Krafteers: battle for survival

What would you do to survive in a haunted island?


It’s really great. I’ve been looking a game like this one. I enjoy playing it. But I have some problems. I’ve found glitches.When I give the villagers food, they keep on eating and dont seem to be able to finish it. They cannot heal themselves. Then Im also stuck on finding a hog cub to turn it domestic. I’ve been looking to all of the places even to the small isles. But there is nothing. No hog. Just spiders. I got attacked by spiders all the time. Please fix these. The villagers and the hogs. This is a great game.

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Explore the world to collect resources, food and water, craft tools and weapons, use your creativity to build a fortress and defend yourself from a mysterious menace.

+ Develop your own strategy and tactics
+ Dynamic world
+ Random generated elements
+ Local Wi-Fi multiplayer (to be improved)

This game is still under development, there’s a lot to improve.
Please report problems or suggestions to [email protected] ?

What’s New

Fixed bugs and crashes
Game balance
Objectives order

App Name Krafteers: battle for survival
Developer Bedenke
Requirements Android 4.0.3 and up
Package com.krafteers

User reviews

Zade Zedd77 August 3, 2017
It’s really great. I’ve been looking a game like this one. I enjoy playing it. But I have some problems. I’ve found glitches.When I give the villagers food, they keep on eating and dont seem to be able to finish it. They cannot heal themselves. Then Im also stuck on finding a hog cub to turn it domestic. I’ve been looking to all of the places even to the small isles. But there is nothing. No hog. Just spiders. I got attacked by spiders all the time. Please fix these. The villagers and the hogs. This is a great game.

Ashlie Mcneff July 5, 2017
If there was anything I would change about the game it would be adding a way to plant trees like the crops, a way to grow grass or brush plants in a gated area for domestic hogs, adding different weather like rain once in a while, and light night and day music that changes to menacing during the “attacks”. Other than that I like the play style and my favorite part so far is you get to choose when to start an attack. Most other defend your base games the attack waves are timed and your ready or not regardles

Julius Tacay August 24, 2017
Love the game do far and can’t wait for more updates. Also want to point out that I’ve been stuck with taming a hog since there’s none to be found around the island. Pls fix this!

Gregory Enterprise August 2, 2017
I really love this game but there’s 2 things thats making disappointing.1. There’s a bug with your inventory depending on were you touch on your slots it comes out your inventory your character moves on the screen.2. There’s a bug with multiplayer mode when you join your friends it freezes it allows you to interact with your hud but but If you touch the floor to move or try to interact with you equipment its just frozen.I really would like this sorting with the next update an I would definitely give this game a 5 star it a great game.

Marli Bester October 8, 2017
Really like the idea, but I am having a few problems. I have failed a few waves and it sent me down two levels, but the difficulty doesn’t revert back down to the appropriate difficulty for my level. It becomes frustrating since they keep destroying my arrow towers and I keep dying, meaning I can’t progress. My domestic hogs keep dying even though I feed them and give them water constantly. Otherwise, it’s a great game and an effective time-killer.

JH3D THE REAL DEAL August 8, 2017
Ok.. Few things here… 1.I b I bought the game. 2.I liked the old version.. More islands to do… 3.I’m trying to like the new version.. I have to keep on starting over to level up… Planting crops is harder now.. Takes to long to plant anything…And it need an save data… I hate keep on starting all over and losing all my gems… I had 2000 gems at one time.. But since I start with gems I wasn’t that mad… And the life takes to long to build back up also…

Diana Difrenna October 19, 2017
The idea of the game is cool but there is a lot of cool things you could add. The pets are almost uncontrollable and the villagers are always starving but never eating, wolf’s will run wild when tamed and it’s very difficult to make a farm or take care of the villagers. Could you make the pets more like pets and stick closer or stay in a pen or something? And the villagers need to do SOMETHING!Thank you for reading this far, I’ll keep the game for now to see future updates..

NotDank Yet July 28, 2017
Controls don’t work sometimes. Also duringthe later stages of the games all the animals will be scarce because they would eventually die. I would love it if the animals would spawn from time to time because I really cannot go through the next stage because of this problem.

John Kristoffer Bonus June 17, 2017
Dev. The villagers are not gaining stamina eventhough I dropped a bunch of cooked meat and non. This game is really great overall,I cant wait for more updates. Good job dev. ?

Eric Beilman July 20, 2017
This game would be great if not for the fact that its way too easy to accidentally spend gems. Its so bad that it has to be intentionally made that way by a greedy game dev.

Simon Christensen July 10, 2017
Highly intrusive ads every time I start the app makes this a bad experience. I like the concept, but the tutorial needs a little work.

cheryl alikhani August 26, 2017
Figured out how to tame baby hog. Spoiler alert: ~line break~ Place 2 apples, 2 corn, and 1 water in inventory. Find a baby hog and build/upgrade it. Take it home and place it in an enclosure. I fed a wild baby to adulthood and kept it well-fed in a cage, it didn’t try to attack methe entire tim but it didn’t become domesticated. I noticed rocks and floras can be seeded to place them where you want, not sure if it works with animals but was thinking of placing all spiders, snakes, and gaters on an abandoned island to test it. If it works I might try fish farming.

kent lozada June 13, 2017
This game is nice but it coukd be much better if it get modernized like youcould make guns the only problem here is resources that when you collect all resources in your area you could not build or upgrade more like stones

ActiveTELL August 22, 2017
I really like the game But Problem is- 1.Make easy tutorial for gameplay (its so confusing first time) 2.Add more animals for Pets & Resources like Milk, Cotton + They Fight & protect like Bodyguard. 3.Add Dungeons. 4.Make Easy Ways to do things (so much things to do for just drink the water) 5.Fix the bugs especially for moving speed. 6.Increase the Duration of all Tools especially for Axe. 7.Add Armor +Add Diamond Tools+Armor Very good duration (Focus on design) 8.Farming Corps is SUCKS Make Easy way + Add More Veg to grow. 9.Add Archer tower with 3 Archers + Canon+Crossbow 10.Online PvP battle (Riding others Base+Base) + What if we Can Ride on Dinos or Animals Like Ark survival. It will help u for future. And graphics is not such good. I Love The Game.

shane butcher June 21, 2017
Love collecting and crafting,wonderful job there, but the constant grinding attacks gets boring after a while, would be nice to have surprises in levels,like a wizard seeks sanctuary in the village (just one idea).

