HonorBound (RPG)

Lead your army to victory! Battle 1000s of heroes in the epic RPG HonorBound!


I mean really? I leave a 2 star rating yesterday talking about how the game still has the bugs it did two years ago when I last played and enjoyed it after re-downloading. I wake up this morning with FIFTY THREE identical push notifications from the game. Still won’t load past 62% on the opening screen. It’s apparent JuiceBox has no intention of fixing these issues after multiple years, guess I’m on to better games.

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Screenshot HonorBound (RPG)

HonorBound (RPG) screenshot
HonorBound (RPG) screenshot
HonorBound (RPG) screenshot
HonorBound (RPG) screenshot

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    Begin your magical adventure in HonorBound today! Download now and immerse yourself in a mystical world where the likes of dragons, ogres, orcs, and even the undead wander the earth. Evil has taken root in the once peaceful world of HonorBound and it’s up to YOU to restore the balance. Are you a warrior? A rogue? A wizard, cleric or a knight? You decide!

    Ally with hundreds of different heroes to create the ultimate squad. Harness one or even all five of the mystical elements – fiery Terra, wild Primal, celestial Lunar, pure Spirit, and unknown Abyss to help defeat all that stands in your path. Recruit magical beasts, battle-tested warriors, and other allies from the world of HonorBound to assist you in your quest. Build your own unique strategy as you collect more allies and customize your squad!

    Battle in epic PVE boss fights and collect rare loot and legendary treasures. Equip these treasures to make your squad even stronger! Team up with your friends and join a clan to find even more allies to accompany you on your adventure. Test your strength in the PVP Arena against thousands of other clans to see which clan rightfully deserves the throne.

    • Free-to-play fantasy RPG!
    • English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese all supported
    • THOUSANDS of different heroes to capture, evolve, and battle!
    • Unique strategy combat system with different class strengths and weaknesses
    • 100% animated characters – bring them to life on both your phone and tablet!
    • Travel across lush and vibrant worlds, filled with valiant allies, fearful foes and unnamed beings!
    • Thousands of clans for you and your friends to team up with and forge powerful alliances
    • SFX and music scored by Bobby Tahouri, whose music can be heard in HBO’s Game of Thrones
    • Tons of monthly PVE and PVP tournaments with awesome rewards!

    Come play with over 3 million other players who have downloaded HonorBound!

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    What’s New

    What’s New in Version 3.7:
    The world of Honorbound continues to grow, and this update adds support for additional heroes and events!
    Additionally, we’ve included various bug fixes and performance improvements in this update.

    App Name HonorBound (RPG)
    Developer JuiceBox Games
    Requirements Android 2.3 and up
    Package com.juiceboxgames.honorbound

    User reviews

    Connor Fite August 17, 2016
    I leave a 2 star rating yesterday talking about how the game still has the bugs it did two years ago when I last played and enjoyed it after re-downloading. I wake up this morning with FIFTY THREE identical push notifications from the game. Still won’t load past 62% on the opening screen. It’s apparent JuiceBox has no intention of fixing these issues after multiple years, guess I’m on to better games.

    Dylan LeBlanc July 3, 2016
    Played this game about a year agoe and loved it. Had many legendary guys and admittingly paid for some of them. Then I lost my phone. Recently tried to start playing again and can’t find my account. Bummer whatever. Then I make a new account, spend 450 gems on a new monster, the game crashes and now won’t let me log in. Please fix this, this is the best game on here, or was anyways…

    Fares ZombieEpic July 1, 2017
    Nice graphic and control, but also have a same issues as other player where it have a bug to connect so i need to restart phone, and anyway maybe it game will closed soon coz i just saw a old review when 2016 and so rare to find a new review in 2017.Hope the game will improve to be better or maybe make another better game.So sorry if i make fault on this review and thanks ?

    Iggy Maximus October 15, 2016
    The new update fixed the strongbox issue, but now it seems like it takes longer for coins to fill the caves. Love the game otherwisewas whatI saidover a year or so ago. I Uninstalled the game because of the bugs and the account I linked disappeared that I put money in. Now trying to replay the game and now it won’t load. I use to love this game too. So sad.

    Stefan Manev February 29, 2016
    When im in the story mode and i click to atack someone or claim a random price on the road it takes too much time to load and its not smooth even when it is loaded.. Anyway i got spammed with 210 notifications for around 1 minute and i was like wtfff.. The game is good but it needs to get optimised. LG G3.

    Tristan Hirsch May 17, 2016
    Good game very fun and fun only thing is is that can you make the game load faster? Like when doing battles or from your kingdom to the map for me it takes so long other than that really good a must get game best RPG. Now it still keeps losing connection and I have to uninstall it and then reinstall it is have android. I looked and I have the same problem as Donald Garcia, Rob Wybrow, and DayFour

    PIXELATOR2634 September 12, 2016
    There is a glitch where the move arrow doesn’t show on the screen. Other than that its a 5 star game. It also said it would give me 100 diamonds if i rated 5 stars and I truly would do anyways but I never had gotten anything.

