Jewels Crush (Start Crashing!)

Jewels Crush With five Challenges!



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Screenshot Jewels Crush (Start Crashing!)

Jewels Crush (Start Crashing!) screenshot
Jewels Crush (Start Crashing!) screenshot
Jewels Crush (Start Crashing!) screenshot
Jewels Crush (Start Crashing!) screenshot

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    Jewels crush (start crashing )

    introduction of the game:
    * Jewels crush is a traditional game in android market.
    * we introduce this game in a simple way with five challenges.
    * jewels crash game has a lot of features and game types to be suitable for all ages.

    how to play?
    * try to swap between two jewels to get three similar jewels at the least in the same orientation.
    * try to crush more to get more points.

    game types:
    in jewels crush game we have five challenges:
    * normal challenge to get the highest score before the available moves becomes zero.
    * time challenge to get the highest score before time expiration.
    * levels challenge to do the levels and get highest score.
    * tasks challenge to do the tasks and get highest score, the tasks will be harder in progress.
    * infinite challenge for training with all features and without time challenge.

    game features:
    * five types of challenge for all ages.
    * a lot of features and aids.
    * score board to show score in each game type.
    * perfect design for all android devices (phones and tablets).
    * a lot of sound effects.

    this application does not violate the copyright and does not claim to it.
    most of the images are collected under license of
    most of the sounds are collected under license of Creative Commons: by attribution 3.0.
    if you feel that we violate your copyright please contact us directly.

    try the game for free and rate us with 5 stars.

    What’s New

    * Enhanced User Experience.
    * Updated UI.

    App Name Jewels Crush (Start Crashing!)
    Developer SmileDroid
    Requirements Android 3.0 and up
    Package com.fundroid.crush.jewels

    User reviews

    Diana Neal January 15, 2017

    Developer SmileDroid January 15, 2017 Thanks for your review, we respect your vision about our game.
    If you have any suggestion to make the game better and more interesting please tell us.
    Thanks again ?

    valerie forkner December 12, 2014
    It’s not full of special graphics or sounds or power this and that , it’s just a simple game that passes the time when I can’t sleep and this is all I need to get the busy mind off of things. If your looking for bombs and bolts this is not it but I don’t need all that when I just want to relax and pass time. Give it a try

    Altagrace Corvil November 24, 2014
    It is ok the only thing I don’t like is that the ads still pop up so they still need to fix that

    Lipzpr Sanchez December 29, 2014
    Have fun playing it

    Norm Lebel December 30, 2014
    Jewels crush is a relaxing game to wind down with after a hectic day

    Tina P. Johnson November 21, 2014
    I like it it’s okay!

    Rach D December 26, 2014
    1 star is too much…..??

    Maggie Savell January 20, 2015
    Fun game

    Maria Henriquez November 28, 2014
    Good game

    Shirley Broussard October 16, 2014
    Jewels crush

    Robert Williams July 23, 2014
    Too slow/boring audio and way too many pop-ups! Deinstalling!

    Kathy Dykes July 23, 2014
    Love the game except for endless pop ups / will delete because of that

    Gina Robb August 13, 2014
    Adds kept popping up when played uninstalling

    Elizabeth Morrison July 24, 2014

    susan deel August 15, 2014
    its interesting n fun.

    Carol Burke July 30, 2014

    Willean Harraway July 19, 2014
    Love it

    Paula Holland April 16, 2014
    While I really enjoy all of the levels/ tasks, etc I’m never able to get beyond #5-game stops & returns to menu!! Very frustrating !!! And I’m getting tired of continually playing levels/ tasks 1-5!! Like to play higher,harder tasks & levels; please fix, ok? Thanks!!! Oh yeah…don’t you mean ( in description) jewels crushing, although crashing actually describes it better. LOL

    Shelly Powell April 27, 2014
    The game would be okay if the advertisement would stop popping up in front of the screen while you’re playing the game.

    Darlene Myles April 16, 2014
    Ads pop up every five seconds. Some stupid thing about eatting some nasty looking fruit I guess…. Could have given more stars…. Uninstalling it.

    Caroline Corazza May 20, 2014
    I am unloading. It is ALL ads in the middle of the game!! I give it a negative 1 rating!! Trulyawful!!

    Margie Cottrell April 29, 2014

    Patty Tyndall April 20, 2014
    Great matching game.Keeps u looking 4 matches of 3 or more jewels.

    Lorri Kendall June 9, 2014
    Nice and simple. Relaxing also. Sometime I play right before I lay down!!!

    Yvonne Cunningham May 10, 2014
    Very good apps/game.Please make my crops more easier to sell. Thanks

    Diane Singer May 29, 2014
    Fun game until the constant popup ads appear in middle of game. Will install if continues.

    Bill Lowells June 18, 2014
    A lot better than candy crush where the way to advance is to pay for extra moves and powerups

    Monique Long June 19, 2014

    Blair Wells April 26, 2014
    TOO MUCH Ads during game.

    Cyndi Wallace May 19, 2014
    Its okay. Miss the original Bedazzled.

    Marsha Smith June 23, 2014
    Fun and easy – the perfect go to for a game to help pass time.

    ISAGANI DEJESUS May 23, 2014
    Good but too slow!

    cheri roberts June 10, 2014
    Different symbols have to line up & fall it is a puzzle

    zero pogi May 13, 2014

    Dennis Montira May 16, 2014
    This game is fun

    Angela Morris April 19, 2014
    Good game like differnt levels

    Marcelle Samara April 19, 2014
    Great fun!

    Mohd Zabidi June 3, 2014

    Neno Assi May 22, 2014
    Very niceeeee game *-*

    Carolyn Herringdine June 28, 2014