Ragib Intiser June 22, 2017
After mining the resources we don’t get any of it later . . . can you make things respawn ? So when we come back to the game after some break then the things will respawn again ? Like now after mining every iron ore now i can’t even find a single iron ore in the Island

Sayu kay July 2, 2017
Great game,just needs some adjustments.Fix the touch cuze sometimes I cannot click on the things I want to interact with,make land animals spawn more,reduce the spawning of spiders,make the map more larger and add some new animals,items and characters to the game.Hoping to see them in the next update ?

jimboy erispe June 16, 2017
Wow!!! Hahahahha great game brilliant idea…. This game is ? bcause we can play with my friends.. So please update more it can join on 10 characters That can join and more modes and more stuff please

Jerry Richardson June 11, 2017
Full-motion video advertisement(s) at start, followed by crafting and village development to fight off zombie attacks.

Pappy Chullo July 11, 2017
Nice game, it have a nice gameplay but also a lot of bugsLike …1.items didn’t stack 2.when i try to take some items from stash , stash is closing 3.i’m playing single player mode and moves like i have lag even when i move the character if i touch from a place to another goes and if i move again start from same place which i was earlyer . PLEASE FIX THESE BUGS BECAUSE IS A VERRY NICE GAME !!!! Many thanks!

MattTheLTaker July 20, 2017
The overall game is pretty good a Ark type of feel to the game but the controls are absolutely horrible and I suggest u change them.

JCJ Cortz August 9, 2017
What are gameplays and graphics if the the controls are too bad…it never goes exactly to the place where I suppose to bring my character on. It did not accurately detect my touches that leads my character to do some other stuff instead of running(it cut off trees in the forest). I like this game…I really loved survival game..but I don’t like the control so much and how the character moved(aren’t stable, keep on looking somewhere while traveling to the desired direction). The character should only face one direction while walking(to the direction where we used them to go)

A. Winter September 21, 2017
This is game is perfectly made, great controls, beautiful graphics, great concept, no forceful IAPS, and best of all, you can go at your own pace and prepare for all out zombie war. Best game in this category, I’ve tried all survival games and this so far tops them all, @developer, keep it up!

Conner Morrison June 20, 2017
It’s a good game but I wish there was sheep and cows and fences so you could make a cow or sheep farm. Can you please add somemore stuff to it then I think a lot more people will like it.

Angelo Ray Fabrig June 21, 2017
Its a awsome game but I’ve notice 3 problems while playing: 1st the animals dies to fast or often 2nd the game lags when I move like going back to my last destination till I die then the control works fine then 3rd and last the spiders are a problem,its is too much when I collect them all it took about 3 stash and they’re the reason on why the animals diestoo often

UnknownAugust 25, 2017
Much better but could still im
prove some. Objectives stop after playing for a while. Is that it? Or is there a point to even playing after level 26?

muhammad syafiq August 31, 2017
1.Add options to edit the layout like clash of clans 2. Horizontal mode 3. More crafting stuff

Aries Jhon Necio September 20, 2017
More loots please! Just don’t make it online like the rest of crafting games

Secret Admirer July 23, 2017
I was look around all maps, but no one hog spawn. How can i complete tame hog quest without hog?And if someone already build building or make something the quest should autocomplete without crafting again

jadey132209 June 23, 2017
Good BUT! Why am I not getting any more quests at level 20?

UnknownAugust 9, 2017
Love the game but a few things to improve like animal and resource spawning. I can’t tame the boar first of all cause I can’t find any boars and cause there’s no corn. Plse fix this.

THE FAULTY LUG NUT August 1, 2017
The controls are sort of buggy but thats fine .but could you add some armor and make things respawnalso maybe add some weather or something

XPERT GANGSTA June 9, 2017
Awesome game.If u want an idea for a good base check out my video on YouTube.Channel name:XPERTGANGSTA

Maverick Wilson August 23, 2017
It is not like Minecraft it is its own game with waves of monsters and gathering of food and other materials. Over all it is a 10/10 game in my eyes.

Mohammad Samara October 12, 2017
i’m stuck on (tame a hog) task it never explains how to do that plus when this task comes up the hogs are disappear and can’t find any living hog!!

Fred Ahrens June 15, 2017
Like tge gameplay but tbe controls are slightly annoying.

UnknownJune 19, 2017
I loved this game i hope make more change in this game make it online and update more please i loved this game

Jason Higham June 18, 2017
This game is so much better now I had this when it was a bete and it was ok then but now it’s amazing love it

Ogooluwa Ilori August 1, 2017
It’s great but I wish there were more ways to get gems but I still give five stars

Tommy Zietsman August 10, 2017
Just a the best survival game ever just want to ask kan jou put in what jou can order the villiger to do like to farm or get resauses and you can collect from them. You click on a villiger and say gaver resauses or farm.