    Nick Zappa May 19, 2017
    I literally just got 49 notifications all at once telling me “The forces of evil are winning!” or something. That’s unacceptable. 49 notifications! What the heck?!? I actually do enjoy the game but that almost makes me want to delete the app. Edit 5/19: It did it again! Am I the only one this is happening to? I’m tired of it and and the game isn’t good enough to warrant being this annoying with it’s notifications. Deleted.

    Jay Storey January 27, 2017
    Can’t get it to load passed 59% on my galaxy tab 4, works fine on ipad 2 though so i have been able to enjoy this wicked game, reminds me of HOMM kind of, little more linear. anyone else have this issue with loading on galaxy tab 4, running the latest android OS..

    Serina Siegfried October 4, 2016
    it is lagging horribly on my Galaxy S5 and I don’t know why. When I’m on quests and tap the arrow the game freezes til I’m in the next location. The game is still playable but it’s just really annoying. Other then that the game is really amazing and if those lags would stop I would probably never stop playing it ?

    V. Deniz Unan November 13, 2016
    I used to play this game on IOS before I restarted in Android. The gameplay is really fun and I do like the hero system. One turn off is the energy system(obviously) when I am doing a quest, I suddenly run out! Besides that I can say that this game is a really nice way to spend time.

    Proximal Tangent January 1, 2017
    The game performance on the Galaxy S7 could be better as it does have nasty frame drops that cause a few seconds worth of hang. The gameplay is great though. Not very fond of the energy bar, but I can see why it’s there. Overall, I give it a 4 because the pros outweigh the cons. The only reason I’m not giving 5 is because it doesn’t run stable on my device.

    Dean Williams July 8, 2016
    This game is the definition of rpg. There are arenas, guild events, individual events, dungeons, and arenas. Anyone reading this should get this game now!! The only thing that I think should be added, is guild wars. Like guilds fight eachother, and the guild with the most points wins the guild battle, but the guild with the most points at the end of the guild war wins #1 place

    Tahnie Burlingame September 14, 2016
    This game is fun and very enjoyable! I have so much fun playing it! Only concern is that my game restarted from the beginning on my tablet. I wasn’t aware this would happen if left alone too long. I was so far into the game, too. But it’s worth doing it over again, even if it’s tedious.

    Mike D January 3, 2017
    Similar gameplay as blood brothers but you get more control over your heroes.The ability to research is fun as well. Only drawback i have noticed is that loading is kind of long. Need a friend? Enter my code 2LWH35K

    Kyle Hawkins June 17, 2016
    Can’t collect both other the things in my research so now I have no room to research. And it lags between moves in the areas. Like bad! Even on a great signal with WiFi. Other then that its one of my new favorites.*update* doesn’t lag as long as you shut off notifications. Join my guild GodSlayers. Only active players*update again* it’s been like 2 years since I’ve played and I decided to give it another try but it hasn’t changed. I cant even connect my Facebook to pull my old account! wtf

    Dave Lincoln March 10, 2016
    Played the game for 10 mins and it then froze booted me out and havent been able to connect to a server since… please assist! Finally got on once after 2 days lasted 5 mins and booted me again… great game if it ever worked…4 days of 5 mins… not a single word from creators… not worth the download!!!

    Donald Garcia February 15, 2016
    Having trouble gaining connections. When loading it always stops at 62 percent loaded and then says connection error then starts over. It only works if I restart my phone. In game it lags very bad. Please fix i love this game

    Jon Baldwin October 27, 2016
    Good game. Would be nice to see more customization. You lose diamonds after speeding things up and nothing speeds up. Couple glitches. But the biggest issue I have with this game is you need energy. Its fun but then you just have to wait for more energy. Would rather just play and enjoy the game. There other things in the game the make you wait while you earn. Why should I have to wait to play.

    Anosh Mehta July 30, 2017
    I would give this game 0 stars. As soon as it downloads data it suddenly stops working, making it a waste of space..all efforts to make it work were fruitless. Juicebox plz do sumthing about this as the game seems interesting and I would love to play it.

