If my finger is not perfect on an item it takes my points away. Frustrating!! Other than that good game.

    UnknownOctober 6, 2017
    I have only just started playing. But am addicted already. Excited to hand in another collectionand do some more trading.

    UnknownOctober 5, 2017
    This game is interesting. It doesn’t bore me. But, it would be better if there are more plots. I tend to feel something is missing if there are no plots. But, the graphics & the scoring are awesome. So, that’s a big plus.

    UnknownSeptember 19, 2017
    Awesome game but sometimes it’s hard to get the objects your searching for because the screen wont allow you to get it even if your tapping the object

    kathi worley September 23, 2017
    The game is great as the objects do change up and the clock gets faster. However its always telling you to trade in collections you dont have yet.

    Wendy Smith October 9, 2017
    Entertaining.Problems with software (i.e., slow charging, solitaire game card freeze), but all in all enjotable.

    UnknownOctober 13, 2017
    Love this game! Its very addictave..just the energizer thing should be taken away..its really slow to re-energize! it & love it!

    Paula Bonnin October 3, 2017
    I dislike the fact that I have to start from the beginning since I got a new tablet.

    Rozee Mayo October 15, 2017
    Just started playing this type of gameand so far your’shas been my favoriteout of 6 differenttypes. Moves pretty fast so you don’t get bored.