    Weston Robinson August 23, 2016
    It says the server won’t connect although I have perfect Internet connection. After a while of playing it says it loses connection. Then it won’t let me play again unless I restart my phone

    Douglas Wagg January 24, 2017
    It’s a really great game, my only complaint is that sometimes arrows will move when you’re walking across an area. I don’t know if it’s because of certain versions (I play it on Kindle and Samsung) But that’s the only issue i’ve seen

    Vu Quan Nguyen June 17, 2016
    I usually faced unfinishable situation in which I could not get out of battle field even when I had defeated all the enemy. At that time, I had to force the game shutdown. When reopening, the game loads to 62% then tells me that there are some problems. This happens repeatedly, so I always have to uninstall and reinstall this game. I love this game, please kindly fix this as soon as possible. My device is Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

    Todd Crawford February 21, 2017
    I don’t know if it’s just me but right after I chose my leader and these two grey walls come together with all of the emblems if the leaders on it, the game freezes and I can’t go past that point. I wish it could cuz I see a lot of good reviews about this game. But it’s a 1 star from me

    Craig Rattlesnake January 2, 2017
    Had the game for about a week now. I’ve played for a total of about 5 hours and for the rest of it, the servers have been down so I haven’t been able to log on and play. Great game. Awful servers, which is why it gets a terrible review and as well as me deleting the game.

    Joe Coon March 21, 2016
    I loved the game already but recently made a purchase. I did not get what I wanted in the purchase. I reached out the the customer service and they corrected the situation with no fuss! Would give another 5☆’s if I could!

    malcior180 February 18, 2016
    Been playing a while but my account got nabbed in a data loss which is disappointing. But the support staff was wonderfully quick and polite. I look forward to continue playing regardless of these setbacks!

    SinnSly The Gaymer October 14, 2016
    So I decided to try out a commander to see if I liked them, I didn’t looked for a way to reset my data and there was none. Needs to be implemented. I didn’t enjoy the commander I picked so I’m stuck with a mediocre one I can’t enjoy, definitely not playing, I’m not even 5 mins in. Also ridiculous loading times

    1 3 June 4, 2017
    One of my favoritest games ever! Havemt played it in a long time till recently but seems the glitches have gotten worse :(. Idunno if its my phone or they screwed up in an update. Ifypu got patience give it a try ?

    Harsh Somvanshi June 27, 2016
    It’s a really good and addictive game but the notifications bother me.. I need the notification to let me know when things are done but the frequency of them is what bothers me……..I get like over 40 notification in a minute telling me that the evil is taking over blah blah.. Pls fix and I surely will give 5 stars evn 10 if allowed

    Ryan Sanchez September 19, 2017
    Great game. But they try to get you to buy stuff with long period waiting. But what gets me mad is that it crashes so much and you have to resart it so it can play for a little and then crash again!!!! Fix this bug!! Also, it crashed my phone by semdong 100 notifications at once. And give me 100 dimonds for this review

    William S. June 8, 2016
    Game is a good concept, but the loading into battles and screens is painfully slow.Playing on s7 edge so I know it’s not my phone.

    UnknownApril 21, 2017
    This used to be my favorite game, I owned it for a long time before deleting it about 2 years back. Now though when I try to download it on my new phone I’m finding that it only let’s me in for about 10 minutes per day before crashing an saying there is a server error so I can’t access it. Although the gameplay is still just as good as it was 2 years ago I can’t enjoy it if I can’t log in. Please fix soon

    Jamie Hewson August 9, 2017
    To anyone considering this game, its great, but do not pay for anythig as i have found othrs have the exact same glitch. Devs need to fix a problem where the game loads to 62% and then tells you that the servers are down… it is game breaking. Obviously. I have made microtransactions and am not impressed by how frequently this crashes.

    Ms. Jewel Gilmore May 15, 2016
    this junk is cheese. the keeps freakingfreezingat 63%! how are you supposedto play if you can’tget on the game! if they had half star ratingthat what I would rate it! I mean like DO NOTDOWNLOAD ! !!!

    Brad Kohler September 13, 2016
    This game is great, I played it two years ago & I’m just getting back into it, however I had to make a new account because I lost my old one. If there is any way to recover my account, I would be grateful. Also, I have recently encountered a very frustrating bug that I have emailed you about. Please fix this & I will increase my rating.

    Kathrine Harvey October 21, 2016
    I loved this game a couple years ago, so I wanted to get it again but now it won’t load! It stops loading at 62% or 89%, recently I left it on the loading screen for 3 HOURS and it did not load, please fix this, I used to love this game…

    Paul Keogh March 11, 2016
    Guys, I really like playing your game but it won’t stop crashing. I have to uninstall then reinstall several times a day. Please find and fix whatever is causing the problem. I love the game, but this is getting really old and irritating.

    Emerald Rewby March 24, 2016
    Honorbound was my first mobile RPG. I would give it a ten star rating if there we’re such a thing. I would suggest to any mobile gamers, this specific game.

    Zachary Creamer February 2, 2017
    Game was fun and addicting up until 2 days after I downloaded it. The game then sent my phone around 120 notifications, all saying the same thing, which caused my phone to crash. Fun part is I turned the notifications off for the game